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  1. Or you can find a group farming it ; as it's one key per part PER GROUP.
  2. Ha yes, only took you one hour to get the 75 vitus to buy the 3 keys and then to open each one of them. Right.
  3. Hu... Trinity is on the easy side of droppable warframes it's still a star chart boss drop, one if the latest, in par with saryn. Ash, harrow, khora, nidus, mesa, grendel, just to cite a few, are much harder to farm, drop, and craft.
  4. "Fused"... Did you combine 4 kuva bramma together ? Because kuva weapons get a limit of +2 level per FORMA used on it, not per combinaison of the same weapon.
  5. If you want to larva-nuke, I widely guess there is plenty of other frames that can synergize with low duration, high range, better than Protea. Building around turret still require a decent duration. You can't go negative. And meanwhile, helmith-larva require a really high range to be functionnal. But I get the point, seems fun. Thanks for valuable inputs here and there.
  6. Not everything is tradable. Mainly, you can trade prime part which you drop while opening relics on fissures runs, with 10 reactant opening your relic, allowing to choose one reward among all relics opened by the squad. Once you have a prime part, you can check its average price on warframe market (internet website) and find buyer there, or on ingame trade chat. To trade, you can either set up shop in maroo's bazar, on mars (public relay) or by using the trade console in a dojo (yours or your client). You need 2FA activated to trade.
  7. Hum. When I play Protea with a 200+ duration build, i don't have much time to shoot, and certainly not too spray and pray with an archgun. Because i'm too busy refreshing 1, 2, 3, and 4, with the passive set up. So... yeah. And Larva... ? Which ability do you remove, and why ? And to build around ultra high range and low duration doesn't seem, to me, to be a good idea on Protea.
  8. But to answer @Zengur ; playing solo is really hard. It's hard to have all the tools you need in a mission, especially at the real beginning of the game (which is much longer than you expect; like 50-100h of time played). Considering defensive and utilitary options ; as health regen, energy regen, ammo regen, and Offensive option, as strong mono target burst ; Huge aoe dps, aoe control, etc : You don't own, YET, enough weapons and frames to feel confortable in the differents missions you want/need to play. Playing public ensure that you may be matchmade with people bringing some of those
  9. This is wrong. When playing SOLO (which seems to be the case of OP), you don't get ANY affinity on the gear you don't use. Because the rule is : -If you kill with a spell, 100% of the xp goes to the frame. -If you kill with a weapon, 50% goes to the frame and 50% to the said weapon. So in both case, 0% goes to the other weapons. But the general rules also specify that IF IN AFFINITY RANGE OF ANOTHER PLAYER KILLING SOMETHING, then 25% of the xp goes to the frame and 75% is divided between the weapons (so 75% for one weapon if only one weapon is equipped). But this apply only in mult
  10. Today, I was pleased to play Xaku. Seriously, the littles changes that has been made recently (higher range for Grasp of Lokh, energy drain from Vast Untime removed) made the Warframe much more fun to play, and to build around. But ever since the first days of Protea, I was suggesting to change her kit around stopping the timer of other abilities while she is using Temporal Anchor. That was, for me, the most important change that she really needed to be able to make a good use of her kit ; of the grenades, the turrets (still limited by ammo), and the dispenser. I do understand that P
  11. I came back to my dear Night Equinox after this update: Empower it is. I run a 100% duration, 100% efficiency, 280% range and 040% power (going up to 195% with Growing power, Energy Conversion, Pax Bolt and Empower) and the insane 3rd Night Ability augmented, which is a huge aoe of 78% damage reduction and 78% slow, in 40+ meters, is just too strong. And I still have space for Quick thinking, Adaptation, and a Primed flow; supported by Zenurik and Energize+Guardian. It, does ask for a little bit of set up to align all stars, but once you get the aura casted, nothing can kill anyone i
  12. Bur deimos requires the war within if i'm not mistaken
  13. Considering all the Mastery we will obtain with the new weapons, the new pets, and the frame and possibly Helminth, we will get close to Mastery Rank 30, but not quite. I've seen another post supposing we will be able to reach Mastery 30 before the end of the year. Could those number match for a glorious Update 30 ? Is is just a funny coincidence ? Anyway on the topic : I don't need a carrot or anything special to bait me to reach MR30. I'll do it because I want to ; it's a fun challenge. If there is anything at the end, that's great, and if it keeps going, it's nice too.
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/de_steve
  15. The bounties are fine, balanced, and easy to do, in a squad or solo. I have no issue finding groups. If you can't complete them in a efficient fashion, that's on you. There is plenty of other ways tha bounty to grind standing. As in : Fishing, Mining, Hunting, and even using your overall ressources to buy tokens. I'm sure one of those suit you more than others.
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