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  1. Throwing more images in, still not fixed after this whole time, and the exact same boards as well. I had sold mine before it happened, and I was resigned to have to build and level them again, but then I saw that they were still technically marked as mastered on the blueprints themselves.
  2. I'm gonna have to agree with a few other sentiments on how Wisp's current kit seem somewhat jumbled. Given her appearance, I was actually expecting something different. Her one is just way too immobile for a game emphasizing large amounts of movement, and her three being tied to it, albeit quite appealing to look at, only roots her into place just that much more. Wisp's four (again, cool looking), just doesn't mesh with her theme all that well either. The only ability that I find to fit well on her currently is her two. A couple suggestions - Make it so that her one, rather than rooting the reservoirs down, makes them orbiting objects that provide the buffs to anybody within range, lasting for a duration once they get further away. With this change to her one, it would automatically make her three much more useful right off. Big bonus to @Aenris for the idea of making them look like Will-o-wisps. Rather than a big ol' sun of burning-burniness, I'd say it should create a massive aura of enchanted mist surrounding Wisp, providing a small amount of damage to enemies in range that also gives them debuffs such as a chance to inflict blindness, heightened damage vulnerability, and maybe a rare chance of radiation-induced friendly-fire.
  3. Thanks for the fixes. This still needs attention though.
  4. Thanks for the fixes. Still need some eyes on this bug though
  5. Hey, thanks for the fixes. Maybe a look at this though?
  6. Thanks for the fixes. Could we see a little attention this this issue though? Been in the game for almost two years now.
  7. Can confirm, I'm stuck at 25/30 despite having found all 30
  8. I didn't get a Twitch drop either, watched for the whole Devstream.
  9. If anything, I (and probably a good number of others) would like more news on Pets 2.0, seeing as it's been quite some time since last hearing anything, along with not really having much information on what all changes are going to be brought to the table.
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