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  1. Glaxion is beam weapon with an aoe on impact. It has no lock on.
  2. Hello. If you are afk for more than 2 mn, you don't get anymore loot in the mission, even in mission ending. Beind flagged afk include not moving, or being dead, for 2mn straight. If you were host and started the game, you consummed your key to offer a grendel piece for all participants ; but you didn't get it yourself because of the above.
  3. With Railjack, there is a big bunch of new archwing grineer enemies to scan for the thirst of our lord Codex. There is also a few sentients. But what about this single new Corpus unit, between Shield Ospeey Eximus and Shockwave MOA. What could it be, does anyone know ?
  4. I think the issue here is again about how armor is scaling than about how effective is this or that aura. CP is a strong aura mainly because at some point, enemies have too much armor, so removing percentage of it is the best option, up and above 100% please. While there is a few ways to remove a percentage or the totality of the armor, the best is obviously the one which involves doing nothing, as in, an omnipresent debuff costing no ressources except a slot, and that's it. It doesn't even cost mod capacity as it gives some, being an aura, which you can boost further with an exilus. Okay. I think, yes, the scaling armor system is broken. We could have a system where armor wouldn't grow with the level, while only the health/shield pool of enemies (and damage) will scale, adjusted accordingly. We could have equivalent EHP, but without ridiculous amount of armor to deal with in the first place. That would give those pesky armored units, each one a different damage reduction from armor, whatever their level, which wouldn't render armor striping useless, but still wouldn't make obvious percentage armor strip mandatory. Even flat armor reduction could then become a thing.
  5. You are missing my point by far. I said that I believe that Railjack ship are not using armor. Period. I don't classify them as ferrite or alloy. There still have a high resistance, which seems unaffected by anything striping armor, including CP. It seems like only Plasma from the conversion of puncture of Arcwhing guns, and the Plasma from Railjack Gun, that can effectively reduce their resistance. It would work the exact same way as corrosive on armor. But Ships wouldnt be affected by usual armor buff/debuff, because it isn't "armor". That's what I believe so far, with my test, in railjack. And yes, I might be mistaken and would gladly accept a different opinion with proof.
  6. [Sheperd], is for me, one of the best new auras to bring to a group. A +300 health and +180 armor isn't a joke, mostly doubling the resistance of all sentinels and compagnon of the game. Because they often die first, and when a player doesn't have his pet anymore, he will die (and quit) much quicker. This aura allows the group to feel much comfortable and survive much longer. (imo.) I recently tried to run CP against railjack enemies ship, but I was mistaken; it doesn't work on them. They have a different pool of health and armor, and only Plasma status procc can effectively strip them of their "armor".
  7. Thanks, interesting stuff here and there.
  8. This dude is serving the queens, is king of the first Tenno's nemesis, and keeps coming back even after we kill him, many times. I know his power mainly comes from his janus key, but what if he was a lich before that ? I dont know about any relation between vor and kuva, but maybe he is just a lich, not a kuva one ?
  9. You can add 50 endo and 10 dirac in the pool table of unidentified items and voila.
  10. Yes, greedy people are the cancer of the game, once more. I can't wait until DE has to hide the loot, AGAIN, so people don't leave before mission end.
  11. I did this kind of things. And I did it because I was fully bugged. Black screen, loss of control, being stuck in invisible railjack walls, getting stuck in slingshot with no way of clicking anywhere... It happens. Sometimes, even the chat is deactivated. Should I alt-f4 and lose my 45 mn loot ? Certainly not. If you are always Host, you may not know. But playing as a client in railjack isn't always about afk or not, it's about either you can play, or not.
  12. Hello. Well, for my part, I played a lot with Imperator Vandal, thinking it was a good pick. Doing damage, but finally not enough. I tried a few other, but without any success. Some people told me Cyngas, but i'm lazy to try. But yesterday, re-reading the wiki for the x times, i found out one outstanding weapon. The Phaedra. Indeed, the Phaedra has a high fire rate, low crit chance, high status chances, and mainly puncture. So overall, it's a S#&$ tier weapon. BUT In railjack, the combined elementary are not calculated in the status chances weight. So building your Phaedra with Rad+Viral will only boost and force procc the Puncture status. And the Puncture status is changed into railjack, it become plasma, which is the equivalent of Corrosive. Meaning you now have a high fire rate; high status, high damage, only corrosive, weapon. Which is really good for railjack. it melts everything (crewship included, even though you cant kill them yourself
  13. Grendel still suffer from an insane energy consumption. With the new update, he can keep his ulti up even without ennemies... but his energy drain still increase with time. If his energy drain would be "normal", on both his 1 and 4, he would be balanced. But I do understand why the energy drain of his 1 is increasing with time : As you have ennemies in your belly, they don't respawn, and make the map empty for other players. and this ability doesnt deal by itself any damage over time, making the ennemis potentially staying there forever, unlike an hydroid pool. If you ever decide to change grendel to make him have a "normal" energy consuption, that means to add damage over time on his 1 (instead of on his 4), and switch all the damage from puking Feast into Regurgitate, I suppose. Regurgitate could have two fire mode : a single enemy spat out with a single press, or the full belly with a longer press (including the new aoe damage) What do you think ?
  14. While I enjoyed the Grendel mission, and i Enjoy the kit he has, after a few formas (including two umbras) i'm having a lot of fun with grendel. I enjoy his existing shield, allowing him to gain overshield, even though his limited base amount is a problem in hijacks... The biggest problems I have with grendel are : -The increasing energy cost per enemies in the gut. Give it a softer cap. -The buff selection. Make it so pressing the key once will give all buff if the right enemies are in his belly, and voila !
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