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  1. Are you using... [Shred] (primed) ? ...
  2. If you guys really want to talk about Gloom : it's a life steal ability. You know what's a fun combo with life steal ? Damage reflection. There is to my knowledge three kind of reflect in the game : Chroma electric elemental ward ; Grendel nourish armor, and Unairu. Both the ward and unairu scale with damage taken, while nourish is a modded aoe while hit with a innate cd of 1s. Unairu is really weak, but blue chroma + gloom has some potential, and Grendel + gloom is a nice buffer between his self heal. Both of those also affect allies. You could also use ward on sevagoth.
  3. But Equinox already has a better slow... you'd rather have Empower than gloom if it isn't for the life steal
  4. I'd rather see the helminth Master Summons have also the ability to revive your companion/sentinel ; and get a better augment for dispensary.
  5. Infinite supply of Ignis Wraith Bp ready to sell. If you have between 1 and 49 platinum, we can negotiate. Trading x6 bp each trade, no less, even if you can't pay.
  6. No screen available yet, but I'd like to consider selling a recently acquired Verglas Riven, having +189%cc and +151%cd, with no negative. Bringing base stats to 23%cc and x5cd, enabling a Hunter munition build melting SP enemies. 40 rolls, D pola, MR 9. Expecting to sell this pearl for 1.5k. Reply here to negotiate or contact me in game the afternoon.
  7. It seems like modding in a Dojo, railjack or any other object, has some really big issues with the UI.
  8. I have to put this post forward. Indeed, on a Corpus Railjack Run (on PC), if a client player stand on a domestik drone and do a simple jump + slam attack on the drone, he is either instanly killed, or teleported back to the railjack (even though we all are in a main mission in capital ship; making the whole run stuck as one player isn't where he is supposed to be). Doesn't work for the host.
  9. And arcanes, and syndicates procc (simulor synoid/gammacore synoid are good picks.)
  10. Grendel 1's damage depends on enemy level AND number of ennemies eaten. So, yeah, that can be A LOT. Especially since when you swallow ennemies, they respawn instantly somewhere esle, even if they are still alive in your belly. So...
  11. Today I was farming the Athodai. So there is this exterminate on Venus that has one derelict, one primary target, and one main mission capital ship. On the primary target, a base you have to destroy, it's often a vertical base where you have to hack and defend a first terminal at the bottom, and then a second terminal in the middle, before killing the boss and exiting. Well, after completing each terminal, the ground close under your ascension, and you can see through the new glass ground, a part of the base dropping into space, in real time. And once you finished dismantling the base and get
  12. If you cannot change something that bother you, you can change the way you look at it. The game IS what it is. Of course, WE, the gamers, can suggest changes, but we cannot directly change the game; we can only enjoy what Digital Extremes offer us. Maybe you guys don't find what you are looking for in this update ; but as a player that enjoyed the first iteration of railjack, I am pleased with the changes, the evolution, the art, and overall all the work that was put there. This post was to speak about the things you enjoy in this update. I know some of you are disapointed or angry, but t
  13. Yes I know... But it's not really my fault : How dare DE try to make a game that can be enjoyed by people. Less content, more bugs please, so we can have something to whine about !
  14. As usual with any meaningful updates, some people are disapointed by the new content. I tried to keep a neutral point of view discovering the few new proxima and the new tools to play with, especially the crew, and I have to say, this is amazing. This huge part of content we were waiting for is really well made. Travelling around space in railjack jumping from different marked point of interest before the main mission makes any railjack runs a little adventure, enjoyable both in solo and in squad. The gameplay is attractive, and the Art is so complete ; using all the visual technologies f
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