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  1. I guess too late to mention for Plague Star but anyway..... Why Drone location is too near and tooooooooooooooooooooooo far away from the Boil ? Can you at least put at fixed radius 350m ? Kinda annoying when you get 400m on first round, then second round like 1km This makes mission pacing too random
  2. Fixed Korrudo having inherited the Hirudo’s Health on Critical Hits mechanic. Why ? Even worse, took you months to "fix" it. Its just out of nowhere to "fix" weapon that have absurd drop chance from PoE miniboss, that requires 2nd and 3rd variation of Thumper which basically high level range bounties to trigger.
  3. I don't know why why vacuum range is really difficult to be increased. I don't why ships need to finish its explosion effect completely to drop loots ( As far as need to wait until ship explode and wait again for engine trailing to disappear too and finally loots appear. Most annoying is Crewship ) I don't know why Crewship can still attack you after you destroyed its reactor and have large HP for some reason. ( What's the point to destroy it if HP still ridiculously high ) I don't know why Railjack so stingy with enemy and ramsleds position inside the your own ship. Don't even have notification like " We have ramsleds near nacelle/fuselage/bridge " etc etc.
  4. You feel awful to read ? Then you should feel awful that people asked for increased vacuum range back before DE went to vacation.
  5. Asterite costs for Wreckage were going a bit too slowly, so now you will earn it at twice the rate. And you forget, asterite drop amount starts from 1 , not 10 or even 15. I still get trachons 3x more than asterite with new double rate. My previous run, I got 117 and then I realized I were using Resource Booster.
  6. Why don't you guys make ships drop materials, wreckage and avionics immediately after ship reach HP 0/Reactor gets blown up from inside ? Instead need to finish its explosion effect. I did notice for Crewship, you can speed it up by shooting to HP 0 but takes time. Just increase the vacuum range first. I don't know why, but you guys kinda skeptical because players maybe farm it too fast ? What's the different anyway ? Also, please just give glowing lines instead full effect for Battle Avionics especially Fiery Phoenix and Particle Ram when you inside the ship. It hinders the sight of the gunners. Let full effect from outside only.
  7. " No longer seek and one-hit KO your archwing " Their missiles like machine gun compare to RJ and archwing kinda crumbled cookies, so yeah, can still easily die to it.
  8. Making thing even worse, that bug can interchangeably happen to host too. I remember host sitting at the corner for no reason. Minutes later, he told us he cant see any objective appear on his UI screen ( Exactly the same objective ). Even after I start trigger the objective, host still cant see anything until I finish it by my own and finally Mission Success appear.
  9. just give us Plague Star while they fixing the stuff.
  10. Can we at least exchange resources for other resources ? I do have excessive amount of some resources and mostly get ignored in repair especially mk2 and mk3 parts. I dont mind to farm but give an alternative way to ease it and avoid overgrinding for specific material. Go farm mat A. Go exchange mat B for mat A.
  11. whats with stealing ship objective ?
  12. Using sepfahn, I did notice that the first slash is the one that causes overshooting and for some reason, have narrow window when slashing. The second slash is actually good.
  13. funny, new archwing flight is much easier to trigger motion sickness because feel unnatural than original.
  14. Why holding E for heavy attack only trigger first combo but no second too ? like nikana ( using decisive judgement ) from first heavy attack combo, the draw slash and then second is diagonal downward slash but with holding, it wont trigger the second slash. It just reset to draw slash. Am I missing something on timing or need to hold very long ? if you want us to use " holding E for heavy attacks " , then let it be completed too.
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