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  1. Isnt the nuke portion just normal slash damage that doesnt proc slash status? “Maim when de-activated releases all of the charge as Slash damage, keep in mind the faction you are facing, as heavily armored enemies, such as the strongest of the Grineer troops, are resistant to slash damage.” -From wiki So when enemies enter the damage aura they take a slash proc, but the nuke itself doesnt proc slash. Ironically enough
  2. They are referring to main dealing bleed damage, even though it doesnt deal enough to kill enemies without help above level 20. Its nuke is good tho
  3. First off, wow this thread is old🤔🤔 secondly, just because you dont enjoy invis doesnt mean it is bad or it should be removed. The idea of having an actual smoke cloud is cool but im practicable when compared to plain invisibility. The only case in which such a mechanic could work without hurting ash as he is would be giving him invisibility when entering the cloud for a duration. Like I suggested 2 months ago
  4. Yes. Something other then “the fog is slightly tinted” would be greatly appreciated
  5. I half thought someone nekros’ed this because people were saying on the Gauss megathread that hildryns megathread was also just as ignored
  6. Remember, gauss has gotten 2 changes. A measly “builds battery while reviving allies” and a fix to an exergis exploit. Dont get too high hopes
  7. Woah woah woah wait... who said the sentients were after the kuva? Im not 100% up to date with the lore but Im not that far out of touch am I?
  8. While I agree with your statement, you could also argue that limbo doesnt tank as much as just ignores the nulli. Also you forgot nidus
  9. I have memory of a frame who was recently reworked who’s only claim to fame being that he couldnt die 🤔 im sure everyone said he didnt need to be changed at all because he couldnt die
  10. While this is true, i do also wish his %armor strip (gained by dealing the blast proc while redline is active) was a flat 50% no matter what, as opposed to scaling 0-50% based on redline percentage
  11. I dont think theres a single idea I dislike here. The whole “sprint speed also levels strength” idea really sounded good to me because Ive been wanting his MR to deal damage to enemies you hit outright (and not just wall splatting near) and have this damage scale by speed
  12. This. I recently aquired a set of Arcane Strike/Fury and I can say Serene storm becomes so fun with these two, but I also need a status primer secondary (like an ocucor/cyanex/zakti) to make the weapon viable past lvl 50 armor.
  13. Not true. The waves are unaffected by mods like Shattering impact, which ruin baruuks possible lategame since he already struggles due to a low status chance
  14. While redline is active, and kinetic plating is active, you get 100% bonus melee damage and 100% chance to stagger enemies on hit
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