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  1. Hi i cannot seem to load a picture on ps4 someone in this thread posted pictures. I found out if you use the default colors it looks perfect but my custom color Harrow the skins are mish mashed it happens everytime. Also i do not own the skins which also have something to do with it, I just wanted to see how they looked when i noticed the issue
  2. When you are in your Arsenal if you click on skins the default body is combined with the skin into one mish mash skin. it happens on both of harrows paid skins. The helmets look perfect.
  3. The harrow skin is all messed up when you try to view it.
  4. Awesome find i never saw her out in the field before, can you codex scan her?
  5. Weird I have never had this happen before and i have done many items that have finished seconds from each other. Thank god it was not some 72 hour prime frame.
  6. I watched a few people yesterday for a few hours and got the drop today thanks so much for the fix i hope everybody else gets theirs.
  7. This has been happening for a while now i am on PS4. We are not sure what causes it to happen either. Appearently a few other bosses do it as well.
  8. We are gettting modular archwing they showed it at Tennocon.
  9. Linked and relinked and so far nothing. I did not get Thursdays ducats either. It seems off and on for me one week i get it the next i get nothing.
  10. Likewise, 15 minutes sounds off, most of my battles are only a few seconds. You might need to upgrade mods on both warframe and weapons.
  11. I love so many of these ideas, what I would love is for them to get rid of the color pigments and just let use our color pallets we already purchased like we can everywhere else in the game.
  12. Hi not possible on ps4 sadly. You can use it for in game items only not platinum, tennogen and certain cosmetic and item bundles. It kind of sucks.
  13. I had this happen like twice so far, it is a little annoying. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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