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  1. Right, but the warning as it currently stands is an ultimatum: delete or buy slots, otherwise you can't proceed. We shouldn't have to delete a Riven or spend plat just to play a mission that offers other rewards besides Rivens. If they were the only possible reward, I could maybe see a case for it, but with the current reward pool, it doesn't make much sense.
  2. That's exactly why I suggested there be a warning that pops up before the mission begins, so that players such as yourself can delete something before the mission, and players like me who are more interested in the boosters, Nightwave standing, and tiny chance at a legendary core can keep playing sorties regardless of our riven cap. I don't see how introducing choice into the equation hurts your playstyle.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, I started noticing it a lot more now that Nightwave is a thing. Want to do the Sorties when they come up in Nightwave, but then end up having to do inventory management to be able to do the Sortie. And DE isn't showing any signs of slowing down with the Riven mods, if the recent thread about the Arbitration rework is anything to go by, so if I'm going to be getting EVEN MORE Rivens, I'm going to end up locked out of EVEN MORE Sorties. Really hope they do something to fix it.
  4. With all the discussion lately around Rivens, and the inclusion of Sortie runs as part of Nightwave, I've been thinking a lot about the problem of Riven capacity locking players out of the Sorties. There's got to be another way to prevent this besides reducing the number of Rivens you have or buying more Riven slots. I understand that DE needs to make money and that Riven slots are one of the ways they do so, but I don't think it's right to lock players out of an entire mission type over it, especially given the fact that there is a hard cap on the number of slots one can even buy. So, my proposed alternative: give players a choice of three (or even just two) rewards out of the potential reward pool at the end of each sortie. Players who are at capacity would get a notice at the mission select screen letting them know that if they proceed without expanding their slots or reducing their existing inventory, they won't be able to pick up any additional Rivens. This gives them the chance to back out and take action if they so choose. If they choose not to, then they proceed with the sortie, and, if RNG gives them a Riven option among the three, they're simply forced to pick one of the other two rewards. Unlike with fissure missions, there should be no chance of overlap between the three rewards offered, to prevent the possibility of lucking into three Rivens by some crazy chance. But like fissure missions, each player would be able to separately pick the reward they prefer, rather than everyone being forced to get the same thing. We already have choices like this for login rewards and I think that's a great step in the right direction. Done this way, inventory management would no longer be a barrier to entry for sorties. I think the mastery level cap and the weapon type restrictions are barrier enough without adding Riven capacity to the mix. So those are my 2 cents on the subject. Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think!
  5. That's fair. I tend to go on Saryn because she's who I'm most comfortable playing these days. Would not be opposed to a self-destruct button of some sort, especially if it ragdolled you to hell and back like when you wipe out on your K-drive, haha. My main point was that I think if we're going to have a mission type built around the death mechanic, then it shouldn't be treated as a fail when you do, eventually, die - however that death occurs.
  6. DE, I have a lot of feelings about this. The tl;dr version is: Please reconsider this. I think you're trying to fix the part of this mode that ISN'T broken. The long version: There is a joke between me and my (two) friends who play Warframe that I am basically the bullet-jumping shambling corpse of our squad. I go down more in missions than both of the others, combined, because I studied at the Leeroy Jenkins school of gaming and I favor rushing headlong into danger and relying on strength over survivability... ...when I have understanding people around to res my fool ass. Perma death is literally the entire point of Arbitrations, and I think it's fantastic! Me! The queen of being constantly dead! The ever-looming threat of mortality forces people like me, who generally favor a more "lol oops" method of playing, to actually have to strategize and gear differently and pay closer attention. And the result of that has been that I have been dying with a little less frequency in other mission types. Essentially, Arbitrations are forcing me to, as the kids say, 'git gud'. And it's fun! What you seem to be trying to do here, though, is take Arbitrations and turn them into some sort of weird Index hybrid. If I wanted to do the Index, I'd go do the Index. If I wanted to get res'd, I'd go play any other mission type. I think, rather than making revival possible in Arbitrations, all you really need to do is stop treating death like a mission failure state. Meaning, if the point is to play until you die, then you should do away with extraction and let people play until they die, and then keep whatever resources they've collected along the way, rather than losing them like you would in a mission fail scenario. That way, it would become more of a resource farm in addition to the wave prizes, which I think makes the time between wave prizes less obnoxious. Throw in some new mod drops from the Arbitration drones and you've got yourself a party. (For context, the last time my friends and I ran an Arbitration, we were in a corpus mission, managed to rack up a decent chunk of oxium, and then the last one of us standing had to run to extraction in Operator void mode so we'd all get to KEEP said oxium. It was VERY STRESSFUL.) If someone wants to leave before their death occurs 'naturally,' they can let the enemies overcome them and peace out. [ETA] Or, at the very least, stick with the Index-leaning theme and give players the option of entering "Instant Death mode" or "Burden Revival Mode," like how the Index has different risk tiers. Is this going to solve the host migration issues? No. But host migration issues are not unique to Arbitrations, and if you're using that as one of your primary reasons for this change, you're not really fixing the root of the problem. I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've gotten booted from ESO due to host migration, either by disconnect or because the efficiency ran out while I was on the loading screen. But I digress. All I really see you doing here is taking something that was fresh and unique and turning it into a mission just like any other mission, and it's kind of bumming me out. You mentioned that this change would "shift the mission balance in favor of players" but as is frequently and unfortunately the case, this only shifts it in favor of players in a SQUAD. Anyone who solos Arbitrations is going to suffer from this. Anyone who plays with randos is likely to suffer from this. I understand that the overall attitude of the devs is "Warframe is a multiplayer game so we should always balance toward multiplayer" buuuut maybe, like... don't always do that??? Reading through all the reactions to this post make me wonder why DE doesn't straight-up poll us about changes like this. Propose change. "Does this sound like a good idea? Y/N." Rather than having to rely on someone to (I hope) read through everything and try to tally how many people are in favor and how many are opposed. My overall sense after reading through this thread is that people aren't loving it. I have a whoooooole separate rant about Riven mods, but I'll save that for another thread. @__@ Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this.
  7. This was my question as well. Why is there nothing on my orbiter's newsfeed telling me that this fight is up, or linking to this thread? Not all of us check the forums or twitter on the regular; I only found out about it and came here looking because I was on voice chat with someone TONIGHT who happened to mention they were finishing up building Hildryn's parts! That's 2, almost 3 days that it's been out and I had no idea. And I know I'm not the only one...
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