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  1. Nearly impossible to eat at least someone when playing in public squad, which renders Grendel completely useless, as this frame cannot use any of his other skills without eating someone. Even when you think you are absorbing enemy - next second you see, that he died AFTER you began casting 1, so you hadn't eaten him. Also incredibly clunky control in ball form and inability to climb even simple small stairs (on hydron, for example) just by movement without rolling back to gain momentum. This is completely not cool. Everything can just normally walk this stairs. Everything in the game. Except ball. And, i guess, it would be better to add up mana cost to vomit function of 1 and to 3 while reducing or removing mana per second from 1. As i see it, Grendel is supposed to constantly held someone inside of him to be able to use other skills, and mana per second in both practical and psychological way prevents players from keeping something inside.
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