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  1. As for the main topic, I still thunk warframe is a great game. Feel free to disagree, But thats just my 2 cents. Ive been playing for nearly 6 years, and racked up over 2.5k hours over the game, and while I have taken breaks, due to a lack of content or just not wanting to burn out on the game, Ive never been at the point where I think the game is hopeless. Its biggest issues are still proper frame balancing, moreso in a way that allows each frame to be not so much viable but instead fun alternatives to each other. Things that stand out include nyx and hydroid, who are playable but have a weak
  2. I play almost exclusively Gauss nowadays and its a bit of a game to see whats the furthest I can be from someone and still make it to them before they die. So far my record is about 450 meters xD
  3. Afaik the only stats that affect ash’s weapons are combo multiplier and attack speed tho <_<
  4. At least she has some good damage. Ash’s weapons arent even technically exalted, just signature. Same with garuda
  5. Be careful ablut mentioning revenant in positive context!! Gears is just around the corner at all times to dispute that <_< >_> <_<
  6. Shield gating makes this physically impossible. Inaros can be one shot because he has no shields
  7. Id say khora strengths dont come from its base damage (which is lower then landslide afaik) but the fact that khora crit and status values are 5x higher then atlas at base. This issue is further compounded by accumulating whipclaw
  8. not the original topic, but as far as atlas goes At farming he is xD lets be honest, few people remember ore gaze is a thing.
  9. Ah I see, and Im sorry to hear that. Its a shame “children” get so annoyed over something like this
  10. My joke was in reference to damage. As far as damage goes, Khora far outpaces atlas due to his horrible landslide base stats
  11. Rivens as a whole dont break khora. Sure they help, but atlas is crying in a corner even with the use of rivens and weapon augments. Khora damage is so insane because whipclaw has insane base stats (25% crit and status) while also have accumulating whipclaw as an insanely good augment.
  12. Sounds like you should take a break then. Enjoy another game until warframe comes with an update that interests you. No harm in that
  13. At least pc got a few railjack changes before holidays, like increases loot drops. Consoles got literally nothing until mid January/feb
  14. While I do agree Roar is not needed for Xaku, I very much question some of these “alternatives.” Of the list you gave, I only really agree with Shooting gallery, pillage, breach and dispensery. Ensnare isnt bad but Id argue Larva is better, especially because of how more effect it is over ensnare when it comes to move large enemy groups to a single spot quickly. Shooting gallery gives a 25% gun buff, which is still weaker then the nerfed roar (which is a 30% buff to all damage.) Pillage is great, but honestly i feel like it has part of its usefulness diminished because of gaze. They can wo
  15. No, but it sure helps make the amount of time fiddling with energy and cooldowns less annoying.
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