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  1. Nope, neither of those happened to me at any point.
  2. Sitting at 21/22 completed, and I am absolutely sure that I've finished every single race for one reason alone; I have a map with all the races marked, and I checked them each off one by one as I finished them. There's no way I've missed one at this point, so there must be a bug.
  3. Bumping as well, posted in another thread, we need an update on progress with this bug please.
  4. Gonna go ahead and confirm this on my end as well.
  5. Thanks for the fixes. Still need some eyes on this bug though
  6. Hey, thanks for the fixes. Maybe a look at this though?
  7. Thanks for the fixes. Could we see a little attention this this issue though? Been in the game for almost two years now.
  8. Just as a bit of an addition, a friend and I actually had a similar thing occur on Plato, Lua. No enemies spawned until we reached the extraction area.
  9. Can confirm, I'm stuck at 25/30 despite having found all 30
  10. I didn't get a Twitch drop either, watched for the whole Devstream.
  11. If anything, I (and probably a good number of others) would like more news on Pets 2.0, seeing as it's been quite some time since last hearing anything, along with not really having much information on what all changes are going to be brought to the table.
  12. Still no fix for kills made with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors copies not counting/awarding affinity/building stacks as per:
  13. This bug has cropped up recently, needs some addressing
  14. I'm pretty much stuck with my standing with the Quills after this; I'm currently sitting at 4925/5000 and can't contribute anymore cores
  15. Name: Hatsuyuki ( Yuki is fine ) Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/unrealityCatalyst Ingame Name: unrealityCatalyst Age: 23 Goals in Warframe: Have fun and hang with friends while messing up dem Grineer :U Headset/Mic: Yes, I have both, never tried TeamSpeak, but I can give it a try, though my usual voice chat is Skype Why do you want to join Warfurs?: Looks like a great clan! Also a floofybutt myself, plus friends are in the clan Were you brought here by another Warfurs member?: Was thinking about joining before, but friend convinced me, his name is Sylfur
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