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  1. I completely agree. Warframes and Tenno have been updated and advanced, but enemy NPCs were left pre-Parkour 2.0 with absolutely no way to deal with us.
  2. Passive: While in the void or fighting against specifically corrupted enemies, he deals 10% more damage and gains 10% more ability strength. Has Corruption Meter which drains slowly over time, unless Meter is at max capacity, in which case there is a delay before continuing to draining again. 1- High energy cost. Shoots crystal Void tendrils out of his hand towards a single target before branching out to other enemies within a small radius and affecting them also. Restores small amount of energy per enemy affected, drains percentage of their health into you, and builds up Corruption Meter. Cannot fill Corruption Meter while his fourth ability is active. 2- No energy cost. Ability is active for as long as ability button is held down. While active, can not move, is invulnerable to all enemy damage, and focuses all enemies within a certain radius to self, but loses large health percentage per second. After ability is deactivated or his health reaches minimum capacity, percentage of total damage received is distributed as energy to self and allies within range of ability. 3- Percentage of Corruption Meter as cost. Reinforces currently equipped weapon with Argon, granting for as long as the ability's short duration is active one of the following: percentage of ammo efficiency, damage, and projectile speed for primary weapon if currently equipped, same for secondary if currently equipped, or damage, range, and percentage of combo efficiency for melee if currently equipped. Scales with fullness of Corruption Meter. Can not be deactivated. 4- Requires maxed out Corruption Meter to activate, plus energy cost. Blessed by the Void, he unleashes the true power the Tenno hold. If his third ability is active, the buff is kept throughout the duration of fourth ability, and still cannot be deactivated. Fourth ability can also not be deactivated. This ability will grant himself and allies within range one of the following buffs for as long as the ability is active: endless ammo for primary, or endless ammo for secondary, or increased melee damage and combo efficiency, or ability range, or ability efficiency, or ability strength.
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