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  1. Who’s the Red King? Is there something I missed recently?
  2. There’s a cap so people don’t grind through the levels in a very short amount of time. However since K-Drives have been out for A while now and mostly everyone is at max, I think DE should consider looking into something like this.
  3. Is there not supposed to be sound because I keep getting her messages but I don’t hear anything. None of my audio is muted in settings either. Edit: Apparently you have to be close to the scanner to hear it. Despite her text showing on screen no matter where you are in the orbiter, you’ll only hear it by the scanner.
  4. I like to think of my operator as my age and we age together as time moves on. When the second dream came out I was a freshman in high school. Now I’m about to turn 18. So, my operator was 15/16 and now he’s about to be 18 too. I know they’ve been sleeping for millennia, and there’s a possibility that void powers can affect their aging, but this is just me.
  5. There was a Tenno Marital ceremony conducted a few years ago to unite two players who were together in real life. It hasn’t been done since but I am sure if you contact Rebecca on twitter or someone about it they could probably do it again.
  6. Imagine all the MR 3 pvp gods that are about to dominate when this comes out.
  7. I can’t remember when this became an issue, but the rift sigil along with the arbitration sigil do not look like they used to. Click here if the picture doesn’t work. They show up as big ugly squares with unintended effects.
  8. I farm Kuva with boosters and smeeta all the time. My personal note is that you kind of need a booster to make farming the actual resource worthwhile. Non-flood runs grant under 700 Kuva without a booster and this is too little in my opinion for the high-end riven roller. I don’t mind spending countless hours farming for days, but I’d also like to save a little time.
  9. Hey Emilio, welcome to Warframe! My greatest advice for you at this stage is to work on obtaining mods as you play. They will help later on. I also recommend finding a clan if you aren’t already in one and meeting new people. Those who take you in will form the greatest friendships with you over the years. If you’re familiar with Discord I suggest joining this server: https://discord.gg/vJeseP
  10. She’s only outside after completing phase one and she’ll wait by the gate for you to begin the next. This is the only phase where she waits outside and I agree it would be better for her to wait again. Her dialogue during the fight suggests that she’s in the back room observing the battle, so perhaps a Vox Solaris representative would be the better choice to send for us.
  11. I as well. I can say the same for the others who are in the Xbox discord server also.
  12. There are American Xbox players who purchase platinum packages off of Microsoft’s Canadian website and get banned for it since it is an illegal action. Although the platforms are different, would this also be a similar situation? It sounds like it.
  13. Good luck with whatever happens next, fellow Tenno. Sorry to hear about your accounts man, just know that it’s not your fault.
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