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  1. Remember atlas prime? Gauss got 16 lines of buffs and atlas got nothing :/
  2. I built a vermisplicer secondary since it sounded cool, but Im convinced its bugged. Stat wise it should be great, its decent damage, high ass crit, and although its status shows its a shotgun thats still fine. Beam shotguns like rhe phantasma and phage are doing great at the moment. The issue seems to be the targeting. For those that dont know, the vermi secondary has a bunch of tentacles that scale with multishot (like the phage) but instead of staying straight ahead, they will stick to enemy targets, and from my testing the beams have a very strong lock on. However, this means y
  3. This is the type of change I feel would be needed if they wanted to rework the energy system, as to keep frames from suddenly losing all power to cast, while also limiting the insane energy gains we often have. Idk how theyd be able to properly balance everything tho...
  4. Melee falls into the same category aa guns for me. They arent abilities. I personally use many ability heavy frames, like Grendel, Gauss, Ember and Atlas. I personally started the game mid-late 2015, and since then technically energy gen has been nerfed multiple times. Energize has cooldowns, Zenurik requires activation as opposed to a passive energy gain, and while some frames do have their own forms of energy management (Gauss 2, ember 4 aug), there hasnt been much more added. The issue is that the game is now 7(?) years old, so the amount of people who had energize 4 years ago, whe
  5. 12 of any frame is excessive beyond measure. There is no reason youd ever need 30 mod configs, possibly 60 if you buy the extra, EVEN including helminth possibilities.
  6. Hell, Id be one of them. I enjoy how warframe works atm, because its my cathartic stress release after work or classes. If it suddenly shifted to become tactical like what the other guy suggested Id probably not play it, or at least play it less. Furthermore, while the gunplay is good, its not like Destiny’s. Being forced to rely on guns would remove the power fantasy many frames have, whether or not its good for balance.
  7. 3 actually, since they added the drone at the top of the bubble you can shoot to forever destroy the bubble
  8. I do believe iron skin should be naturally recastable, and instead use the augment to give it damage and one other small thing to make it more of a utility augment instead of required False. Not on the stack removal part, but on the other things. Its not hard to group up enemies, either with weapons, subsumed ability or arcanes, regardless of the mission type, and on missions like railjack you never need the tower sized hp bar you normally can get anyway due to there being less total enemies who pose a major threat. If you never leave the railjack, you have 0 issues, if you are a board
  9. Straight up no. At least, not on the frames we have. Especially in the case of atlas it would destroy his gameplay. However, I wouldnt mind seeing a new frame utilizing this method, like how Lavos has cooldowns.
  10. Arcane resist only blocks toxin procs. Toxin damage is unaffected afaik
  11. I disagree on this point. Not only can he provide a sizable heal, while not as big as wisp/oberon, its still noticable, he can also buff frame power strength when linking with allies, allowing them to also overcharge abilities for fun combinations. I also disagree here. His 1 and 3 need to stay, and personally I do enjoy his 2 enough to not lose it, but his 4 is probably the weakest in his kit. Thats not to say it's bad ability, but more so a testimate to how good the rest of nidus is. Throwing something like heat/ice EW to further increase his insane survivability, fireblast/shuriken
  12. Inaros has a major issue that needs to be solved before he gets buffed. His base stats are too goddamn good, and they only got better with his prime. Theres a reason he is still a highly used frame in higher Mrs, and thats because he can lazy tank better then anyone else simply due to have a hp bar that says “F*** you” to anyone under level 100. That combined with his old covert lethality build meant that until melee 2.999999 he could also infinitely scale damage, although that combo is now gone. I really doubt they will rework inaros because of how good he is at base. Its not as imp
  13. Its a shame you only look at 3 stats before dismissing a weapon then. The ayanga does have better inital damage, but it has less crit damage and less status chance. Furthermore, while the ayunga has better radius on the explosion, it has a harsher damage fall off, so the increased damage falls off when you are using the AoE anyway. Both weapons fire about the same rate, although morgha is faster, leading to a better dps, and this is all before mentioning the morgahs secondary fire. Not only does it do more damage, have a better crit chance, crit damage and status then either the ayunga or morg
  14. Ill be straight up, anyone who says the morgha is bad/underwhelming has not used it correctly. It wont have as much single target as the mausolon, but it makes up for it in insane AoE damage. The primary hits hard and has a nice AoE, think slightly larger then the chaukkur, so while you still need to aim, it will clear enemies next to your inital target no problem. And the alt fire? Say goodbye to anything in that radius or even close. Insane damage numbers across the board with a great synergy of critical focus and dual rounds
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