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  1. It already does % hp damage, 35% hp damage to be exact Im fine with this, however due to its rapid proc nature a status of 30% might be more balanced then 50. The biggest issue with renewal is its energy drain. While stat wise its better then Wisp’s health motes, it doesnt feel better in game play due to it not also buffing hp totals, and requiring wayyyy too much energy to heal. Also, oberon is one of, if not the only, frames that gives flat bonus armor. I feel that should stay in some capacity at least Its armor refuction stacks additively, unlike others, so its value is Honestly fine. I also agree that it needs to mark enemies, but you wouldnt need to reduce the orb drop chance since Nezha’s 2 exists and does the same thing already
  2. No, because people arent usually banned for abusing mechanics. Thats an action restricted to actions like blatant cheating/auto play macros. As for the mechanic, it is an abuse because you have to manipulate both spawns and item drops to achieve the set up. Again, its a non issue UNLESS you used this method. Its obvious you did.
  3. Of all the complaints I did not expect a timer on the steel essence to be that hot a topic. The timer is a non factor UNLESS you were abusing the games drop mechanic systems to force massive drops with a smeeta. As for the other changes Im 50/50 on them. The berserker change seems weird because now its both useable on non-crit weapons, but few people ran it with fury before anyway so the fact the two cant be combined seems weird. The bloodrush change is whatever because gladiator mods exist, but the CO change is saddening for my baruuk. I dont understand where you’re getting the “CO will be capped like before” because it never was capped before. There was confusion with its original first change because it seemed to cap at 3 statuses, but it never did, and it wasnt something that was ever planned as far as we know.
  4. Ill admit I never thought about the status immunity aspect, but thats because I usually bring oberon for rad sorties anyway. However, Icy avalanche has an issue that pre-ironclad charge ironskin has, which is that the base health is either overkill or useless. The reason iron skin is so effective is that it can break millions of hp or more with builds/enemy damage, however since icy avalanche only scales a flat number off enemies hit it falls behind rather quickly where it would matter.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, havent been on the forums for a few weeks due to some things. Id agree with your point if not for the fact that Frost has the second weakest armor strip in the game. Third if we counted oberon, but I give him a pass since his armor strip is additive and stacks accordingly. If frosts base armor strip was say 60% instead of 40% his ult could be specced to both be a mass AoE CC and an armor strip, but currently you have to either gimp strength or range to make the most out of avalanche. However, Gara fulfills a similar role. Mass Vitrify CCs and caused glassed enemies to take increased damage, so unless frost is running 250%+ strength for the guaranteed armor strip Gara is still more useful in the damage department. When do you want this though? Since you cannot shot inside the bubbles, it can be counter productive on interceptions and excavations, and a nuisance as well in survival. For single defense targets, like defense, mobile D, and Sortie Def you are better off with someone like limbo/gara whos protection spells also serve as even stronger CC. Which is exactly why frost is outdated. Very few frames from the earlier years have strong game positions due to them often being more Jack of most trade frames, whereas nowadays frames are more focused and therefore better at tasks. Again, which is why frost needs a touch up. His kit is less effeicent then other defense frames and his gameplay leaves some things to be desired when compared to other frames in his wheel house. Again, true, but there is rarely a time where you want more then one bubble active anyway. As for Gara, the durability isnt as important because her playstale tends to be more active anyway, and she often plays to blow up her wall for damage and her 2 while recasting 4 every minute and a half or so. Honestly the worst thing for frost is that while his bubble can be incredibly healthy, the game content doesnt really require the need for such health, or if it does the amount of damage being dealt almost forces a trinity so frost can cast 3 every few seconds. But why do that when limbo exists? The limbo bubble shrinking isnt a major issue since unless you are mesa you dont really stay inside the bubble anyway, due to rift mechanics. Garas 4 also doesnt take thaaaat long to CC, as its only about 1.5 seconds for full glassing. Even so, Gara can give def targets DR, something frost could only wish to do.
  7. Is...is this a serious question? Hell, lets remove the defining traits of other frames, what do you know suddenly their theme falls apart. Lets remove titanias Pixie mode, whaddya know she isnt the pixie frame anymore. Lets remove Mesa’s peacemakers...whaddya know she isnt the gunslinger anymore. Yareli was obviously given a K drive because her theme is a wave rider frame, hence Kdrives. It makes more sense from a design aspect to not only integrate existing gameplay elements and put a fun twist on them rather then remake a whole new set of animations.
  8. Ah thank you good sir, I agree whole heartedly ;)
  9. I read this with no eyes open, can someone translate?
  10. Its based on acceleration. If you reach full speed before a door registers you, it opens fast enough. However, if you are still accelerating while you reach the door sensors you will hit your head
  11. Where are you getting that I said it would be impossible? Its obviously possible because its been done before, but is it simple, or reasonable for a game like warframe? The answer is still no. For someone with your apparent background in computer languages I would hope you understand the time/effort/reward balance that is held by many in the industry, but apparently you’re more hellbent on flexing an epeen because you could scrounge up something in an hour. Bravo, you want a cookie. Ill consider this my last statement on the topic. In my first comment I mentioned I liked the idea, just on a new frame instead of replacing novas 3, but ya know what? #*!% it. You’re idea sucks. Not because it is poor, but because the person behind it is unwilling to consider alternative routes.
  12. The fact that you assume replicating something like Portal in a completely different game engine with who knows how many thousands of lines of code would be easy because you could whip up a 2d version on ms paint is proof enough you do not understand coding.
  13. Except its not. Novas portal is esentially just a quick directional speed boost taken to its max speed, instantaneous. What you’re suggestion is a whole new doorway, that would both be a pain to code since it wouldnt be limited to specific surfaces like in Portal, while also causing who knows how many traversal and map geometry bugs.
  14. So you want to turn it from a quick high speed one way tunnel into just a portal from the game portal? Why? I like the idea, but why not instead advocate for a frame with that portal concept so that it can be expanded upon as opposed to shoe horned into nova
  15. I would love this, its never happening though. Part of the helminth philosophy is that while you can use it to benefit your frame, you may also lose key features. Lavos is one of two frames that IMO are perfectly designed, and therefore helminth poses the greatest risk to them because you need all their abilities or the ability synergies are so effective that to remove them would be highly discouraged
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