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  1. I have a suggestion. How about devs would make Wolf (and other similar bosses) not competely invulnerable to statuses, but would just reduce chance to proc status on them like 10-20 times or something similar. Every time i met encounter with Wolf or other guys like him, i might have only status oriented weapons with me, which turns fight from just interesting fight into long and boring thing. Even if status chance proc would be reduced from 100% to 5%, status guns and melee with Condition Overload would be at least somehow viable to use agains such enemies. I understand, that just removing status immunity would just bring Wolf and others to be just another nearly oneshotted enemies, but, as they're untargetable by any frame abilities completely and Wolf could appear in almost any "usual" mission, status immunity not just reduces usefulness of status oriented weapons, but renders them almost completely useless. For example, i can have Boltor Prime, which currently has near 100% status on my build and is modded to corrosive (to remove armor, obviously). If i shoot at Wolf, i deal almost no damage, while crit guns deal much more damage compared to status guns. And if i would be able at least 2-3 procs of corrosive from 50-60 procs i would've procced on any other enemy, this boltor prime would be still weakier, but at least somehow comparable to crit weapons.
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