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  1. Make sure you mod it properly. I’m two shotting limbs with it lol.
  2. Ivara's Navigator works on the tranq gun. You can effectively sit at 150 meters with prowl and shoot the tranq gun with navigator to get almost guaranteed perfect captures. I don't see what other abilities you would use to actually use on the animal other than Equinox sleep and Ivara's sleep arrow.
  3. I don't see it as anywhere close to projection especially when your last point is why does increased grind does not correlate to increased fun. These aren't mutually exclusive, but I see a good amount of correlation between this comment and people who are trying to do as little as possible for the most amount of rewards. At a certain point in time, you stop making it fun internally, because you've optimized it in a way where you don't even have to engage the game. It doesn't matter if you were a fan of raids because even raids were put into the light of doing as little as possible for the fastest amount of time, albeit with some extra amount of engagement in teamwork, which is sort of seen on the same level here for the PT fight. If they changed phase 1 to capturing all 4 different sites with 4 people within similar timeframes, and reducing phase 2 timers of killing each scientist so you would have to rely on others to do it, that would be the same amount of engagement from raids back in the day, minus JV, because screw that mess of an AW raid.
  4. 1. Bring the right frame so you don’t get dunked on. 2. This was never supposed to be just a meatbag to soak bullets again. I legit don’t know what you’re expecting, another sergeant? Don’t blame DE for not living up to your “I can do this without putting any effort in”. 3. Because you only care about doing nothing while grinding for mats. This is a common symptom of warframe players. They’re too used to absolute laziness, when you hit them with something that requires effort to actually play, they cry wolf.
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