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  1. Criticize something is fine but "hurdurr uninstall game" is just childish and you are pretty much asking for people to laugh at you.
  2. So i have been playing warframe for quite a long time and i still dont like the bullet jump animation.I thought it might grow on me eventually but it didnt.So if the bullet jump animation is changed to dash like limbo instead doing a 360 spin.It currently feels like unnecessary animation and tiring for your eye constantly doing it on mission... and sometimes it makes your syandana glitch through your body and all that regular bugframe.I mean we are space ninjas not space ballerina dancers(except Octavia)... Well anyway thats just my 2 seconds rant and highly doubt DE will do anything about it cause they got bigger fish to cook.
  3. This is definitely a bug... report on bug section aswell as contact support for your rivens.
  4. And then you get areas that becomes useless once you get all desired item from there.Which the community was asking to make items so you can revisit old areas. And lets be honest no matter how fun/how amazing the gameplay you make no one will visit any mode that isnt rewarding and that doesnt just case for warframe.
  5. you could also say the opposite: Its for new players to look for something else when they are done with core game or just want a change of pace Its for veterans who quit cause the they get a whole new mode to explore and it doesnt alienate current players cause its not connected to core gameplay so you can play at your own speed/time. See?what i am saying is your argument is pointless and can be said about any game mode of any game.
  6. Feels like there is too many negative threads on Railjack then its called for.Asides from the bugs(yes there is quite alot of those) the actual gameplay is quite solid.So i really wanted to say great job with the Empyrean update DE... and this is coming from someone who has been very critical of DE recently.
  7. Ceres semini enemy spawned outside map so we couldnt kill and got stuck after 15wave.
  8. Matchmaking absolutely busted... Trying to do invasion to get detonite injector for railjack cephalon yet it keeps putting on different mission... Pretty much killed all the hype i had for this update.
  9. Looks Horrible compared to the concept art. EDIT:Hopefully its just a color and angle issue.
  10. it was called coptering i think... basically doing slide attack in air with a fast melee weapon would make you move really fast.
  11. But dark souls is not a live service game and was not suppose to be played forever.
  12. Issue with warframe sustainable content is there is no endgame super boss that require you to get strong lich weapons or top rivens.On other mmo games you have to farm for the best rolled loot to kill those super boss deathless/fast as possible.There is no point farming lich weapons other then MR. you can already kill eidolons and orbs in sleep.
  13. Well when i said "jack of all trades master of none" i dont mean it in totally bad way because warframe do have alot of "trades" in game.Was just hoping they polished some of those stuff. I enjoyed K-drive alot but sadly there is no reason to use it over archwing. Frame fighter could be made fun with proper balance and such.Fighting games in general require constant balance patches. Lunaro could be made fun with dedicated servers.. i do find it fun but there is no player on matchmaking.Goes same for conclave but it also have some other issues.
  14. Is warframe "Jack of All trades Master of none"? It feels like Steve and dev team wants the game to have everything yet nothing is perfected. Lunaro/frame fighter/skating/nemesis/railjack everything takes precious dev times.I wonder if all this dev times were spent on polishing stuffs that are already in the game to perfect them.At the end of the day everyone will be playing the base game(shooter/parkour) most and peoples opinion will depend on how they enjoy it.Even though i think parkour is warframe's one of the strong suit it definitely couldve been improved like adding wall run/ smoothing out areas like nooks and crannies you get stuck here and there / balancing bullet jump spam(which is effective but not cool to look at). Instead steve is like experimenting different mechanics from different games using warframe which is not a bad thing if some of them were perfected but it obviously takes time to perfect them. Now this is not a hate/rant thread i am genuinely asking if this is what warframe is/was and always will be? even after almost 2k hours in-game i have no clue.
  15. pretty much this sadly... DE have a really bad habbit of releasing grindy stuff and then nerf the grind on later patch undermining all the grind players put on it.Now i know its not that easy to release something perfectly balanced even with alot of testing but on DE's case they have done it too much(like with every single grind i think) that its getting to that really annoying point now.
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