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  1. It will be tied to Mastery Rank 30. What makes me think this: - MR 30 MUST be something very meaningful. In terms of gameplay forma resets would become irrelevant for example, but at a lore level we have no idea what could happen. - MR 29 came with the last Prime Access, MR 30 is just around the corner. And besides the last systems implemented, like Kuva Liches and Railjack, we didn't really have a mastery growth as big as other updates. Railjack Weapons, Shields, etc dont give mastery, only intrinsics do, and liches only give mastery with weapons (which require 5 forma each). - The biggest mastery updates at once have been the open worlds areas: - Cetus: Zaws, Amps, Gara, Revenant and Furax Wraith - Fortuna: Kitguns, Moas, more Amps, K-Drives, Hyldrin, Baruuk and Garuda. - I understand that most of those were introduced after these updates, but its safe to assume MR 30 will be obtainable with the next open world or following it release. - Before that, updates will mostly be event weapons, railjack missions, some reworks, couple of frames maybe and prime stuff, imo not enough for MR 30. - Finally lore implications from the Duviri cinematic: Operators as adults, in a level of existence outside of the main "world" in which they can access any weapon used in the past (when he picks up the Tigris from the ground). - Achieving Mastery Rank 30 is a lengthy process, Id say like 2-3 years from scratch, playing casually without perma boosting and foddering like crazy. An dfor the average player getting to second dream takes like.. 3 months maybe. So there is a logical window of time for your operator to "grow up". So, that was my epiphany, roll the x-files music. EDIT: I dont think anything will be locked at MR 30!!! Thats absurd, Im only saying that the content in the Duviri Paradox will be the first time MR 30 will be available! Also, Ive seen the cinematic again and the Dax warriors represent 2 things: Ororkin empire lore and Conclave. Maybe the Duviri Paradox will introduce a PvP area in which you can use any weapon you have in the battlefield. And the mask the operator has symbolizes they were blinded, maybe from seeing that their bodies stayed in the void and our operators are ghosts (they can go invisible, go through enemies and teleport after all). And in the void operators work differently than in the rest of the game (operators would trivialize any pvp imo)
  2. Nope, there is something about the old lighting that was just right
  3. Everytime I play the Salacia Archwing Mobile Defense mission in Neptune for Cryptographic ALU to fight the Razorback armada I feel like the whole feel of archwing is different, and now that I think about it, I might have played like 8 different iterations of the system since the first time I fought the Razorback. Don't get me wrong, I applaud DE's will to keep old content alive, and honestly is the best version of Archwing I've used and I think is ok how it is now, but like I always say "the content is piling up" the meta relevance doesn't go backwards so old nodes, missions and systems become irrelevant. But you know what noone is talking about? How Railjack makes Archwings a VITAL component in their gameplay, to the point you can upgrade Archwing speed, power, strength and more with perks in you Railjack progression, and regardless Archwing itself has nothing to do with Railjack at all. It still has no relevant rewards besides Cryptographic ALU (which should drop in Railjack too imo), has bad tilesets like Corpus's broken ships corridors nightmare, Grineer's boring floating potatoes and don't get me started in Uranus Sharkwing missions and their broken spawns and awful maps. But I repeat, Archwing space controls feel best than ever. And for some reason these missions have a hidden affinity nerf or something, this is Salacia with a resource booster and killing everything in sight: https://i.imgur.com/ssVZ0Po.mp4 First I'm gonna be nostalgic and show you a screenshot from 5 years ago showing how MAJESTIC is Archwing for a new player: . Seeing Saturn from space blew my #*!%ing mind! This was posted in Facebook 5 years ago, I was farming the whole night to get the Archwings and I literally went from seeing Saturn from inside the ship to be very close to its rings! I was stunned! I started fantasizing about landing my Orbiter in planets, chasing comets and stuff. But every Archwing mission is still about narrow corridors or repetitive asteroids. Railjack is an improvement, but Archwing itself is still an irrelevant system. I want to see more of the planets, I want to feel like I'm actually travelling across the Solar System DE! Please! Ideas: - Railjack resources integrated into Archwing missions across the whole system. - Make it so you can access Archwing missions from Railjack console. - Fix affinity in regular Archwing missions (Railjack is fine I think) - Let the Omni tool teleport the user back and forth (if Scotty can beam you up he sure can beam you back!) - This would open new possibilities for Archwing missions, like getting inside a massive ship to dismantle its shields and use your Railjack to finish it off and succeed the mission. - Give us an upgrade based Archwing-Railjack relationship. Like Exilus mods for the Archwing that let you do Railjack stuff. Imagine being able to build your Archwing so you can repair the Railjack from the outside, or transfer shields to it to support the pilot from the outside, or something like auras that give more fire power to turrets when you are near, or mods that change your blink to a grapple that attaches you to Railjack or enemy ships. - Maybe drop Archwing parts in Railjack missions? - Make Space a part of Railjack and Archwing, lets us see planets. There are hundred of amazing things in our solar system. Imagine chasing a comet, or flying right above the rings of Saturn, or in the eternal storm that is Jupiter, hell imagine being able to park your Railjack in open world areas, that would be the S#&$! We already use Archwing there. Thanks for reading! I also want to say that the DE's attitude is still the best from any developer, of course they have their flaws like all humans, but they are still working their asses off. And Scott's podcast with partners together with the PBE server are two huge steps in the right direction. Now the guiding compass needs to shift from new content, to revamped systems. Ropes, not Sticks. Cohesion not adherence.
