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  1. His sentience passive turns it off when you transfer out. Not sure if intended or not, but I too would like them to change it.
  2. Where can I hear these new sounds? Because if they’re the ones I’m thinking of, I’m definitely switching to Legacy.
  3. A lot of these nerfs are unnecessary. The only things that deserve nerfs are catchmoon, Tiberon (debatable), and rubico. Seriously though, Stradavar? Really??
  4. Hey, if you wish to see this stance in 2019, load into a public mission (so you aren’t host) with nothing equipped BUT your Nikana with this stance. I just loaded into Hydron with Ash P and Skiajati and the animation worked. Upon further testing, I found that the only way to see this animation is if you aren’t the host, and if you don’t have any weapon equipped but your Nikana.
  5. I’d add Excalibur Umbra noggles to that list but knowing the only way to get one is to purchase the statue I’m going to have to sell one of my kidneys 😂😂
  6. Just checking in on my daily dose of platform vs platform warfare.
  7. I like to eat popcorn while watching this thread.
  8. Guys what if OP saw 14,000,605 futures and chose one in which there is no winner?
  9. No fixes for weapons having the wrong default energy colors, no fixes for some melee stances missing their proper animations.
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