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  1. can anyone correct me if im wrong? From what i understand they took the weps baseline status chance divided it by the number of pellets and then tripled that value while removing the old math where the status chance proc was the chance for one of the pellets procing status now they all have the same chance to proc one... The problem is it feels like they nerfed alot of status based shotguns like mara detron feels wank now but im not sure if thats more due to the nerf to the actual status procs more than anything. i havent actually tried many besides the mara so i dont know if tigris prime, strun wraith or boar prime for example are badly nerfed by the change i mostly use corinth
  2. main problem for me with chat is the fact the messages people send to you end up in a separate tab that you can accidently delete if you click close all by misstake witch is a pain when you are selling stuff on market or trying to trade in trade chat, alot of the time i dont remember their exact name is good luck trying to guess XyawjIliyfnyt12361337s name when you remove his message
  3. Sentients are definetly the most alien acting and looking faction i think it shows more how far DE has come design and art wise. really wish the infested art and gameplay more reflected their nature as a all consuming viral plague i want to see chargers tear into corpus troops while the ancients hook them into their grasp and convert em into infested on the spot i want to see the corpses of the newly slain grineer start writhing on the ground and start growing tentacles that start dragging them towards their next victim. make em feel like they are an actual spreading infestion not just grotesuqe looking corpus/grineer
  4. basically all the ones that had no self damage before but suddenly got hit by a AE damage nerf and to top it of they also got the knockback effect added. If they had actually done ANY change to compensate them for the nerf id be reasonable but now alot of those weapons are annoying to use especially weapons like Shedu or Zakti where the whole idea of the wep seems to be close range fighting.
  5. ive run into similar problems with no one really joining the kuva lich missions so you end up running them solo. would have been better if they had not created an entire separate mission map for liches tbh it just spreads people out to much especially with scarlet spear running
  6. The entire riven system need a massive rework to be honest but i dont see them ever doing it cause of the plat invested into it. one of the biggest dissapointments with this game is the fact when you get to stuff like the scarlet spear event or similar endgame missions it simply "requires" certain weapons to be up to snuff to handle the foes you face, like try bringing braton prime to the sentients in the scarlet spear mission your going to run outa ammo once you get to the later waves. Imagine being able to pull out your trusty dual heat swords that you reworked to have a massive crit value and slow attack speed with a heavy attack build so it can chop em to pieces before they adapt to your damage.
  7. been wondering about this wasint this whole self damage removal suposed to be a buff to only the weapons that did AE dmg that does self damage? cause i thought the idea was the damage fallof was suposed to "compensate" so not everyone would just use explosives (laughs in Bramma) weapons that before risked you blowing yourself up cause someone jumped in front of you. now though it feels like all the other weapons that DIDINT have any issues with that ( Shedu, Sonicor, Kuva Tonkor, Corinth, Staticor, Tombfinger, Zakti etc) are for no real reason nerfed aswell with damage fallof and knockdown. did they write anything to justify it or was it simply something they overlooked as they simply added a new rule not thinking how it would effect certain weapons?
  8. i agree it would be much more fun to not have to time it on long range targets
  9. id more call it a bling upgrade, still debating if that is worth the forma
  10. i like that idea it makes sense with the IPS change to buff em. and after they fix em and realise everyone just uses slash mods they can buff puncture and impact procs to be actually usefull to
  11. i agree i did the same thing when i was going to farm the larva for the new weapons but after i did two missions on the third i auto executed it before i thought about looking at it.
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