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  1. Bounty Dead Shrine

    We did capped him, and received Brillant Eidolon Shard, so no, that is not the case. Thank you for pointing out my typo for me though!
  2. Bounty Dead Shrine

    When my team and I were doing Hydrolyst bounty, after we killed Teralyst, the shrine did not pop up any sacrifice window. I am not sure what happened, is it because we host the bounties then it bugged?
  3. Repeated Sortie Rewards

    For the past week back-to-back, I realized I was getting the same rewards from Sortie. (aka. Ayatan Anasa Sculpture) Reply if I'm wrong but I thought don't we have different sortie rewards for two repeated rewards??
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    I would like to see Equinox's Mend & Maim Augment that was shown before.
  5. PS4: Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.0.9 [+hotfixes]

    I was pretty hype for Chroma Dynasty Collection, but then I remembered it will come after. Thanks for the Update, as always!
  6. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    Finally! I've been waiting this since the first Tenno-gen Release on Console.