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  1. Ha yes, that might be that, he did die a lor recently, i haven't checked !
  2. As title says, my helminth charger went from 1300 slash to 40 (with Maul, maxed), in Ui of the arsenal. Just a UI bug, or the stats became actually that low ? What happened ? Anyone else ?
  3. dwqrf

    Fan Concepts Index

    Gonna post again my warframe concept which hasnt been updated on main page, hoping this time it won't be forgotten ! Thanks.
  4. Defense is indeed waaaaaaaaayy toooo loooong, and enemies getting stuck everywhere every waves is even more painfull. 1 full hours to reach wave 30 (C) on Lua, stofler, it's way too long, for barely 4k endo. If Elites alertes are supposed to be endo farm spot, they are far away from Voydanoi, which drop at least 1k in 5 mn. I like the challenge of Elite Alerts, it's difficult, and the immunity drones are really the purest pain for my night equinox, but time wize, it's hurting. I'd rather have the elite alerte in AABC as every other mission (every 5x); starting at level 120, than the actual format.
  5. dwqrf

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Revenant's kit still suffer from a lot of impossible synergies in most of the public game. - Being unable to choose the direction while moving in etheral form (Reave), and having the distance scale with ability duration (like Hydroid) is such a pain in a high duration build; which you would be trying to do if you want to play around with Enthrall. If the Reave distance travelled and area of effect would depend on range, that's be much better. - Thralls seem immune to spell, as my Nidus friend couldn't damage them with 1 or vortex them ; but any other players would still spin-to-death my Thrall, while passing by, making Revenant's Thrall still useless, even if with a higher cap, they tend to spread a little bit more. - But trying to support your team (or yourself) of overshield is still really impossible in public game, as the Thralls die quick and you can rarely set up a pack of thrall around you before casting your Danse Macabre. - The mecanic of Mesmer skin (which is about a number of incoming attack blocked, depending on power strenght) is also really weird. I like to play Revenant with Growing Power and Energy Conversion, and the spell is great, as it makes me immune to status and damage for 13 attacks+, and with some duration, it can stun lock a pack ; but it's really inneficient at any level; the charges burst out really quick, and it happens to often to realize too late that you don't have any charges left, and that's often at the wrong moment where you are surrounded. Having a ability reducing incoming damage by a percentage, with a set duration, would feel much much better, and would synergize really well with Overshield. - I'd like to see Revenant being easier to set up ; Not seeing all your thrall get killed too quick, and having a better control of Mesmer Skin and Reave. - Make Mesmer skin give up to 80% damage reduction (depending on Power Strenght) for a set duration. Enemies attacking you within a short radius would be stunned and prone to be Enthralled for a reduced cost. - Make all Thralls have the %damage reduction of Mesmer Skin while casted. But Mesmer Skin wouldn't reduce the incoming damage of yourself (Danse Macabre). Also, all Thralls explode on death for the whole stack of mitigated damage from Mesmer Skin (taken from all sources). - Make Entrall having a small Area of effect around targeted enemy, but reduce the casting range. - Make all Thralls drop Overshield on death (depending on Power Strenght), not deal damage over time on a fixed point. - Make all Thralls being killed by Danse Macabre drop a pillar of energy. Reduce Dance Macabre damage output, and reduce the new energy cost. Add a better variable of range for Danse Macabre. (the size of the aoe around you...) - Make Reave give a Health, Shield, and Overshield generation depending of Power Strenght and the number of enemies you hit. Allow to move in any direction while Reaving. Also change the distance travelled (from power duration to range), and make the size of the effect scale with Range.
  6. dwqrf

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    For me, after playing it all week end long, the only issue is that he is supposed to be a Support-Tank, that create drops of overshield, but the mechanic is way too hard to achieve, because : - Cannot kill Thralls with Danse Macabre (for overshield) as the Thralls will die before, by friendly fire - Cannot Enthrall anything while using Danse Macabre So i'd suggest : We should be able to Cast Enthrall while using Danse Macabre Or Another enthralling ability (either Mesmer Skin, either Reave, or maybe a well placed Reave on stunned target by Mesmer Skin, which could be a combo playable in Danse Macabre) Or Thralls always drop overshield. <> Killing Thrall by Danse macabre drop a pillar of light. Pick one. Balanced.
  7. dwqrf

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    By now, I figured one life changing modification that should be made : Thralls should drop Overshield on death (uncondtionnaly; or maybe a %of drop depending on %power strenght) Thralls killed by Danse Macabre should make a aoe pillar of energy.
  8. dwqrf

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Ok ; so after testing, and formating revenant, i can only comment on one single issue : Making Thrall is great, probably even greater in solo. But in multiplayer, it's difficult. Note that having pets that are killable by allies are great, better than Nekros shadows confusing everyone. But the issue is that Thrall are needed to make the synergy with Danse Macabre and get overshield. It's really hard to make it happens in a public group. But the issue is somewhere else : the second spell, the armor, stun enemies and open them to energy-freee-Thralling; But that's a really clunky mechanic, long cast, situationnal, which cannot propelly be used without having a stun target dies before you can even cast anything on it. So far, the only way to get overshield is to play alone in a corner of the map. That's counter productive. A simple change that you could make would be : Enemies striking Revenant's Mesmer Skin should become instantly Thralls, allowing you to use the passive of your armor while channeling the ultimate and getting, then, overshield. (for a shorter duration than the first spell, and not being stunned at all, maybe.) This simple change would make Thralling much easier, and would keep the first spell relevant (for its range, and non-condtionnal thralling), and it will alows to keep building overshield while channeling Danse macabre before losing Mesmer Skin. (A castable Mesmer Skin during channeling would be really great, too) Do you agree ?
  9. dwqrf

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    VLADILYST would have been so cool.
  10. dwqrf

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    Exactly this. Plus the non existent Tau Polarity. Don't get me wrong, the quest was great, but it didn't bring anything really crunchy... (game mechanics)
  11. dwqrf

    Fan Concepts Index

  12. dwqrf

    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    - Will we see features adressed to colorblind with the next UI update ? The On/Off nodes of the focus school trees are still impossible to see for some visually impaired people. - Any chance to get an option for dual wielding (right click for right weapon and left click for left weapon, removing the aim down sight, and the need of "quick melee") - Any chance of seeing a support warframe resplenishing passively teammates shield and giving armor (to the shield) ? - Any primary/secondary weapon based on the Klebrik Scaffold coming any soon (symmetra's beam) ? - Will we see as much love given to Equinox as we've seen for so many other frames recently ? - Another question for support players : any chance to see "healing done" at the end game result screen ?
  13. dwqrf

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7

    "Equinox Push & Pull" ??? Edit1 : My bad, it's an conclave augment indeed. Edit 2 : Any progress on stopping random Eidolon teleport mid-fight ?
  14. dwqrf

    Where is Update 22.17.1?

    Maybe a Plague Star event with an Infested Eidolon ? :)