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  1. This happened to me during the quest as well. Melee mode was the only way to throw the Xoris during the actual Protea battle.
  2. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: As reported as early as May 2nd here (Railjack Revisited update), amps built using the Klebrik Scaffold are still not latching on to enemies as of The Deadlock Protocol's launch on PS4. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: My amp build is Granmu/Klebrik/Lohrin. EXPECTED RESULT: Secondary fire shoots a homing beam that latches on to enemies. OBSERVED RESULT: Secondary fire shoots a beam that does not target anything and is almost impossible to direct at enemies. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  3. "Ordis would tell you more about the Corpus, Operator, but you do not seem... invested. Perhaps another time?"
  4. Still happening to me as of 11:20pm EST/server time.
  5. Thanks for the info! Considering this isn't the first update in recent memory that has borked the controller keybinds for people, I really hope this means that going forward, the team can test specifically for this for future console builds.
  6. Does this include the issues people are also having with customizing the touchpad keybinds? Both are being reported here:
  7. Add me to the list of people whose gear keybinds on the touchpad aren't working after today's update.
  8. Try not to be so hard on yourself, @[DE]Rebecca! The audio issues are just one of those things that all of us have had to fight with on the work-from-home front. You did the best you could to prepare and sometimes shiz happens. As for tomorrow's Devstream, is there any chance you guys could touch on the reason why consoles couldn't get the later Scarlet Spear hotfixes sooner? With next week's planned update, it's looking like we're going to be waiting until the event re-runs to experience it with the full range of fixes. It'd be an easier pill to swallow if we had some idea WHY the updates are rolled out to us the way they are. The same thing happened with Plague Star earlier this year and the fix for the drone pathing issues - PC got a fix, but it didn't make it to consoles before the event ended. If you could show the console players some love and let us know, it would be much appreciated!
  9. Much as I always love to hear an update is on the way, I was wondering if someone could please speak to why the additional Scarlet Spear hotfixes that PC received were held off until this update. The same thing happened with Plague Star and the drone pathing issues, and I think it would benefit both DE and the console community if you could try to help us understand why these decisions are made the way they are, and whether anything might be done to try to avoid these unfortunate outcomes with future events.
  10. There are three Railjack QoL changes that I would love to see, which aren't addressed on this list: -Make the boost meter start refilling automatically when it runs out instead of having to trigger it manually. -Automatically refine forge resources when returning to a dojo/flotilla (aka when triggering an End Mission screen). -Add a timer to indicate anomaly time remaining (in regular Veil missions). These small changes would go a long way toward making the mode play more smoothly, IMO.
  11. @[DE]Danielle Has there been any progress toward a fix for the Disruption freezing issue, last discussed in the thread for The Old Blood? As of Scarlet Spear, it's still happening (I logged screenshots on my thread about it, here). Thread also links back to the original discussion about it on The Old Blood post. Desperately want to squad up for this game mode, but it's still been too broken. 😞
  12. First of all, huge thumbs-up to eaterofstorms and Eornheit - absolutely loving the concept and look of this frame! Now, to the abilities: Passive: Boot to the Head - Increase to all damage output that scales based on how many boots you've got in your inventory from failing at fishing (sort of like Quina's "Frog Drop" from Final Fantasy IX). Ability 1: Lost and Found/Stop Hitting Yourself - (single target) Broken Warframe seeks out spare parts to repair himself by tearing off a target's limb and trying to attach it to himself. When it inevitably fails, they beat the enemy with it. Ability 2: Unstuck - (channeling) While active, % chance for Broken Warframe to phase out of existence for a moment upon taking lethal damage, avoiding death. Has a cooldown. Ability 3: Copypasta - Cycle through squad allies' abilities for Broken Warframe to cast (similar to casting Warframe abilities on the Railjack). If solo, duo, or trio, the remaining slots are filled by abilities from the starter frames (Excalibur, Mag, Volt). Ability 4: Somatic Link - (AoE) Broken Warframe extends its roots through the ground, tripping and damaging all enemies that dare tread on them.
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