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  1. The point is that this in game tool allows a lot of efficiency ; and not only in Plague Star. Stims can be used in many missions, which are often considered trash because of the NPC move speed. We can boost Kavors, in Defection, to have the fastest rotation/minute of any Arbitration ; we can boost Otak&Loid, in Isolation rooms ; we can boost Necramech, while using them in Warframe/Operator next to them, granting a great bonus in Orphix mission or any open world. And we can boost any other NPC/Drone that have a time gate pathing. Crafting stims require you to only walk up to your foundry, and click twice, on Synthula, then on Stims, once a day. You can also do that with the Warframe App. It's really not that much of a big deal. Is it better than Loki's Teleport ? No. Is it better than optimized spawn location ? Certainly not. Is it relatively free, and allows you to have a viable alternative to any methods being either considered dodgy, exploiting, or cheating, while being performant and legit ? Yes.
  2. It's amazing to see so many people complaining about the drone's speed, up to a point to find some game-shaking strategy like optimized spawn point or frame based speed up, while nobody actually use or talk about the basic in-game tools, like STIMS, boosting NPC movement speed by 75% for 120s...
  3. I believe those two sentences are contradictory. Glaives may be far from you for a little time, but you could switch and shoot with any weapons instantly as well, while it returns, with or without dual wield. Dual wield doesn't change anything. It's just cosmetic ; except for the malus of not being able to use certain mods, as stated above.
  4. The only solution that would satisfy all of you would be to implement on normal missions the same squad-leaving system from the open world, allowing you to quit alone a team you don't like, only to end up alone in your own instance of the same mission, keeping your progression and giving you the opportunity to prove to yourself that you maybe can finish as efficiently the mission on your own.
  5. Blood rush and gladiator mods only multiply the base crit chance, not the modded crit chance.
  6. Indeed, some railgun moa from corpus railjack are tanky as fk and are all immune to spells. It's a known bug.
  7. I don't think there is any issue with the holokey drop. Either you didn't play enough, or your point of view (expectations vs reality, small sample size) is biased. I've farm over 300 holokeys since it went out, over all missions tier, and had a fair result.
  8. You are replying to someone who posted before Arbitration, steel path, and liches.
  9. You are all forgetting about the quest warframes that have no prime variant, and thus, require to farm simaris standing if you want to have one for you and one for helminth.
  10. It seems you already completed the deadlock protocol, as you can open granum void, but did you complete the call of the tempestarii quest ? Also, sometimes, the capture map is too small. Better try in exterminate. Also, did you correctly used a zenith key ?
  11. Because the bonus from vitality is calculated with the base health of the necramech, not the max health at max level.
  12. The problem is about using something that supposed to be a curse, a malediction, a nerf, a downgrade ; whatever you want to call it ; and using it wisely allows you to become muuuuuch more resistant than without. I don't mind about the many ways to become tanky, or even invulnerable. They all have limits, of cost, time, or situation. The Decaying dragon key doesn't. When you equip it, you have more instances of shield gating during any combat. That's all, and it shouldn't be like that. You can still use Armor, Life, Adaptation, Quick thinking, or any other means to improve your life EHP ; but NONE OF IT MATTERS, if you know how to abuse shield gating.
  13. Both melee and archguns, from liches, should be moved to a grineer syndicate's shop, using holokeys to be bought. This would alleviate the number of weapon available in a larvling, and give more reasons to streamline the holokey drop and usage.
  14. Caches are shown by loot detection. You may be mistaken because the usual feeling of loot detection in map isn't the same as in open world, because the mini map zoom isn't the same. In my memory, the circle start shrinking after you found two caches, helping you out for the third.
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