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  1. With the introduction of the Parazon and it's, subsequent, animations there have been requests to have the Parazon assassination threshold to be modified to allow players to perform the special assassinations on normal enemies more often. I'd like to propose that, instead, all assassinations should have their camera work brought up to par with the cinematography of the Parazon's. The new assassinations have so much weight and flow to them it's amazing to execute them, but they also make normal assassinations feel like; just another attack, in comparison. Perhaps all assassination animations have already been planned to receive this pass come the completion of Melee 3.0, but I felt inclined to toss in my two pennies to keep the idea alive in case it was not already under consideration. Great work on the Parazon, D.E. 😄

    Stay stealthy, Tenno

  2. Thanks for the fix, DE


    Note: Several syandana place incorrectly on the Ash warframe including Harkonar, Yomo, Imperator, All Izvara style syandana, Pakal, Rath Kittag Cloak, All Yamako variations,  and Abrasys.

  3. Thanks for the patches and updates, DE. Looking forward to improvements you'll make in the future.


    Note: Harkonar Syandana, as well as a few other back accessories, still place off center on Ash.

  4. Secondary Fire / Aim Weapon Hotkeys;


    There's currently a major issue with the separation of the Secondary Fire and Aim Weapon hotkeys with weapons like Buzlok and Quanta. The issue is the fact that their coding doesn't work in conjunction with these hotkeys. Buzlok's tracer isn't coded as "Secondary Fire" and Quanta has no "Aim Weapon" capability at all.


    Question: Will you resolve the issue with the Secondary Fire and Aim Weapon hotkeys not working properly on some weapons soon?


    Scorpions and Butchers;


    Ever since Vor banned the Butcher's saws due to their interference with his precious beauty sleep and retired them to deli duty they just aren't anywhere near as intimidating as they used to be not to mention Scorpions actually using the Grineer whip, Atterax, would definitely make them a force to think twice about.


    Question: Can we expect Butcher's to given their saws back and will Scorpions be given Atterax instead of Machete?

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  5. After four hours of nonstop, NAT hounding. I finally managed to forward my ports. I'm a little fuzzy on exactly how since there was a perverbial laberynth of navigating around my computer, internet and router settings, but I'll post here what I did.


    Step 1. I disabled UPnP on both of my routers.

    Step 2. I made a static IP adress for my computer

    Step 3. I forwarded ports 80, 443, 3960, 3962, 4950 and 4955 on both of my routers with a UDP setting.

     - When I did this I made 6 forwards per router. So for the two port input fields I input the same port twice.

              Example: [ 3950 ] - [ 3950 ] NOT [ 3950 ] - [ 3955 ]

    Step 4. I reconstructed my face after it exploded from the realization my ports finally forwarded after four hours of trying to get them to forward.


    The tools and guides I used can be found here:


     - http://portforward.com


    To get started click this link http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm and locate "Warframe" on the list.

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