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  1. Who is this [de]spaceysarah ? Where is spacemom ? where is space muuuum ??
  2. Personnally, after playing and enjoying Wisp a lot, i've got something to point out : Please change the Shock Mote electric (insignificant damage) and stun, to work only in Line of Sight. Please remove Line of Sight requirement from Breach Surge (3).
  3. Just to point out that among all the new mod pack of update 25, the bundle : Essential Critical Chance Mod Bundle Point Strike Blunderbuss Pistol Gambit Organ Shatter 1,000 Endo 50,000 Credits is giving Organ Shatter as a "melee critical chance" mod. Shouldn't it be True Steel ?
  4. I think while the mot pod have the buff and maybe higher stats of their own, like life/armor or so, the given mote is only a thing casted from your frame, to the pod, to the player, at this exact moment he pluck it. I don't like it. Feels broken. I wanted to make the set up combo power strenght, but I can't, or only with Ulti...
  5. I hope it isnt, it's really annoying 😞
  6. I think there is a really weird interaction with the pods&mote, and the power strenght. Imagine that : You cast a fully set up Mote Pod with fissure buff and growing power, energy conversion and so on. The mot pod will have the increased range of the doublebuff from fissures, meaning it's working, and if you are in the zone while casting, you get the full buff. But if you leave the area, wait a bit longer for the buff to wear off, and come back to the buffed mote pod, you'll only have a buff relative to your ACTUAL power strenght. Even if visually, the mote pod still has the double range and the supposed boosted strenght. You can set up your mote pod with additionnal power strenght and not really notice the difference as you are always are on the spot, but with some delay with the teamates running to your mote pods, they won't always get the same power value.
  7. I don't know if you build a status tombfinger only for Growing power, but if you did, you ought to know the Tombfinger has an innate forced impact procc, making his own status chance irrelevant toward proccing growing power.
  8. Wow. You guys really play Baruuk with Elude.
  9. It has been changed, and now scale like the rest of the game. 24.8.0 : General Arbitrations Changes: Removed custom enemy level scaling from Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection, and Infested Salvage modes in Arbitrations. Enemy scaling now mirrors normal Endless missions that increase as the missions progresses.
  10. I'm really hyped for that :D. So hyped i don't want to waste my umbral forma on just "the simple" baruuk. But man... we have years to go.
  11. Great 🙂 Enjoy the journey, Tenno.
  12. I allowed myself to check your profile, and it seems you still have 16k/16k standing left to the quills. Maybe it's only a UI bug ? Try converting some cores.
  13. Yes, I understand. There is so little I can tell you about it. I didn't meet this problem, ever, and I have to suppose it's a human error before anything else. You could do few things : Write a ticket to support, complain about it ; you should get an answer within days but they won't be able to make this day of today any better. Or you could just not worry too much about it, and just wait until next reset, and if the problem isn't solved by then, yes, you will have to make a support ticket. I am sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  14. And you are sure that you didn't use your daily standing yesterday evening, after the reset ?
  15. I enjoy long arbitration, with Baruuk or Oberon, to make the group tankier. Excavation or anything else, for that matter. And I always push it until everyone is dead and I can't revive them. Leaving and reseting isn't as worth as going for one more C rot, especially if you got lucky and have THE node to play. Same would go with any high level void fissures theses days (like a Neo on Mot or Mithra). It's worth pushing it as far as possible.
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