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  1. As far as i remember, Penta's grenades needs to be detonated manually with secondary fire ; if not, you can't shoot anymore after reaching a certain cap of "live" grenade, affected by multishot, and maybe mirage's clones.
  2. That's... quite unsual to see someone "complaining" about the fact the foundry worked quicker than expected.. Asking support for help and "refund" for your time gained is of course the way to go, if you really feel like it, but as it's just going to give em more work for something which isn't "a problem" for you, in my opinion, you should let it go and enjoy the randomness of the bug, as you did nothing wrong yourself. But explaining and talking about it is sure honest and right.
  3. Since Gauss, that's even more relevant ! Please, give us a closed cube map !
  4. One point which is often dismissed, is that you actually NEED to play PVE to be able to play conclave. Indeed, while there is only a few mods which can be used in the two gamemodes, you actually have to craft the weapons, the frames, and maybe even forma+potatoe it, to be able to use it correctly in pvp. While PVP players claims that the standing should only be earned there, a big chunck of the gear required comes from PVE. Having PVE component like Universal Medaillons applying in Conclave grind should never be an issue. It's just that the 0.1% self proclamed conclave Elite want to keep steamrolling any new comers, instead of seeing them bypass the ass beating. Because that's what they do, as they don't even need standing anymore; they just need meat to beat. For their own amusement, and the despair of the rest of the warframe community.
  5. You forgot affinity farm with stealth kills, with a spin2win equinox sleep spamming in Adaro, Sedna. Quite stronk.
  6. Buddy, I tried to read you whole post, and all the replies you made. You are agressive, it's not making anyone having a good time. Chill out. You CAN suggest things, but being angry at things, and screaming that it needs to change NOW isn't the way to go. Please have a step back, breath, and think about it. People may be willing to listen if you just offer your opinion in a peacefull way without forcing it down their throat. That's my opinion. You don't have to reply. Have a good day.
  7. I had a brain freeze reading this title, too. Finally, i found that : https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/anfitrión
  8. Heresy for me is people playing out of affinity range, digging in survival and such. That's the only reason why Helene and Hydron are popular : you are mostly forced to play in affinity range, and even in those map, people find way to play out if it, in the small back corridor. Disgutang.
  9. Most importantly : Doing or not doing the mastery test doesn't block your progression. You can still farm up weapons and gear (even if your mastery bar is filled with xp, it will just get carried onto rank 10). Mastery test 9 is one of the hardest, so find YOUR way of completing it (among so many methods) and once it's done, you'll get out with a experience of stealth which is welcomed in the game. But to bounce on above comment : You can practice the mastery test in Simaris room (in a relay). You can cheese this test with plenty of weapon and frames. If you cant find a way to do it, there is many tutorial online that you can check.
  10. Does that mean we can find again the Vapos Condor Dropship and the infamous Vapos Elite Condor Dropship ?
  11. Tactical Pump and Ammo stock can be a strong increase of dps (thinking of Exergis...)
  12. I see a lot of relatively new players unlocking too early the Exilus slot on a warframe, when they don't even have enough mod capacity to actually fill the whole page. That's a plat sink. The Exilus slot on the weapon is going to be the same : some people are going to unlock without building correctly the weapon in the first place. And the vets which have a filled weapon full of primed mods will barely have enough capacity to add one more, even polarized. I really like the idea of having a utility mod on the weapon. Somehow, i'm a bit more worried about it being "one more" slot. The exilus on the warframe, is, for me, the last slot I fill ; and it's really expensive to fill it : it cost a few additionnals forma (reducing the flexibility of the builds), and an exilus adapter ; which is often a lot of time, and a few pl. There is no doubt that'll be the exact same for the weapons; but sadly, my main weapons are already at 7/8 formas and still don't have much capacity left. But that's considering most of the equipped mods are Primed/Amalgams/Rivens, which are expensive as hell, and for sure, not everybody own the full collection (and certainly not everybody has all mods maxed.) Overall, it's a great new addition. I support it. Will I use it that much ? I hope so ; but If I can't use it; that's not going to change much for me.
  13. You missed the point ; Just imagine if they start adding only new units (all factions) with protoshield, instead of balacing armor, or around the dual armor strip; as DE usually do : add stuff, more stuff, bandaids, rarely work/rebalanced existing content, because of all the whining it create.
  14. Incoming protoshield buff or ingame presence will rekt the Corro/fire meta.
  15. When I didnt have any scans of the Guardian and Tombs guys, My sacred Urn was still equippable in my inventaroy named "Sacred Urn X3". Since I got taxied to the last part of the quest, and scanned the two Tomb guys (still missing the Guardian), my urn became "Sacred Urn X1". I'd suspect you can keep getting taxied into the quest for as long as you didn't finish all codex entries. That's maybe a bit far strectched, but it seems logical to me.
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