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  1. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    I have discovered you cannot use Left Bumper in the Arsenal. Please Fix.
  2. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    For a future update could you please add a way to change K-drive controls. As of now, it is not possible to charge jump and turn the camera on the controller when grinding.
  3. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (+ hotfixes)

    I can't damage revenants thralls with the scourge. Please fix.
  4. DE can you make it so UI with specific number settings (ie, aim sensitivy and simulacrum enemy level) could have text boxes to edit with text cause using the cursor and spamming a button is tedious and can be annoying.
  5. Please fix: Argonak secondary fire doesn't rumble controller and dpad doesn't work for the alerts tab area.
  6. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    Please Fix: Gun disappearing in hands making it unable to reload.
  7. Please Fix: Argonak not vibrating controller on secondary fire.
  8. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2

    Still no fix for Argonak secondary fire mode not rumbling controller.
  9. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.10.1

    Please fix: immediately failed bounty upon entering plains. Note: tested on different bounties all of them immediately fail.
  10. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.10.1

    Argonak's secondary fire mode does not vibrate controller making it awkward to use. Is it supposed to be that way, cause it vibrates on the primary mode?
  11. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (+hotfixes)

    Please fix! I just lost my second bounty because the enemy spawned 300 meters away from the objective zone.
  12. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (+hotfixes)

    The Argonak's auto fire mode does not vibrate controller, making its use very jarring.
  13. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XBox One Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (+hotfixes)

    Please fix the Argonak not rumbling controller on secondary fire.
  14. (XB1)H0RN3T 768

    XB1 Octavia's Anthem (Oberon Prime Access + Hotfixes)

    I noticed when I logged in I noticed my crosshair was huge after the update. I'm unsure if this is a bug or not. I noticed it scales with the HUD scale, however I couldn't find the change in the patch notes. I typically run HUD at 130 but now find it unbearable to try to aim.