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  1. Good updates.... Xaku changes look promising but RIP ASH!
  2. For someone who only did 50+ t3 iso vault i only got 5 different mech mods... so this is good news.
  3. Mechs are actualy pretty fun and strong too... only issue i have there is too many bugs related to mechs.
  4. havent seen so many bugs related to a mechanic since ever on bugframe... one time i go into mech then get out and fell through map endlessly until i leave squad(even unstuck doesnt work, i was able to go into archwing but then i could pass through walls as if there is no walls) second time i go into mech then get out but cant get back to my warframe and had to play the rest as operator (saw some stuff i never saw before like downed operator shooting amp) third time i couldnt even get into mech after summoning it i know QA is a total joke but man oh man.
  5. i dont understand why his 1 is recastable the ability that gains no benefit being recastable but his 2 isnt. Who made this design decisions? makes no sense
  6. so i would like to add some suggestions on how to improve Xaku but i highly doubt DE is still reading this thread at this point but here goes anyway- lets start from the top the Passive - the dodge chance is unreliable for survival... so instead dodge chance now have a bar with 100% chance to evade bullets and projectiles but everytime you dodge the bar goes lower.So how do you refill the bar... by doing special manuevers like rolling,bullet jump,air glide,wall latch etc... and each of them will give different amount of dodge bar. now lets look at the abilities- 1.Void damage is
  7. Man i just crafted Xaku and right after my first mission i could immediately tell he is total trash. Did no one at DE even played him once? or was it like lets make him weak sauce as possible so we dont have to nerf him. I am not even exaggerting with every single ability there are multiple problems... slow cast speed, low range, mediocre damage, unneccessary limit caps and energy drains. Xaku is just full of gimmicks and not even fun to play... i have been playing warframe for long time and Xaku is easily the most underwhelming warframe on release no doubt.
  8. I mean what the heck is going on... Scintillant, Orokin Ballistics Matrix, Common avichaea important items to rank up are like non-existent and then you keep getting "rare" useless stuffs in dozens.
  9. this happened 5 mission in a row... i farmed about 50+ runs before for Protea chassis yet still havent got it... i am at my boiling point at this point... f this
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