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  1. True baruuk feels a bit better to play (imo) but the fact remains both have a bunch of anti synergies that ruin their gameplay flow
  2. Rev has the same issue baruuks has. Hit kit has issues here and there, but the biggest problem is the Amount of anti-synergies and forced synergies that ruin how the frame can be played. Mesmer skin alone (which I think is a good ability mind you) accounts for 4 anti-synergies, thise being his life steal on 3, his damage absorbed in 4, his passive and his bonus shield regen on 1/4 combo. Until these issues are corrected, revenant will always be a meh frame at best
  3. I can agree with this. On release DE capped the warping so it didnt invert your screen but even as it is now just having 1 or 2 extra speed buffs cab make it impossible to see anything while dashing.
  4. Except gauss is still faster then volt when both are full on running with one exception, and thats if volt has a max charge energy conversion.
  5. except CW was nerfed and no longer scales off speed and is a set 30m/s instead I do wish sometimes I could change the screen warp. I fail to see why it isn't effective. Its the best/easiest/fastest way to build battery, it still the fastest movement ability on land, and allows you to animation cancel a bunch of movements. You wanting more and more speed is foolhardy. He is already the fastest runner, it makes no sense why he would go even faster The more I see of your posts, the more I wonder if you actually enjoy gauss. It seems to be nonstop complaining about something that he is already the best in class for (running speeds). At what point did you go from actually truly enjoying gauss to being annoyed that you cant do the impossible? This is patently false
  6. Before Oberon’s rework, he had what was nicknamed “The magic carpet.” His 2 worked as a rectangle (as opposed to being a hemisphere like it is now) that would move out infront of him. It had a huge range, and at the time when modded for range would cause you to sometimes lose fps for half a second as the carpet loaded. The carpet had these little mini wave flames all over it and frankly it looked horrible even at the time. I will miss the carpet though. It was fun spamming it and causing my friends to rage as they lost fps xD
  7. Have you every heard the tragedy of Dearth Plaguis the Wise? Jokes aside, yes, that would be nice
  8. Hahahahaha Bloodrush is still great, weeping wounds, bladed rounds, Hydraulic crosshairs, etc. Just because they nerfed maining strike doesnt mean everything else is also horrible now, lol
  9. I need a skin for Fist weapons that turn them into a singular Infinity Gauntlet so I can perfect my ThanAtlas Cosplay
  10. He is a reluctant fighter, not a pacifist. And no matter the theme, gameplay > background story, having him be only frame to lose defensive ability when attacking (ivara doesn’t count because her 4 and any silent weapons don't break prowl) is actively detrimental to how we have always played the game. It makes no sense. Baruuk is a reluctant fighter, not an idiot, but only an idiot would stop his defense while attacking.
  11. Except he doesnt block AoE damage. So sure, that bombard rocket didnt directly hit you, but if your 3 isnt max charged you’re getting blown to high heaven. Also, to achieve 100% elude radius you have to have at least 2 mods dedicated to range, mods you therefore cant use for strength or such
  12. just want his 1 to not turn off when attacking. Its so stupid that he is the ONLY Frame to be punished for attacking.
  13. I agree that nekros currently has 1 ability worth using really. Desecrate is fine, and honestly in itself a very strong ability, but nothing else nekros has follows up. IMO, nekros should be the defacto summoner frame, being able to summon dead enemies as minions, using their corpses(?) for loot or for Nekros’ gain, etc. Off the top of my head I dont really know of a good 1/2 ability for such a playstyle, but Ive always wanted Nekros’ 4 to work like it does in the Nekros Prime trailer. In that trailer we see enemies just rise back up shortly after dying and chasing a grineer with their bare hands and no weapons. Id love for nekros 4 to change from what it is now to a toggle or drain that resurrects enemies that die around him, but they no longer carry weapons, choosing instead to just bum rush the enemy. Such a mechanic might help with the AI provlems that usually occur, as just telling the enemies to run in and attack the enemies as opposed to doing what they did before they die. Granted, I dont code, so that logic may be incorrect, but just my thoughts.
  14. Yes Yes there is 1 build I know of which may allow volt to be faster, but Ive never seen people use it because its not reliable for races. Using energy conversion It is possible to be faster then gauss if you also roll, but thats its. Again, Ive never seen anyone use this because it isnt practical.
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