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  1. lol 1). This is not the players helping players board. 2). You are posting with an Xbox account on a Playstation bug reporting board. 3). By your own admission your comprehension level is minimal to non-existent. 4). You do not work for Digital Extremes, you do not represent Digital Extremes, and you do not speak for Digital Extremes 5). You have no knowledge, no access, and no ability to change code and fix programming bugs. ...and you fail to understand how that might be irritating. Then you become indignant and persist posting in this topic.
  2. Apparently I was not clear enough for you to understand. I was referring to two(2), different (similar but not the same) challenges active on two (2) different weapons (primary and secondary.) And you missed the part about me completing both of the challenges in the past with various methods. Some of the kills should have registered on at least one of the mods. Your failure of comprehension appears to be selective. Which is odd, but not uncommon these days. While your earnest and well intended attempt to help is banal, it is also pointless and meaningless. I was a
  3. I don't do riven challenges very often, because I already have all the unveiled rivens I desire, and inherent in their design they generally feature annoying and pointless tasks. So I save them up and the do 6 to 12 unveilings in a row. I have completed both of these bounties in the past with and without warframe abilities. I just got done killing more than a dozen dargyn pilots in flight before they hit the ground. Some were killed by sniping pilots off Dargyn with rubico prime, some were killed by disintigrating their vehicle and killing them in aim glide with catchmo
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