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  1. Very good point. Thank you. I wanna know, how would you fix this? By hard locking the airborne enemies in place? By locking you onto the enemy and keeping you airborne? Or by completely scrapping the mechanic? For the record, any of the above would work for me, I just want the melees to be relevant again and not the "make the enemies harder to kill" purpose they have now. And I REALLY need DE to stop going along with the "1 attack" playstyle they are supporting by buffing the Heavy Attack mechanic. It made 90% of the melee builds braindead and boring.
  2. In DMC this mechanic works because you get "locked" onto the target mid air, making every strike hit and keeping you airborne. In WRFM it makes the enemies get out of reach, literally making them harder to kill. Most weapons don't care about this, but this dumb pointless thing made my favourite melee category useless: Hammers. The more you hit the further the enemies go, and god forgive you if you make a slam attack (half of the combos in Hammer's stances), because then the enemy is not only launched to a safe position, it ragdolls out of sight. So yeah, Im playing only Heavy Attack builds on Hammers, no wait, Im playing only Heavy Attack builds on EVERY melee because those became the absolute best way to DPS with melees. Go and check the partners melee 3.0 build guides, 90% of them are Heavy Attacks builds, the playstyle is tap Z over, and over and OVER again. Is boring af. I'm not saying the whole melee system was better before, Im saying the stances, and combos, are 100% useless now. At least for Hammers. Thank you DE, you made me hate the thing I loved most about this game.
  3. Hello, I have one that you might like: Smeeta, Fox Ears, Guppy Tail, Pink Energy and Its almost all purple and pink (except for the legs and back) Im asking for 220p for all 3 imprints or 180p for 2
  4. Hello buddy, Im looking for a Vasca with Vasca body and Tuffed Ears, tail and energy color dont matter.
  5. PLEASE consider making this available to ANY weapon, so we can pass on reactors and forma polarities from regular to prime variants, or vandal to prime, etc. As long as the requirement is "Both weapons must share name and type" Thank you for this. It's necessary. 5% is not bad but it's shared with the Kuva reward. The kuva reward itself is pretty good, but I am not killing thralls for kuva. But I don't want the kuva reward to go, so why don't give us the choice the UPGRADE Requiem Relics with Kuva? Thing is Kuva Lich system is too grindy overall and if you add the Relic Refinement you're looking at a pile of different missions just for a heavily RNG determined weapon or a companion you can't summon at will.
  6. I encountered this problem 3 times today: I sell them the item (only sold mods today), the trade ends successfully, I get the plat and they tell me they don't have it, they check the direct link in the chat and they don't get the "1 Owned" description on the top left, neither they can see the item in their inventory. This is fixed after a couple of minutes, but that's enough time to someone to think Im scamming them and report me, reason why I'm not trading anymore until this is fixed. I'm from Argentina so my connection is always laggy, but even above 600ms the items ALWAYS showed up in time, I have NEVER experienced this before. I'm very much worried about someone thinking Im scamming them and reporting me. For the record, Im MR25, +3000hs of gameplay on Steam and I have NEVER EVER have this happen before. Even with over 600ms of latency.
  7. Ok so first I will make some points about Mach Rush to better fundament my suggestions, so you can understand better what I am aiming for: "Gauss is one of the fastest Warframes in the game, as long he is running in a straight line and doesn't jump" When I first used Gauss I went straight to the PoE, I knew he would excel there and I already have Mach Rush and a rank 0 efficiency build. I went running. First thing I noticed the hold mechanic of Mach Rush was actually a "sticky hold", if you let go the button he would still be in Mach Rush (counterintuitive for what hold abilities usually are). Then I noticed you can't steer, well Gauss DOES turn but its so slow that it could as well not be there, not affected by any mods also. And finally I realized you cant even keep the momentum, so if you jump you will lose all speed and cancel the Mach Rush. I know is not fair to keep comparing Volt and Gauss at this point, they are both fast but in different ways, but I couldn't help to realize all of the points above are directly better in Volt. He can turn as fast as you can aim, skilled Volt players can traverse boxes, walls and empty spaces in the blink of an eye, all without losing momentum. And instinctively you know if you are going very fast and you jump, you will jump a long distance, I love that about Volt in PoE. "Gauss is much more than Mach Rush" After ranking him up I started doing classic tileset missions and his hold Mach Rush went out of the window, only an option when there is huge corridors (Kuva Fortress, Void, Jupiter) and you kinda know the procedural limitations of said tileset. But when I started unlocking new abilities I discovered the true potential of his kit. With a mild DPS mitigation as his Kinetic Plating, a strong and adaptable AoE CC in his Thermal Sunder and a 2x speed mode for your whole arsenal with Redline, which includes buffs for your other 3 abilities Gauss shines as a swift and agile DPS machine, quickly dashing from group to group of enemies applying CC, and then shredding them before they can even react. Only becoming faster and stronger the more he moves. He is a BEAST, and probably the new main for a lot of veterans, as he requires knowledge of enemies, tilesets and builds, and his Redline being a 2x speed mode virtually halves your timing, making him the top pick for quick regular missions. "Gauss has the stigma to fail at what he was advertised for" Even with the amazing time I'm having with this frame I can't take the flaws of his Mach Rush out of my head, I knew there was something little that could make it incredible better, and it clicked, this is the TL;DR and some words I scribbled down in the bus going to work. Gauss Mach Rush QOL - Hold doesn't stick the ability - Keeps momentum / doesn't cancel with jump - Directional WASD Dash "Gauss can't tap an ability and become very fast like Volt, but he can Dash in a direction and choose to keep running that way or stand and fight" Mach Rush after QoL HOLD: If he was able to tap an ability and simply become very fast he would be just like Volt. I respect the build up speed, the "accelerate" idea behind Gauss kit. But Id like ways to circumvent his flaws. If Mach Rush wasn't sticky and it keep momentum, I could let go the button, aim a different direction, and recast the ability. That's a very satisfying way of "steering" and with momentum you could put drift mods in to actually make a drifter frame!!! DASH: Dashing through enemies, casting Thermal Sunder aiming your Acceltra and shredding lvl 150 Grineer is god tier satisfaction and represents what Warframe means for me: A lighting fast and bloody shooter slasher. Now, Gauss already can Mach Rush while aiming, why dont change his dash to be WASD directional? Like Operator's? That way you can aim and start dashing forwards and backwards, left and right, adjusting your position in the blink of an eye without losing your aim. This would also be useful to better intuitively change your direction and follow it up with the holded mechanic for a smoother "steering" of Mach Rush.
  8. 30+ runs. 6 Akarius BP. No Acceltra. They're playing us so we buy it with PL. The weapon is a beast and is already featured in half the Warframe YouTube channels. It's pretty obvious what they are doing here. I didn't come across anyone who got the Acceltra and was looking for the Akarius. Not a single player. And I asked every run. Shady as it can get.
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