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  1. At least once its unlocked, its unlocked for your whole clan. Unlike the sibear, I still havent finished that would take pretty much all of my cryotic for just one weapon for myself only. Much like vauban primes needlessly high price. That said im surprised its still such a high price years after its release given how little care theyve taken for respecting grinds before now. Log in rewards and event weapons come to mind. As do arcanes, focus, and standing for open world syndicates. These unnecessarily high cost weapons definitely should be addressed, especially how the ones with excessive cost tend to be not only old at this point but also fairly weak compared to newer releases
  2. I mean i wouldn't mind the entire murmor system being removed. It's not interactive or interesting in anyway, its literally just kill enough generic enemy spawns till you get the clues. That's a far cry from what was originally promised with the whole nemesis system with minibosses etc. Granted they cant use that same thing since that system is now copyrighted, but even still, something other than a mindless grind is needed. I can't fault OP for wanting to skip that part. It's not like oulls are super common to where you always have multiples of them unless you pay
  3. Not really no, definitely have better things to spend endo on than ranking up attack precepts on sentinels that I never plan on attacking with until they get changes with either survivability, and just general damage increases across the board since theres no sentinel gun out there currently worth equipping over just taking the gun off and having it draw less agro. Doesn't mean you dont get thousands of duplicate sentinel mods though
  4. Hey yall, its always been an issue where consoles had exclusive skins and a pc had a couple skins that were unique to the platform. I'mma be honest here, as a pc player ive always wished we could get the playstation and xbox skins and im sure a few of you are in the same boat. I'm writing this since a new playstation exclusive ivara skin and cosmetics has been announced during a time when theyre supposed to be working on crossplay/save. Does this mean to get these things in the future we'll have to purchase multiple consoles just to get them on our accounts? If not then why may I ask are exclusive skins still being made and released at a time when the game is now on so many platforms. And if thats really going to not be an issue for most, where are our exclusive pc skins? Tennogen does not count because thats made by the players. Twitch doesnt count because thats requiring twitch prime access subscription. Really what im saying is please just release all the skins everywhere. Its ridiculous to gate content behind platforms, especially when youre planning on making those platforms all talk to eachother.
  5. I tend to agree, but the feature id want most would be a "select all except one" button when selecting duplicates cus for whatever reason the game thinks the entire stack of mods is duplicate even if you havent got one of them ranked up. Like for me i always get the message "you cant sell the last copy of.." when trying to sell some sentinel mods that i have thousands of so i have to individually go in and select all but one and try again. That and i just like keeping a copy of each mod just incase they get buffed in future
  6. You need to remember its a HOLOGRAPHIC decoy, it shouldn't even be getting hit and bullets should be travelling through it like its not there because it's just a hologram. It should indeed be invulnerable and just on a duration because its essentially not even supposed to be getting hit, even if its drawing enemy fire at it like a decoy.
  7. Decoy really just needs to agro enemies properly, if any other frames are visible decoy barely agros anything. It also needs to be invulnerable as even with an hp buff it has no armor or shields or anything so its basically an infested runner. Switch teleport i dont often use but i would like a hold cast that swaps you with your decoy even if not in decoy line of sight. That way you can cast it, run off, do what you need to to annoy enemies then swap back from where you ran to
  8. I dont think it's bad practice to give something back when you decrease the value of something in game. Warframe is very bad at that and seeing people walking about with things that took upwards of 2 years to obtain being handed out like candy would yes, be devaluing it to everyone who did the grind to obtain it. I never said it had to be something of equal value, or even of the power creepy sort. They gave shoulder sigal cosmetics when raids were removed, why not a lil glyph, or sigal, or hecc even a peculiar mod that staggers you even more than usual.
  9. Any chance we can get the saw riding swapped with its block combo? I know the forward combos tend to be movement ones but for a regularly used combo in most weapons feels like its hard to aim since you mostly fly straight through enemies without damaging them then slam on the other side
  10. Have they changed primed surefooted since its release? Mines sitting there completely untouched since its "avoidance" locked you into an uninterruptible animation of you dodging longer than actually just getting yourself up with handspring. Had the thing for years now and handsprings always done just fine at keeping me back on my feet and fighting even with my sporelacer knocking my ass out frequently. That said if they are planning on moving primed surefooted out of the log in rewards i hope theyre going to retroactively give those of us who actually did the log in grind something for devaluing our time like that. Fairly sure at the time of release we needed 800 days logged in for it.
  11. Hey all, so Ive mostly been taking some time off till new war is released just logging in here and there for a few missions a week and playing Borderlands 3 in the meantime for the first time. The difference in sound quality is really noticable honestly. Everything in BL3 seems to have a lot more impact, like the gun noises are bassy, the beam guns have a whirr to them that sounds mechanical while also electrical, even the infested looking alien guns have unique noises like squooshes and skittering. Coming back to warframe while the guns sound differentish from eachother they feel like they lack enough bass and reverb to be that explosive power for grineer, that techy sort of woosh and hum for corpus weapons etc. Prime weapons in particular i find sound really tinny and higher pitch than they should be making them sound weaker than expected. Please consider exploring ways to give the weapons more impact and punch noise or at least more bass. With that out of the way i think one of the main reasons I get less satisfied with warframes noise is theres just too much happening. You get ambiant noise that draws attention to itself rather than being ambiant, you get music on top, infested screams from the distance or incoherant enemy calls over the sound of their loud weapons and the rest. Reducing a lot of that would actually be a cool option for the menu since it'd let your weapon and combat noises shine a little more and make important noises if any were added (like nullifiers making a noise when theyre behind you would be nice) would be more audible. Audio queues are important in a lot of my ability to play games and its hard to tell with the lotus telling me to open more life support for the 11ty millionth time
  12. Hey all, just a small qol issue I'm forever running into is that it almost feels like RNG whether or not I can get squad chat to stay available when Im the only person in it. My request is that squad chat be allowed to stay available the whole time rather than turn off after you leave a squad or mission or go to solo mode. There's many reasons why I use squad chat to be honest -previewing weapons -initially whispering for trades etc -stopping spam coming up on screen during quests (this is a big one. I hate doing cinematic quests like war within etc when you leave a mission and the game throws you into a cutscene, turns off squadchat cus youre out of a mission now and gen chat spams all through your cutscene cinematic. ) -checking what riven you have for certain weapons without having to go to the mod panel or arsenal And a few other minor reasons I wont list here. It really is handy having a chat thats just yourself so you dont have to spam clan or general chat with stuff out of context from whatever people are talking about and also not get spammed yourself. DE pls?
