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  1. "Carrion hordes trill their profane accord with eldritch plans." It's far worse than that and the answer lies with what happened to Vor when he used his janus key. In simplest of terms the Tenno are living janus keys and every single thing we have ever killed was sent directly to the Man in the Wall. This is how we achieved power from the void, a balance of giving and taking lives to sustain our own. Man in the Wall's faustian bargain with us will lead to our undoing. It has been amassing an army of void horrors in untold millions who are just mere shadows of their former selves which wil
  2. When you reach rank 5 in entrati and 3 in necroloid albretch, mothers father it's a long weird story anyway his journal entries talk about his experiments with void tech, how he met the Man in the Wall, used his parts for Railjack, and then wasn't sure if he was still himself. Final entry is a poem of the requium mods combined together. But if you look at the center there's a spinning wheel with four sides that has three requium combos on four sides. That seems far from coincidental I'm guessing it's a key to something as even in bounties mother said to see with things beyond our eyes.
  3. It has to do with the final entry in the necraloid room with the 8th journal entry Lohk Void. It seems to be a code I'm guessing parazon mods thing is where or what to unlock can't figure it out. But yes there have been sightings of the void dragons fun times.
  4. I've been thinking on the max rank necraloid/entrati entry found in the Albert journal entries and have come to the conclusion that what it might be a parazon combination used somewhere either in Deimos, Void, or Railjack? Four sides, three sets of reqs, would take a few tries. Like either used to open a door to find some sort of device or something just a thought the poem seems to hint to somewhere I'm not seeing yet any thoughts on this or where to start looking has kept me up all night had to share. What could this lore implicate or lead to seems exciting been hearing about void dragons so
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