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  1. - We all know DE really cares for Fashion Frame (understandable as that's their main source of income) So I'm here to suggest that Warframes like Gara and Xaku should be able to show their Fashion even when using their Abilities. - This would be a On/Off Toggle specifically for Abilities that DETACH elements from the Model, not Abilities that change the Warframe itself (Like Nidus or Gauss). - Last night I bought Gara's Kaleida Collection and got REALLY disappointed when I realized I lose ALL the Beautiful Glass Armor (including her Auxiliary "Starglaze Shards") when ca
  2. YES!!! I agree Fully since the day Revenant launched! Dance Macabre is just a worse Mirage' Prism Guard because Mirage can still Parkour after casting it. DE needs to put the Eidolon in Revenant. I always pictured something like this:
  3. Added the most generalized statements and talked issues, both here and in Reddit. Swazdo- Lah Tenno!
  4. I'm gonna leave a thought and come back tomorrow: - Remove all Evolutive Mods, but Weapons have Evolutive Attributes. For most of them, a little bit of Status and Crit per shot (or maybe kill), but others Multishot, or Fire Rate. Maybe +Elemental? This would be: - More flavor. - Could be used to define Weapon Types - Another Layer for DE to Balance (besides Crit Chance, DMG and Riven Dispo)
  5. 😊 Yes! Thanks for passing by Monkes-Together-Stronk "Guns vs Melee" update could redefine Warframe We need to let our thoughts be heard the day DE acknowledged the problem. This is the Way.
  6. Yep. "Dynasty Warframe" is set and its not going anywhere. Personally if I had to resume this whole issue in a sentence it would be: "Remove Evolutive Mods and make them Inherent Mechanics; and for the love of God Rework the AI and allow players to rely on Attack Patterns and Good Aiming" In my experience Nullifiers are a good example, the Drone that sustains the Nullifying Bubble is the "weakspot" but you ALWAYS hit the Bubble instead of them, so you end up building for Fire Rate instead of relying on good Aiming. A "Stats Check instead of a Aim Good" Scenario. And it
  7. I'm also somewhat scared, they said "Nerf Melee" but didn't say "Buff Guns" which doesn't make sense because some content pretty much REQUIRES the DPS Output Melees have Could you mind taking a look at my post? I went into detail about this issue.
  8. Yeah we share a lot of views, could you mind to take a look at my post?
  9. In Devstream #152, DE acknowledged the problem of "Guns vs Melee", but they only talked about Damage (which is just a part of the whole issue), and something that I found personally concerning: They listed Melee Attack Speed specifically as a problem, when its not, and in fact is one of the reason some melees are so fun in the first place. Below I'm gonna list some of the components of Warframe (and any Shooter with Melee for that matter), how and why they clash in the current state of Warframe's gameplay and how this is an issue which emerged from the evolution of the game, and not
  10. While we are on it: the Klebrik Scaffold (secondary shot, continuous beam) is supposed to home on targets but it has been broken for over a year now, to the point I had to built another AMP because I knew it wasn't gonna get fixed. So I started using the Phahd Scaffold (secondary shot, glaive that ricochets) which is ALSO SUPPOSED TO HOME ON TARGETS (and it actually did for some time) and now that is broken too. I used both of these to kill Vombalysts and now neither of them work. Two full AMPS dumped into the trash. What the hell DE? I reported both of these bugs several times, in
  11. Before this I would rather have Sigils being placed anywhere on the body. We are pretty cramped with Chest, Shoulders, Legs, Syandanas and Ephemeras. Remember its a pain in the ass for DE to adjust the position on EVERY existing frame
  12. Spearguns should have been melee IMO And we are long overdue for a Lance/Shield but there is a problem: Shields are USELESS in Warframe, only thing going for them is block angle and the taunt mod, but they should have at the very least a BASH.
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