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  1. So Chroma Ward will be based on energy color ? And Grendel Nourish won't use any eaten enemies ? How will Resonator react without Mandacord ? Which are the "damage boosting buff" ? Can that be specified ? Shooting Gallery, Smite and Shock augmented...
  2. You can use Electric to have improved damage on the eidolon fully armor stripped. But you can't (to my knowledge) armor strip the synova, which share the same health type. So having two weapons (rad for synovas and electric for the kill) ma be possible, but that's a hassle for not much benefits. (correct me if i'm wrong).
  3. Steel path * And no, % of drop, any drops : of end of missions and rotations are not changed in this game mode. I think.
  4. That's really outdated.
  5. Gettine one single mission, or even a quest; is probable. Getting a whole tileset, I don't even have hope for that. Getting a whole infested open world is really far fetched.
  6. You will really unlickely get your money back. But they can probably find out what happened to it and reverse the deletion.
  7. Friendship door are a great tool for DE. While the official intention is to promote "teamplay" (playing together, in affinity range, and so on) ; it also ensure that the mission isn't rushed by one single player and takes less time than expected. Because DE is playing with our time, that is : crafting time, mission time, leveling time, etc. Time is money, and If mission have rotations, duration, and such, it's because the whole game is based on player's time spent "playing". Friendship doors, elevator, extraction timer; mobile defense timer, and such, are all tools to make X missions last Y time ; making X loot worth Y time. You can complain as much as possible, but DE need those ; maybe WE don't, but they do. Free to play games are based on time spent.
  8. The only logical explanation is that you, or someone, deleted the Warframe from inventory. If that isn't the case, then it's a weird bug that never happened to me. Both ways, only a ticket to Support can help you get it back.
  9. He said he went to Jupiter, to farm Neural sensors. Period. He picked the warframe Nova prime, for the mission, but after loading, he ended up with Volt Prime.
  10. You play Public with randoms. Nobody there owe you anything. If you want a good squad to tridolon or ESO, then use recruit channel or play with friends. Or go solo. Nobody forces you to play Public ; and nobody forces you, in a public games, to play X or Y.
  11. Just chill. Support may take a few days to reply ; and it's just a video game.
  12. I loved those missions, and Grendel is Op.
  13. Try giving a Wukong clone the Kuva Quartakk (given the clone has max fire rate on semi auto, and doesn't have damage falloff) and enjoy the murder machine.
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