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  1. Before the event, I lvl Necramech by farming Profit Taker or you could pick a lvl 1 bounty on Orb Vallis and go to one of the three Corpus bases and farm the endless spawning enemies. Note, you only need to pick the bounty, to increase enemy spawns. There is no need to complete it. You could do the same on Cetus, but Corpus units drop Toroids if you farm at the correct Corpus bases.
  2. Yes, actually the MR30 buff is only 25%. My bad. Which means x5 with event and stuff. But could be boosted to x10 with Chroma Effigy and x20 with smeeta kavat buff(if lucky).
  3. x2 Credit from Event x4 with event + store/login Credit booster x5 with event + store/login + MR30 credit (25%) relay booster Best credit farming location is Profit taker Bounty on Fortuna. End of mission, he drops 125,000 credit. With a Chroma Effigy and all above booster active, the credit multiplier is x10. Meaning you can farm 1,250,000 credit in 5-10 minute with a squad. Could be 2,500,000 credit if Smeeta Kavat charm ability activates. Happy Farming
  4. I just bought the Khora Urushu deluxe skin and when I change the secondary color, it would have a grayish tint on her upper abdomen, while the correct color shows on her shoulders, neck, and back. Check the images I highlighted with the bug. https://imgur.com/a/Zrp6f2X This unwanted tint always shows up with darker color and invisible with light colors.
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