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  1. Title has wisp in it but it was a stealth ember thread. wp
  2. And here you hit the nail on the head, the actual problem of warframe is one layer above the plane you are on. Not even the Saryn who is doing all the damage and getting all the kills is having fun.
  3. Except that doesn't describe reality, Trinty's energy vampire does damage but is a support ability. Rhino's stomp does damage but is a CC ability. With your loose use of "dps" these abilities become "dps abilities". Which is not concurrent with reality, which means the definition fails. Why? Because the purpose of words is to describe the reality around us. So no, just because something does damage doesn't make it a dps ability or the frame itself a dps frame. If you want to call her a broken debuff/support/buff frame that's fine, if you want to make the argument a debuff/buff/support frame doesn't need that much damage, fine. But if you're making the case that her 4 should be changed because she is a Dps frame, like OP did, I'm sorry, that argument is weak at best and should not be listened to. If OP wants Garuda's 4 changed, he or she needs to make his or her argument better, because right now it is not a sufficient argument.
  4. imagine criticizing arbitrary rules using arbitrary rules inb4 - "m-my rules aren't arbitrary! B-Baka!"
  5. localised nuker != DPS frame I win :^)
  6. And I can use a pencil to inflict a wound on somebody, that doesn't make its primary categorization a weapon.
  7. Like I said before, her 4th ability requires a third party in order to do relevant damage, just like chroma's vex armor, just like Saryn's 3, just like banshees sonar. Her ability to debuff enemies doesn't make her a dps frame, even if that debuff is broken. You're getting triggered cause you're putting words in my mouth and think that I believe her to be balanced or fair, which is very far from the truth. The OP wanted a change to her 4 because the OP believed that Garuda is a DPS frame, and therefore should have a more "DPS frame oriented ultimate". If you think her ult needs a change for other reasons that's fine, but please stop shadowboxing an argument I never made. If OP's premise that Garuda's 4th ability needed a change BECAUSE she is a DPS frame then I can disregard OP's premise, because it relies on OP's assertion that Garuda is a DPS frame. And she's not. She's a support/buff frame. If you really think she is a dps frame, I encourage you to go into ESO and see how well you do against the mesas, saryns, equinoxs, maybe even embers or banshees. Then I want you to screen cap your endgame stats and post them here.
  8. I'm not splitting hairs, you're throwing her 4 under the umbrella of Damage Per Second. Her 4 provides a debuff on enemies. Her 4 does not do relevant damage without a third party involved. That is not a damage per second ability.
  9. That's fine that you disagree, but it doesn't change that her 4 is categorically a debuff/buff ability, not a dps ability.
  10. I'll give you that she has bust, but not DPS. If you're going to call a frame a DPS frame it needs to pump out that DPS through their abilities alone not by empowering weapons.
  11. What are high level mobs to you? Edit: Also Burst DMG != Dps
  12. how much less range would you like her to have
  13. That's the only challenge people that have been playing this game for a long time have left. Find away to make Nezha consistent, don't ask Big Brother DE to make it happen for you.
  14. what nerfs would you implement upon saryn that would make her, in your words, balanced
  15. Nerfing the meta so that a new meta can arise, then nerf that meta, so on and so forth. The meta isn't something you can remove, if you think you can you don't understand the concept of games at a fundamental level and should probably stop making suggestions like this. Edit: Imagine watching someone lop off the top of a stick until there was no stick left, just pieces. When you ask this person why they chopped their stick into pieces, they burst out crying, and say, "I was just trying to get rid of the top!"
  16. that hardcore projection lmao
  17. No mention of the one weapon that actually made her work. Confirmed you didn't understand how to user her. Constantly having people like you who think they understand things when they don't is killing this game. Its people like you who are going to drive this game into the ground. The fact that you thought I was talking about flamethrowers is laughable, and now you've outed yourself. You can't go back, its confirmed you didn't know how to use 2.0 Saryn.. 3.0 Saryn is trash, because she's easy to use. Because people like you wanted her to be easy to use, because people like you think they understand things, when in reality, they don't.
  18. oh, so you never really had a build centered around a primary weapon? Just melee?
  19. Oh, I had no clue you knew how to use her, what was your favorite build with her?
  20. Spores were never suppose to spread Toxin procs, they created their own unique Toxin proc when popped on all affected enemies. It's sad that the "broken" state she was in is more fun than her "better" state now. Mindlessly rotating through abilities isn't fun, and that's what she is now. You know what is fun? Having spores constantly pop on a grineer for 100000 viral damage because you understand how her math works. Edit: Its fine man, you're jaded because you couldn't get her to work, and I'm jaded because I could, no sense in rehashing this old drawn out argument.
  21. No, revert her to everything but that molt spam please, that was not how you played 2.0.
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