  4. I did a riven challenge "defend an objective without it taking damage" just before the nerf thanks to Vazarin. Good luck doing these now. And thanks DE for saving me lens, I used to farm 2 focus, Zenurik and Vazarin. Guess the only Focus School thats relevant is Zanurik now, until they gut that one too.
  5. So I maxed the 50K for Scarlet Spear like a week ago, but today I decided to farm the Arcanes I actually use so I finally get some maxed sets, at the same time I wanted to get the 1st Place emblems for a sense of pride and accomplishment when I was informed about this: My thought process was this: - Generally speaking, Ground is for new players and Space is for veterans. - Space squads can suddenly not get anymore incoming codes when people hop flotilla. - Space runs give considerably less credits than Ground. - That means that playing like crazy to complete the 100 Murex and "save" the relay, while competing with other squads to get 1st place is somewhat penalized. - Playing the event "the way you're supposed to" yields way less credits. So all of this means DE is somehow trying to distribute Scarlet Spear requirements, playtime and rewards between Newer, more Casual players and Veterans, more Invested players. So they inflate casual player's time investment with ludicrous prices, incentivize short runs across the board to make it look like there is more player influx and mixing, and "penalize" competing for 1st place and hardcore farming so even veterans must play like casuals. It's actually genius. They're literally min/maxing their players. Now I'm not saying Warframe is dying, or that DE are abusing their players, no. What I'm saying is that they explained Scarlet Spear was aimed to be played in certain way and the reality is the complete opposite. And lately they have been saying that they want to reward players time investment and not make farming meaningless and brain dead yet they have been doing exactly that. Im not mad, Im not sad, this is not a rant, Im just... Worried man. If Warframe keeps going this way its doomed, this has been downhill since Fortuna. Eidolon hunting is IMO one of the most enjoyable ways of playing the game.The Second Dream and Plains of Eidolon are my 2 favourites updates and I thought it was going to get better. So anyway, if I have one advice is: Make enjoyable gameplay the number one priority, and stop milking player's playtime. PSA: And if you are a completionist bare in mind that you have to do both Ground and Space every 10K, 30K and 50K if you want all emblems. I did Ground runs until 50K and I only got the Rank 3 Space Emblem.
  6. Thank you all for your answers, some of you are bringing up very good points. And I want to add that the general revisited update, when they implemented shield gating and balanced health and armor across the board, was the kind of stuff they should be focusing on after The New War (IMO), because it's the "glue" that Warframe needs right now, cohesive, general and objective revisits of the content that is already in the game. And I really want to know, why the title is different? I received no notification about the title being changed. This is weird.
  7. Id bet if you ask most people will tell you the problem is not the lack of updates, but the fact that the grind is getting considerably more boring, prices for rewards and resource costs are skyrocketing, and everything is unconnected and half broken. Warframe right now is like a pile of stuff, layers and layers of content and systems unrelated to each other. And DE to do list shifted from "make a more concise and rewarding experience" to "inflate game time and witch hunt the most powerful tactics"
  8. Its not hard at all. Self damage for example: Remove it? Excellent, it only took some years of complaining to DE to realize that the game is too fast paced to have self damage. Replace for stagger? Fair, if a weapon can delete enemies is fair to punish spamming it without thinking. Adding self stagger to ALL AOE WEAPONS? No, unnecessary, pointless, and was implemented quite literally as a "slap in the wrist" for the community to stop asking them for stuff. Same just happened with objective healing, instead of saying, "fine, you need ways to keep the objective alive, we get it" and keeping things as they were they enabled it across the board but nerfed it so its pretty much useless on objectives. Lvl 30 infested do like 150 - 200 dmg to hp per second to an unshielded objective, best heals now do 500hp per second. This is ridiculous. All heals to objectives should be %hp. Vacuum too, oh so you want vacuum on everything? There you go, but its nerfed, and it still takes up a mod slot, even if everybody and their mothers run vacuum. This is happening more and more often and it's becoming more aggressive, they are faster to nerf things than to do anything else.
