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  1. On one hand, no, we dont need any catgirl warframe cosmetics. On the other hand, Id love to see grendel is catgiro cosmetics.
  2. Not like it matters. Youd only use heat or ice anyway. Personally Id love to have a percentage of the elemental ward buffs last extra time allowing for combos of like heat/electricity or ice/heat, etc.
  3. Ah, then how do you explain the epitome of design and function…Grendel?
  4. Lavos is the alchemist able to use elemental effects to manipulate the battlefield. Chroma is a beast that uses elements to augment themself to any situation.
  5. Waaaait a sec, are those pieces arranged into the way I think they are arranged <_<
  6. There are also solaris workers in the Ice Mines in railjack missions, but these are unable to be interacted with
  7. Personally Id like for Chroma to be able to cast elemental war multiple times for stacking purposes. Currently you are forced to use one elemental ward buff, and the choice between heat, ice, or electric is most always ice. However, imagine if we could have all 3 active at once, or maybe have 1 fully active and the other 2 active at a reduced rate.
  8. Depends. A lot of CC is calculated on whether or not the enemy is ragdolled, and some CCs, like petrify and Grendels feast need enemies not ragdolled to work. Larva on the other hand works either way, for seemingly unknown reasons.
  9. You could make frost’s passive at least decent it the chance to freeze on hit was 100%. Thats it. Also I nominate nova and revenant for the “needs a whole new passive” list
  10. Be careful about calling gauss a speed frame when talking to hopper. They’ll argue to the ends of the earth he isnt because volt is faster in extended races xD
  11. Anyone remember the terms used for affinity farmers on draco? I kept thinking about how we had a term for those people who just leveled and never learned, and I feel we never made a new term for people who just level and never learn on hydron
  12. I disagree with the amount of spamming you claim to need to do. Each cast of your 4 adds 3% heat gain to the meter, and you only lose 2% with fireblast, so if you cast inferno only 3-5 times that should be more then enough to max out the heat gauge quickly.
  13. There is compromise and there is blatant failure to understand a games mechanics. Whats the OP proposed is not a challenge, in the same way liches instantly killing for you getting a murmur wrong was a challenge. Both are attempts at simply lowering life count with little to no player control in the matter. If you want warframe to have challenge, you’d need to remake the game from the ground up, tone down mod scaling, reduce weapon and power effectiveness, reduce enemy scaling to compensate, reduce grind, as grind is the main “difficulty”, rework gamemodes like survival or disruption, change tile spawns to better funnel enemies, and more. At that point, you are playing a different game. Warframe never really had challenge except in the days where you had to pay plat for revives because we had few survival tools then. That however is not a bad thing. Some games can be cathartic, and not every games needs to be someone that constantly tests you when you play.
  14. I see you’re playing on Internet Explorer, welcome to the party only a few months late xD
  15. You can already do this! In a controlled environment situation in the simulacrum, or an uncontrolled situation know as rad sorties xD
  16. Rhino falling, losing half his iron skin and having heavy impact occur would be humorous xD
  17. Remember how the acceltra, a gun with built is mechanics to make it next to impossible to kill yourself with self damage, could still easily kill you
  18. No Hell no. Find a different game if you want this type of “challenge”. Thats not risk. Thats a on-off switch for life. Because it was a bad system for a game like warframe. It caused AoE weapons to be rarely used except for with certain frames (looking at you revenant) and it didnt provide a satisfactory game loop. As someone said in another topic, it wasnt self damage, it was self annihilation. No. Not that Ive been aware of. No.
  19. At the most basic concept, why would you want a game where the only defining factor is your character skin? Warframe, of all games, has such a varied character pool, and the amount of ways you can play frames is also just as varied, so why is this idea of “let me play the same way but looking different” such a draw?
  20. nin·ja /ˈninjə/ noun a person skilled in the Japanese art of ninjutsu. INFORMAL a person who excels in a particular skill or activity. "the courses vary—you don't have to be a computer ninja to apply" We are therefore using space ninjutsu and excel at a particular set of skills, usually genocide.
  21. To play devils advocate, there are many levels and situations where flat hp and regen is more then enough.
  22. I feel this is a bit harsh if only because exalted blade does at least have a range advantage on normal melees. Ironic tho how before baruuk released (and for a good bit after) people claimed baruuk was a crap excal, and then baruuk got his augment xD
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