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  1. I’ve heard how bad ESO is on PC in terms of players leaving. I would have not suspected anything like this considering 8 zones is the default, and all ESO pubs I’ve had had gone to 8 or above. As the others have said you’ll just have to keeping finding other squads or even dabble in making one. Good luck Tenno!
  2. She’ll be dead once we get the New War. Then our good Sir Ballas will be giving us orders hopefully..
  3. Pretty soon she’ll be dead and the Tenno will be able to do as they please. We just have to wait it out...
  4. This does make sense. In fact it makes a lot of sense. The only reason keeping this from being true is that every warframe shell is physically made from the same material. As far as we know, there is nothing else besides sentients that can truly adapt to elemental damage.
  5. The ability for Frost and Ember to control their respective elements comes from the Void. Void Energy provided by the operator through transference allows for the warframe to create the element. Through this logic you could argue that every warframe should be able to use any warframe ability then, but I personally believe Ballas designed this flaw so each of his creations should be used during the ideal situation.
  6. I use discord. Post your image in a channel and then view it in your browser. Then go to the forums and insert image by URL.
  7. There is a drop down menu with a list of options when you click a name. The option to report player is there. Also you are naming and shaming, I’d suggest blocking his name to avoid getting in trouble.
  8. As long as Excalibur remains king of them all I’m fine.
  9. Stopped using the app years ago because of this. Not only did it force manual log ins, but it also logged off my Xbox live account from my console frequently.
  10. Happened to me in the simulacrum after slaying some Amalgam enemies. From what I’ve read it seems to occur when using melee. Regardless whenever this happens, it happens everywhere. The simulacrum, the relays, your orbiter, in missions, and dojo. I don’t know what this bug is called, but I’ve seen it in other games. Some type of “mirror dimension.”
  11. This didn’t happen to me until now, however I was in the simulacrum. I spawned all the new Amalgam and Vapos enemies and once I killed the Amalgam Kucumatz, this happened Went back to the relay, and the game was still like this. I walked around, screen froze, then pow, game crashes and Xbox shuts off.
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