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  1. I'm liking Gauss, but I do have issues with how long it takes for his Redline to reach 100%. In order to keep it up at max and keep up survivability you have to continuously be expending energy in ways that don't really mesh well. You don't even get extra energy from Kinetic plating while doing so. It's wierd that the more useless of Gauss' ability set is his ultimate.
  2. Well Slight of Hand as it is wouldn't be missed, I'm sure.
  3. Loki needs a rework, mostly to his Decoy and Switch Teleport. I'd say something that enables the crowd control that he is supposed to be there for. I can't stand him as he is. I wouldn't say no to Valkyr or Mesa rework. As someone who enjoys Mirage, though, I would absolutley love for Slight of Hand to be changed into something that actually works.
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