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  1. "The cold is unforgiving. This icy spirit consumes the very souls of her victims, leaving only an icy husk. Like a blizzard, she is ever moving, ever hunting, ever feasting. This is Yuki, the Cold Soul of Death." Based on the Yuki-Onna, this is an ice frame based less on territorial abilities than Frost, and more on moving around and freezing enemies in their tracks, allowing her to devour their life at her leisure. Basic ideas for moveset- Passive- Icy Soul- Enemies near Yuki are slowed and chilled (similar to Coolant Leak) Ability 1- Spirit Rush- Yuki dashes forwards and through enemies, with a chance to freeze them. Ability 2- Dry Ice- Leaves a trail of damaging ice that slows enemies. Ability 3- Frozen Spirits- Absorbs health from chilled enemies, while dealing its own cold damage. Ability 4- Soulless Blizzard- Yuki creates a blizzard that follows her, damaging enemies caught within and freezing them if they remain in for too long.
  2. If you're going to go this, please decrease the spawn rates for Disruptor and Venomous ancients. Healers are fine, but I would find these Ancients more bearable if they had spawn rates similar to the Caustic Ancients. It's annoying to kill one toxic eximus just to instantly die because three more are already there behind a wall or something.
  3. I prefer an NPC that misses half of its shots, compared to a Player that shoots off to do his own thing and dies every 2 seconds.
  4. It isn't completely bad to have self-damage. It's more frustrating how you can die out of nowhere when someone decides to rush past you at the last second, or a nullifier shield goes up all of a sudden, or a million other little things that you can be wary of, but can't always do anything about.
  5. I can't tell if you're joking. I feel like you're joking, but I can't say for sure.
  6. There should ineed be a method of personally extracting. It would make life so much more bearable in Railjack. Combine this with a console locked to the Owner of the ship, and I think a lot of people would be happier. Obviously not the Trolls, but most everybody else playing I think. When you do have a good group though, it always pays to speak up about what you need. Sometimes that may roll over into another mission, or it might be an extra 10 minutes collecting space trash.
  7. This problem feels to me to have a lot more in the Random Player problem. You never know what you're going to come up against, and that can be stupidly frustrating when they do things that are either from inexperience and stubborness, or the desire to troll.
  8. It certainly wouldn't hurt.
  9. Bramma is kind of OP. Not only do you easily kill yourself with it, the Lich will one shot you with it. To self damage, I'd say have it capped at a point. Maybe a percentage of health or something, but it could honestly be taken out (but left it in for Rad). Self damage is fine, but it kind of works against you in a game where you are trying to build the biggest annihilation cannon you can.
  10. Mag with 3 augment is my main go to. So long as you have allies and are paying attention, she can stop enemies in their tracks without too much risk to herself. You may not be getting as many kills as several other frames, but that isn't really the point of playing this Loadout. You set up for everyone to succeed. Until of course you cross paths with a Rad Lich, but that's a different issue entirely.
  11. It took me a year or so before I actually began playing after I had downloaded it. Before then I didn't have a reliable internet access to connect, and I thought it was a much different game than it was. Then I started actually playing it after I found it in my downloaded games when Destiny made my accomplishments feel worthless. Fell in love with it, and have been playing it almost religiously ever since.
  12. I tend to not have an issue with them blowing up in my face. Until i do. The problem that arises with them is indeed random things happening right as you fire the weapon that causes it to explode, quite efficiently destroying everything nearby that isn't an ally that is not under the effects of Rad. It's especially annoying when you have someone who wants to always be right in front of you at all times for whatever reason. Random occurences do not allow for cohesive usage of explody things. Also, Nullifiers make life miserable, because they can send things right back at you, and you never know which way they're gonna go, or even if they're gonna just pop up randomly in front of you.
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