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  1. Ever since the update, it's impossible to scroll up and down on mobile, too. It just bounces up and down like it's hitting an invisible wall. Has made checking the forums on my phone virtually impossible.
  2. Asked this last week, but - how come the prize winners from every Home Time get listed on the forums, but the prize winners from the console streams don't?
  3. Danielle said in another thread that this won't be fixed until the next cert build - which is truly the case?
  4. They do it for every Prime Time and Home Time; it wasn't just this one.
  5. @[DE]Megan I have kind of a weird question, but why do you guys post the prize winners for Prime/Home Time here on the forums, but not the prize winners from the console streams?
  6. Unfortunately this is not the case for me. I watched the full day's streams and got the Athodai, Lemnas Staff Skin, and Necramech Statue, but there's no sign of a new Hydroid Prime in my inbox or inventory. I even checked the foundry, wondering if there was an issue with the Warframe slot it was supposed to come with and that it maybe ended up in there like a Kuva weapon. Alas, it's not there, either.
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