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  1. Yeah, given how low of a count you can receive, sometimes a quick run ends up not being worth it. I've gotten way more 6 count drops of void traces than I'm comfortable with. Possibly the only reason I want keys back at this point.
  2. Huh. Could've sworn I saw the symbol on those. Still, fairly bs.
  3. I honestly feel the argument that reload mods are ineligible because "it affects dps so lol no" is rather invalid. It's far more a QoL for a weapon than it is dps, because it's not like you're actually getting larger numbers out of being able to start shooting the exact same bullets at the exact same rate of fire just a bit sooner. If we follow that logic further, then clip increasing mods should be disallowed as well because you don't have to reload as often, therefore giving you more dps over those who don't use ammo clip extension.
  4. Yup, I've experienced this very same bug a couple of times myself
  5. Guh, I saw this after I bought the skin myself... It really feels weird having it not line up properly. Maybe it'll get a fix after DE gets back from their holiday break? I certainly hope so, even if it is something minor.
  6. A friend just got softlocked in our mission when one of the extra crewships despawned at the end of the mission, while they were still inside it.
  7. Yeah, just gonna confirm that the gain on pustrils is way too slow for comfort. Can farm everything else at a decent rate, but still lacking pustrils for doing anything that needs them. Certainly doesn't help that you need them for making revolite.
  8. I absolutely hate the fact that this latest issue has yet to be addressed, because other stealth bugs have so far been completely ignored as well. I've responded to multiple multishot =/= stealth kill threads, as well as having made one of my own at some point (if I remember correctly). No DE response. And now this issue has gone on for far too long. DE. Address. Stealth. Related. Bugs. Please.
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