  9. Honestly in my case is a sum of things, is because of all the unnecessary nerfs in the last couple of years, and this haste to nerf "gamebreaking" stuff when they don't seem to rush to fix bugs, or ludicrous rewards costs, or whopping resources costs, or the latency and decaying quality of lore advancing updates. In a pve game based on power fantasy they are more concerned about nerfing things than to giving us ways to use that power. And this is a shifting in mind set that happened recently, this is not what DE standed for 2 years ago, it as the opposite. And I really want them to realize that, to go back to be the old DE. And we all need the community to stop sugar coating this and start demanding improvement because the game will go downhill. And I love this game, and the guys in DE, too much to sit and watch it happen. Warframe deserves better, Tenno deserve better.
  10. TL:DW added to the post, this was what I wanted to highlight but the youtube links with specific timestamps are not working correctly - "I think that's kinda been the philosophy, is like the community latches onto things for a certain reason, instead of just smacking their hands and saying "No, that's not my vision" is like how can we embrace it? How we can bring that into the game?" [DE] Scott 2 years ago
  11. TL;DW: - "I think that's kinda been the philosophy, is like the community latches onto things for a certain reason, instead of just smacking their hands and saying "No, that's not my vision" is like how can we embrace it? How we can bring that into the game?" - [DE] Scott 2 Years Ago
  12. ARE YOU F* KIDDING ME? 100 HP per second is LAUGHABLE. And Vazarin Dash shouldn't be affected by these changes at all. Operator powers CAN'T BE MODDED and are meant to be stronger than Warframe powers. Vazarin Dash was my only way to prevent Kuva Liches and other high DPS enemies from one shotting the defense objectives in high level defense and mobile defense missions. DE, the haste at which you nerf stuff should be the same at which you balance the game. STOP NERFING STUFF if you're not going to BALANCE THE GAME. With 500HP per 5 seconds I won't be able to stop any objective from being one shotted. And Vazarin Dash wasnt healing OPLinks, I tested it. Jesus, all of this crap because people were using the absolute most effective way to do this braindead event. I'm #*!%ing done. The DE I knew when I started playing SEVEN YEARS AGO is long gone now. The Second Dream and Plains of Eidolon were the best updates and I thought that was the start of a new Warframe. Boy I was wrong... I'm just so sad.... This is a looter shooter with the mechanical prowess of Plants vs Zombies and the balancing of Rainbow Six Siege. You gotta pick one guys, make the game more mechanical compelling or stop "balancing" stuff aggressively. Partners are running away. Your biggest YouTubers are playing all kind of games except for Warframe, and the ones that remain are pissed and depressed af. Why don't you try to improve Railjack? I grinded the S#&$ out of it before the resource cost reverts and I cant play it because it's broken all around and the upgrading path for Railjacks are a #*!%ing drag in the mud. Even #*!%ing REPAIRING THE SHIP uses resources, jesus christ. You gotta lay down the RNG and the resource fiesta, seriously. Start playing your own game and mix/maxing stuff and count how many hours you need to do so. I will say his over and over again: Warframe has the best modelling, animation and graphics from ANY F2P game, the concept behind the designs, the Warframes, the skins, the lore, it's all incredible amazing. But it's just that, the gameplay doesn't back it up. This game is so #*!%ing close to be the absolute best F2P game out there and it's like DE doesn't realize, hell it's like they don't want it to be.
  13. In Mortal Kombat there was a character named "Havik" which would snap his own neck as a buff. That would be Astra's Third, complete with the crack sound. This character would also break his own legs to shoot projectiles. When I was thinking about this concept I had in mind Astra channeling so much strength in his abilities that his limbs would break, kinda like Guy from Naruto (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFigpcJWhCY&t=352s).
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