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  1. its sadly been like this for over 6 months, i tried it for a while then gave up, came back months later and tried it again and simply got fed up with it and got rid of it. by the way OP what kind of riven was yours? mine was a kitgun riven
  2. i wish it was a skin it makes it no sense for it to be a consumable
  3. yes solo. i tried eveything so i got sick of it and disolved it for endo
  4. I actually got rid of this one on the PS4 there is something wrong with it i tried everything. it simply does not work at all. mine was kill them before they hit the ground while you are sliding nothing ever worked, no matter what frame, what set up, nothing.
  5. Thank you so much for the I7 Processer I have never won anything before I am so grateful. I was so shocked to see my name.
  6. Yes i would also like this pack on console
  7. Also i never noticed towards the end Lotus does not have a head just a floating face that has nothing but glowing behind it. It looks like it was designed like that and not a glitch.
  8. Also besides the Origin pack how long will the Christmas Decorations for the dojo be available? They are built with actual items and have the standard 12 hour building time so they seem permanent but i want to make sure
  9. Where is the Origin pack? I could not find it either in the in game store or on PSN?
  10. Hi it has been a while since I got mine if I recall you were supposed to get a blueprint in your email which you have to build at your foundry. If the email screwed up please check your foundry just to confirm that it is not there. I have had a few emails not show up but still got the item so it may be there ready for building. If you do not have it you may have to send in a help ticket to DE because you will need the room to activate a quest which may be very important to the upcoming updates.
  11. You all are awesome gifting stuff. The only thing i ever need are riven slots. Happy Tennobaum everybody :)
  12. Don´t these usually have a discount for PSplus users from $9.99 down to $7.99? For some reason there is no discount this time and i always remember there being one.
  13. Hi you cannot see what people are selling at Maroos bazaar, all item above your character are invisible
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