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  1. lol You appear to be confused regarding who is interested in hearing your quibble, and more importantly who might be willing to help you with your problem..
  2. I don't spend a lot of time hanging out with Teshin or interacting with him outside of story missions. Has he always been illiterate, or is that reserved for his Steel Path mission commentary? "These enemies deserve your respect. Honor them with a quick death, and I with a victory." lol "Honor I with a victory." DE has exercised some unusual dialogue peculiarities over the years, perhaps justified by cultural differences in language usage. However, this recent "choice" is without argument wrong in any English varient. Other than that, I enjoy the update. Mission rewards are a bit spare, as noted before PS4 update, but that is bound to be corrected months from now long after core players have finished opening all available nodes, kind like how Railjack balancing was implemented. Anyway, keep up the good work. Warframe continues to impress me with its schedule and volume of new content, none of which is hidden behind pay-walls. Hats off to you, once again, DE!
  3. I am amped for The Steel Path release on console. As a MR 29 player who solos EVERYTHING, this sounds like what my game has been missing. On a related note I hope DE is prepared for the deluge of relatively new players complaing about how tough and unfair the optional Steel Path is for the unprepared and the underpowered.
  4. I really like the remastered and reworked Corpus ship tile set. It looks great and is fun to navigate and explore. Although the security rooms on spy missions seem overly large for what little they contain. However, that could just be a six-year Warframe player lamenting about the familiarity of what used to be. Heck, I still miss the rooms that were removed from the Void tile set, making navigation much more accommodating. DE always impresses me with the attention to detail in ambient sound and the acuity of visual specifics. Thank you. Keep up the great work.
  5. I'm glad to see all of the working toward a better Warframe experience. Another thing I'm happy about is never doing another railjack mission after my intrinsics are maxed. I'm 270 away from current max and will have a brief but glorious respite from it until command intrisic leveling in introduced. It's just not fun coupled with server problems, disconnects, lost items and tons of lost intrinsic points. I would have at least a third more than I currently do if all lost mission rewards had been properly allocated (bringing my grand total well over what is currently required to max all intrisic stats), not to mention time spent and ultimately wasted doing missions in which earned intrinsics, avionics, and resources were not received. When communicating this to DE on more than a couple of occassions the reply was "oh well. If you don't have your gamelog time codes nothing can be done." How does a PS4 user find their gamelogs? Oh, that's right. There are none available on consoles. If railjack missions weren't so arduous, involved, and time consuming lost mission rewards wouldn't chafe nearly as much. But they are not brief and the novel lusters is quickly overshadowed by a lot of issues that drain any chance of inherent fun there may have been. Kudos on the update! I hope future players find it more fun, more rewarding, and in the very least far less frustrating and needlessly agravating than I did.
  6. A significant game changer like removing a kitgun fundamental (recharge, no ammo pick up needed) to limited ammo supply and necessary specific ammo pick up to resupply DURING an event comes across as short-sighted at best and a bit cheap and underhanded at worst. [addd 17 minutes after initial huffy post] Apparently recent hotfix removed Pax recharge from my kitgun. >_>
  7. 1) Siphon - energy is leached from enemies within a set radius surrounding warframe for a limited duration with the total amount being shared/allocated between warframe and allies 2) Enemy shield - all ememies within a determined radius temporarily encircle the warframe, facing outward, protecting warframe while attacking perceived threats to warframe 3) Possess - user POV temporarily switches to target ememy. While controlling possessed enemy warframe is invulnerable. Possessed enemy can bypass alarms, lasers, and barriers, moving freely without enemy detection as long as no other enemies witnessed the possession happen 4) Rend - all enemies within a limited radius are instantly torn to pieces. Passive - regenerate ammunition and reload holstered weapons
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