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  1. In warframe, balance means less “everything is fair vs each other” and more so “as long as its not the only option because it outpaces literally everything else.” Examples of unbalanced things were like pre-nerf bramma, mirage+simulor, and some would argue old link/talons trinity.
  2. I run a low eff equinox build, so dispensary will be amazing. Especially because of her passive and equilibrium.
  3. I wonder how vex armor fury will affected pillage, since pillage does %damage to shields/armor.
  4. Also while thinking about abilities, do you think they will let warframes double up abilities? Like 8 tesla nervos on Vauban 😉
  5. Pillage Harrow greedy pull nekros ice elemental ward rhino, or Defy rhino firewalker Gauss or Molt Gauss Thermal sunder Ember/frost for memes warcry baruuk (imagine eternal war >_> ) Marked for Death Ash, also Savage Silence ash, also radial blind ash. Also Expedite Suffering Ash Tesla Nervos Protea expedite suffering Saryn, Nourish Saryn Nullstar nidus/inarow fire elemental ward inaros/grendel/atlas Breach Surge Garuda
  6. I do. Self damage was not a enjoyable thing in the game. You either killed ourself because of weapon, or you used the tonkor until its nerf. Meanwhile, the current stagger mechanic has more player choice around it besides use weapon and die or dont, and it also provides a overall way to deal with knockdowns by timing a jump correctly, something we didnt have until then.
  7. Hell no. The game is so much more enjoyable without having the fear of blowing up because of (X) reasons if I happen to want to use an explosive weapon
  8. Id agree if not for how his undying passive component worked. If his 3/4 were made to have increased effectiveness that scaled off total mutation stacks ( and scaled stack cost to compensate) While still having undying then not only would his passive augment be required but his whole kit would be way too strong.
  9. Thats a very subjective (and imo false) statement. Many of my builds can fit 2 and sometimes even 3 augments for many frames
  10. Because it does affect balance. Allowing nidus to stack faster inherently allows him to hit his powerspike faster and easier then before, even if you lose more stacks on death to “compensate”
  11. His turrets work fine because they arent a single burst of damage, but instead rapid smaller hits of damage. So for less energy, they deal more total damage, more sustained damage, can crit and hit targets as they get moved towards a vortex. His 3, not so much 😕
  12. Scaling damage alone wont fix issues. Look at Vaubans 3. Many abilities need either tweaks or utility buffs to give them a purpose besides just damage. In fact, you mentioned Volts 1, which I wouldnt call weak due to its range and the augment which grants bonus electricity damage to volt and nearby allies. However, nekros shadow punch needs something, I agree. Personally, Ive always argued that it should have a instakill threshold like Garuda’s 1, but make the value like 50 or 60% as opposed to Garuda’s 40, since she also gains a shield and a charging blood bomb, whereas nekros has nothing.
  13. Im 99% sure this isnt the case. Afaik many savage silence banshees specifically run low range or duration because silence only stuns enemies once edit: after some testing, It does appear that banshees 3 can stun targets multiple times, provided they leave the radius of the 3 and re-enter it. The more ya know
  14. This seriously hurt my corpus play throughs on ash too 😞
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