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  1. When you click on mods, in the bottom right of your equipped warframe, in arsenal, it will bring you to the mod foundry showing you there ONLY the currently equipped mods. To equip more mods before opening the mod foundry and leveling them up, you have to drag then into your warframe, while in arsenal, upgrade, from the list on the bottom.
  2. Well, not every weapon can be a good stat stick... The idea behind stat stick is to use a weapon that has both a really high riven disposition, (irrelevant in this case) but also has some unique mods specific to THIS weapon, giving +%damage, generally from syndicates, like the skana, jaw sword, or the mire.
  3. Ok. Let me tell you as a Veteran player with 4k hours played over 5 years, and being for a while a Grendel main, after using two umbral forma on him, that this frame is one of the strongest frame there is out there. For sure, people don't like his style, his kit, and dump him without doing anything between challenges or theory crafting. If Grendel was a waifu with b00bs, he would be meta as fck. Let me elaborate. Grendel isn't supposed to be a pro-active spellcaster, but rather a reactive tank. While playing with few mandatory mods like Rage/hunter adrenaline, some layers of tankyn
  4. Hi, today I went and clicked on the Shadow Stalker icon in the codex, and a boss health bar appeared in my orbiter and stayed there. A third filled, both health and shield. Luckily, no stalker. I told a friend, and he did the same, and it happened to him as well.
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