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  1. Not quite. Enemies tend to go in packs, so killing same pack even with that augment will just send several sonars in the same place. Which would not affect next pack in most situations.
  2. I think this ability need a slight rework - so at least radaring new coming into range enemies would continue to work during entire duration of sonar. Currently you press it - get all catched up in sonar radius enemies being marked on minimap and being covered with new crit point. But in many cases base duration of sonar is either way too much - enemies even at high level usualy die way faster, than sonar duration ends. It feels insonsistent. So it would be a good idea either to reduce base duration AND base cost, so Sonar would be constantly casting ability, or add something for it
  3. Lately in many missions there are such a thing as drop of cosmetic items and scenes. While getting such a loot is good thing, getting it 10 times in a row is pure disappointment, as it literally means no loot. It would be good, if DE would add some tracking of player owning said cosmetic and either remove it from drop pool (in case solo playing) or replace it with at least endo/creds/other stuff.
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