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  1. This just happened to me, attempted to load into a mission with both the sentient anomaly and an active void storm, and the void storm half of the mission did not occur. Even quit and tried again to be sure.
  2. I've honestly had this issue for a couple years with two of the K-Drive boards, Bad Baby and Flatbelly. I had completed the ranking for my K-Drives back around the time that Fortuna came out, having actually seen the progress in my profile before selling them off. Some point down the road, the progress for them vanished, and I only managed to get it back for Needlenose since I didn't sell that one (as this was a little ways before Runway was released). I even have "Mastered" displayed on the blueprints for the two boards in question in the foundry. Can this be fixed more efficiently, if at all
  3. Well, this is all find and dandy - If it weren't for the fact I'm having trouble relinking after getting the accounts delinked. 401 - invalid csrf token. Can I get some help over here?
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