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  1. This is fantastic! I really can't wait for this! I do however have one concern. Out of the Evergreen Choices, Choice A does seem like the weak link. Unlike some here I find that the "4 x Weapon Slots" is probably the best out of the 3 followed by the "3 x Exilus Adapter" then "3 x Forma". My reasoning being: (Just my opinion, you may disagree and that's perfectly fine) "4 x Weapon Slots" will always be useful as there will always be new weapons in the game and in most cases you can only get more by spending plat, so you save 24 plat. While the "3 x Exilus Adapter" are nice they can be obtained by crafting (by getting the BP from Cephalon Simaris for 50k standing) or for 20 plat each. This is more plat value but if you are like me by the time you get to 1000+ days you will have already unlocked the Exilus slot for most if not all of your frames and weapons get released far more often than frames. So they are still usefull but I know I wouldn't pick them often. And for the "3 x Forma", the reason why I think this one is the worst option by far is 1) They are the easiest to get (almost every void fissure run will have the option it pick a Forma BP) they may take 24 hours to build each but that would be quicker than the x days to the next Evergreen login day, and if you need them now it would be quicker to farm prime parts for plat and buy "3 x Forma" bundle from the store for 35 plat (this is what I do when I don't have any left but really want to forma stuff) 2) 3 isn't much when you think about it, you could use them all in seconds, not to mention that each "Exilus Adapter" requires 2 built "Forma"! Conclusion: "3 x Exilus Adapter" is the most value but you are likely to not need as many by the time you have played 1000+ days (Value: 60 plat) "4 x Weapon Slots" is a nice middle ground and are always welcome as you are much more likely to need them no matter what stage you are in the game. (Value: 24 plat) "3 x Forma" would be the most required out of the 3 but waiting 50 days for 3 when you can easily get them from playing the game is not very useful. (Value: 35 plat) What I would change: I would either keep the "Forma" for those that want it but increase the amount to (6-9) from 3. This would make it more appealing for those that need built "Forma" right now while keeping the value inline with the other options. What I would probably do is replace the "Forma" for something that would actually be more useful for people that have played 1000+ days like "3 x Riven Mod Slots", this would be very useful and would also synergise very well with Evergreen Choice C with all the "3x Riven Mod" choices. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. I'm not expecting DE to read or even consider my idea, I just thought I would share what I would like to see changed.
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