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  1. You can practice an unlimited time at Simaris’ room. We dont need the time between failed attempts lowered for that reason.
  2. I do wish that there was at least a mod or a setting option to make semi-auto weapons full auto. I have issues using weapons like my tomb finger or god help me the dual toxicycist without getting cramps an hour into a run. As for other changes, if hitscan/single target weapons got a bit of punch through based on weapon caliber I feel that would help a solid bit.
  3. Because at its core, warframe is a live service game, and so it requires some form of repeatable content. Even what you suggested would be repetitive unless you expect people to only ever run a mission once, at which point the game no longer sustainable as people would never come back to the game after completing said missions once. The mastery system does this, the caveat is that even CoD doesnt give you everything on a weapon instantly. Sure, hitting level 20 may give you an mp5, but if you want the best attachments and upgrades you now have to level that individual weapon to lvl 80. In warframe, hitting Mr7 gives you access to the fulmin, which after building, requires a similar leveling system, at which point you can add attachments(mods) to change its values. The only difference? The build/resource time, which CoD doesnt have because you already payed $60 upfront. Time = Money, and warframe being free instead requires a time payment. We have this for events, but the daily progress blockers are to both slow the max time you can spend on a system in a single day, while also reducing burnout by telling the player “hey, youve done a lot of “X”, try some of the other stuff.” Nothing requires weeks, let alone months. The average player is Mr 12-15 according to DE, so to level any open world syndicate it would take a week at most. Maybe a day or two in change, but not multiple weeks and never months. Its also not substantiated for a free game. Any game with a system like you mention already requires an up front payment, because that is their profit line. Warframe instead gives the game free, asking only time instead. If that bothers you warframe is not for you.
  4. This sounds like a horrible idea that does nothing but cause frustration for the player.
  5. Ironically the people you may be asking this question of may have left the tread long before they go to a point at which they would respond.
  6. The only recent update I think wasnt a good standard of quality was inital release Railjack. Every other update has released relatively well, and major bugs have been fixed rapidly. If you want a release with no bugs at all, you ask the impossible. Sure, some frames/weapons/mechanics may release weak, but we see DE works to improve them regardless. Id argue Yareli still needs help, but shes is still better then on release. This is subjective, because Id argue little to none of the recent updates have been crap. The forums, even reddit, are a vocal minority and nothing less. To presume we could change things simply by not playing is presumptive. Yes, which is why I play this game and not S#&$ like CoD, Fortnite, etc. Funny enough, because its subjective, there are likely people even in these forums to disagree with the games I listed as low quality because that is the nature of subjectivity.
  7. Sure, got any ideas on how to make a repeatable gameplay loop that wont be repetitive, boring, long winded, and will always satisfy you 100% of the time? You act like its that easy.
  8. Its a free game…. If you want to complain about a cash grab go to any Gacha game
  9. Yes I did, and yes. Besides the Tonkor and Simulor, no weapon was “killed”, and rivens have been stated numerous times to based off mostly player usage, not power. Id also argue riven changes to not make or break a weapon anyway because they are option, and for top tier weapons only a side grade anyway. To make massive sweeping statements like “DE was nerf happy before tencent because leyou” also makes no sense because why would a shareholder give any percent of a damn about the minute workings of a game? Simple answer is they dont, and to believe Leyou was writing emails to steve saying “better nerf that rubico riven to up sales by .04%” is foolhardy.
  10. I think yes, new frames are needed, but DE has a bottleneck as far as frames are concerned. They have commented on how reworking a frame cuts into new frame creation, and while simply saying “get more people/a new team” isn’t as easy as it sounds, it does feel like there needs to be a way to alleviate that bottleneck. With over 40 warframes, warframe is starting to reach MOBA levels of characters, and league (for instance) has updates every 2-3 weeks where they are changing characters. Obviously DE wouldnt need to change warframes that frequently, but just anything would help. Another issue is the depth of changes people want. IMO, a nerf/buff is a simple change of stats, maybe a minor mechanical change. A revamp is changing a portion of the frames abilities in mechanical or synergistic ways, a rework is a ground up remake of the character, keeping only basic themes intact. Recent Zephyr changes: Buff Atlas changes that added rubble: revamp Wukong changes: Rework. If more frames got buffs, an occasional revamp, then we wouldn't need to ask for full on reworks when the frame has stayed the same for 3+ years (looks at frost)
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