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  1. Does the particle ram mod for rail jack work differently than what they use to or is it just broken at the moment because I can’t activate it at all
  2. There’s a bug where when you use sevegoths final ability and change back, certain buttons wind up as being abilities and the only way to cancel it out it’s to transfer to your Tenno. also the bug where you can invite you friend coz there “appearing offline” when there not appearing offline
  3. Can’t seem to invite friends coz apparently it says ther offline when there not
  4. Vault runs on cam ion drift are still incredibly broken, especially when you with teammates. When it comes to the point where you need to open the vault, the symbols start to apear as the same one. I have a clip to prove this just incase
  5. I have a friend who has a problem trying to activate the says vigil quest, even though she’s done all the requirements. What’s up with that
  6. Tried to do a vault run but on the last part of opening the vault, all the symbols were the same so I could complete the vault
  7. My friend has experienced some problems where every time he goes out of his Warframe and back in, he winds up falling through the ground
  8. Well when I started a mission with two other players, one of them extracted perfectly fine but when myself and another player tried to extract in the extraction zone, there was no indication to show that we could extract. It was like this for a few minutes though and we did manage to extract. There was also a problem when resonators were inside the ground.
  9. There’s a problem with extracting from this event
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