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  1. Weapons and elements be damned, my lich is named “Dorpi Fudd” and he shall reign supreme
  2. If void damage worked as it currently does when using xaku’s 1, it would apply two instances of damage per bullet, one would be the normal expected version, the other could be the void damage allowing both to proc independently of each other so status values arent impacted
  3. As someone who doesnt keep up to date with all things warframe news, I really appreciate this. Thank you :D
  4. As a Gauss player, Primed mobilize when?
  5. Ha, you cant be serious, the new detron feels amazing
  6. This is more an AI issue in general. The AI is only coded to use the primary fire on any weapon given to them, examples include grineer that use the Harpak. Likewise, specters and AI companions only use the basic attacks for melees. Youll run into similar issues with gun blades in the sense that the ai dont use the heavy attacks. I dont see this changing however due to the requirements including an AI overhaul to allow them not only to use other forms of attacks but also a detection system to allow the AI to know when to basic attack vs heavy attack.
  7. It hasnt been mentioned, but especially with the new arcanes and mods my akarius have become a staple in my builds. Maxed secondary merciless removes one of its biggest issues, ammo, and when galvanized shot DOES finally work for projectiles they will absolutely slap due to their high status.
  8. Can anyone link the video of stalker with a top hat showing the words RNG appear in fire?
  9. Those skins (and arcane helmets) are not being made currently because DE decided they did not want stat values to have forced cosmetic changes as well. People want to look how they look without taking a hit to stats they may want to keep.
  10. Ill conceded that he is a reliable tank. Perhaps I was a bit too harsh in my original statement, and for that I do apologize.
  11. I never said more complicated, Because you can mod these frames similarly. However, Inaros’ kit is only considered a tank frame because of his innate hp, and nothing else. As mentioned before, his armor is actually low for a tank frame, and he has only one ability that gives him bonus defensive stats. Explain how Inaros can outtank any of those other frames. Rhino is the best tank in the game, and can even reach ironskin values to survive OUR damage due to iron skin using object hp. Baruuk has not 1, not 2, but 3 forms of DR in his kit and a bullet avoidance ability, all of this before you use adaptation. Nidus has similarities to inaros, but he also has tank defining abilities that give DR and has equally reliably heals as inaros. Chroma is the closest to inaros in tankiness, and they both share similar issues to things like slash procs, but chroma can abuse shield gating in ways inaros cant. For the record, I never said Inaros is a bad tank, just that he is not one of the best. He has a low skill floor, low skill ceiling, and thats due to his survivability coming only from one stat, his base hp. This further continues my statement that I dont see DE buffing inaros in his current health state, because his hp is soo good that is does give him an advantage early on, and to give him better abilities would further offset the already shaky balance of the game.
  12. He is a good lazy tank, so he takes little investment to get a reward. Besides his high health, his armor is actually quite low for the average armor tank. At only 225, its on par with base exaclibur, and Scarab swarm only increases it by 100% base, or another 225. Inaros’ tankiness is derived from Arcane grace and Adaptation, things that can be put on other frames with ease. Theres nothing wrong with this style of tanking, and besides Grendel there isnt really any other HP tanks, but the issues with hp tanks comes as you play higher levels.
  13. Thats fair. I know I personally miss my extra 4 bullets from my vaykor hek, and with the kuva hek not allowed to use scattered justice I might as well abandon it anyway for Vaykor i guess :/
  14. Can we stop saying Inaros is one of the best tanks? He is the best Lazy Tank, but if you properly mod a Chroma, Nidus, Baruuk or Rhino then Inaros begins to show his cracks. As for buffing him, I doubt DE will be excited to give a frame that already wins at any content under 100 simply because his hp is the size of a planet an actually strong ability kit to boot.
  15. I can think of the pandero, the kraken, and now the detron, are there others Im missing? To play devils advocate, while the mara does have higher base damage (40 per pellet), the tenent detron has its elemental bonus, which allows it to reach 42 per pellet from its original 26. While it does also lose 3.7% status per projectile, the 10% crit and .5 crit multiplier increase also drastically help with damage, especially when builf hybrid, something the Mara could never do
  16. I like the hologram personally, but I wish the hologram stayed with the hound when you took the hound. I hate that even the specialized hounds still have the boring heads
  17. Yea, sadly I cant do that as console :(
  18. Radial jav used to be THE meta. Excal with trinity ob draco xD i remember that
  19. *old man voice* back in my day revives were considered special! You only got 4 a day and it cost plat to get more.
  20. If theres a single mod I want its a mod that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire full auto. I cant use my dual toxicist as they are anyway :( also my fingers start to hurt after hour long runs with gauss and a plasmor/tombfinger
  21. Granted its anecdotal, but both myself and my clan mates, all while running steel path different times, have gotten more primary merciless then anything else.
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