  13. I think the issue with the whole melee thing needing to be slowed down to show the animations is function and time to kill. Increasing time to kill enemies just for a little flair on the weapon combos is cool and all but they have to function both in a way that feels good and makes them usable for combat AND flashy to look at. Going to be honest, im a polearm user and have been for years. The fact that they swing and hit multiple enemies at a decent range is a big selling point. With attack speed you basically become a blender. But I have played with other stances and some of the combos with slow thrusts, forward movement dashes or twirls that dont actually damage till the swing part would really stop me using those particular combos limiting my choices. They might look great but theyre jank and ineffective compared. If you want players to use more of your combos, give us more stances with wide aoe sweeps or hits with more radius than just forwards. Going to be completely honest here, until other weapons gain a range comparable to the longer reach weapons theyre going to feel a little redundant to me given enemy spawn speed and easy of combo counter generation when you can simply hit more things per strike.
  14. Tis right tho, things have gotten exponentially more difficult to farm for newer things than old, and older stuff doesnt go down in price or value over time. Can still buy frames that were 325p 8 years ago for the same price they were 8 years ago. And given the forma prices, how many new weapons come out, catalysts and forma really should be a lil cheaper than they are or at least in formas case quicker to build. Most of the things in game would be a lot more enticing if the craft time was a third of what it is, especially consumables like formas
  15. Not even sure that they do take any of what anyone says here worth a grain of salt. The only real suggestions ive seen taken have been ones about things needing a nerf bat, or occasionally post rework/release posts about small numbers changes they can make. Quality of life, big changes, rework ideas, all that sort of things sit idle for years and rarely is it the community even gets a say. Just look at the recent melee nerfs/galvanised mods. Pages upon pages of feedback all ignored and released in the same state as intended. No numbers changes since. 50% of 0 is still the same as 80 or 100% of 0 listening
  16. Tend to agree here, given the other deluxe syandanas and armor sets work everywhere else. That was the major selling point for me on this one and well.. if it aint possible then I guess i'll pass on this skin
  17. Worst I've had is the "kill x dargyn pilots before they hit the ground while using a bow while aimgliding" thing filled the card with text. (to complete it i literally had to have a friend kill the dargyn and hope my aim was true when the pilot fell) But back on topic, honestly with how much native punchthrough most weapons are being given I do now find this challenge exceedingly difficult to not just instakill the pilots even doing a straight shot through the dargyn body. A mechanics change would be lovely to just simply killing the dargyns or killing the pilots, while they're flying about. At least unless youre given any other modifiers there's ways to cheese it currently
  18. Personally I would very much like the void and their corrupted units left alone. They're a fun faction to fight, the tilesets are good open areas with a few bits of cover here and there but overall easy to navigate and play in with your frames since you can use your abilities to the greatest extent here as the rooms are big but not so open worldy that your abilities feel small, and not always blocked by any lil bits of tileset junk that stops the line of sight thing happening. They also dont really have annoying units besides small drones and nullifiers which is a major boon for me with how over time all other factions have become increasingly tankier with aoe units and general busted mechanics to stop us using our things designed to kill them with. Tileset updates have also completely ruined the flow of a lot of the missions too, what used to be a run in, walk through a few simple corridors to the objective and walk out again, has turned into this grand adventure parcouring up and around areas or many multiple level tall structures when the map is pretty rubbish at telling you where to go. No, leave the corrupted as they are please. They're nostalgic and theyre actually decent and fun to fight and farm.
  19. Yeah i think a toggle would be beneficial i can get behind that idea. They also need to add a "replay last mission" button that doesnt only last till you leave the stats screen
  20. I mean.. just because someone has decent upvotes to posts etc doesnt automatically make their ideas any good. Seen some people get a hecc load just for saying "thanks de" when a new patch thread is released. Those same people however tend to come here and meme threads or a actively dismiss them because theyre not "power fantasy" godmode threads. Dont trust the numbers
  21. As bossfights go i think the new jackal is the most unbalanced. It his so crazy hard for the second planet in the game taking out even some of my squishier max level frames with its large area of effect abilities and invulnerable phases. And yet we have easier bosses way later. Tyl regor, sergent, and the hyena pa k to name a few. They really needa look at what sort of arsenal is available by what fight and shuffle a few around
  22. Did you turn experimental mode on in the options? Or have they since changed that too? My archwing seems to function as normal
  23. Even after 8 years of playing and forever being out of forma I would agree it really needs work if anyone was to play at anything less than fully dedicated in going forward for the future. With the lower number of players lately (cant tell me we have that many when most times twitch viewer numbers for the game are under 1000, sometimes below a lotta indie games) surely it'd be a better thing to change up how it works. Either function of one forma lets you change more polarities at once, universal polarities, or quicker build times or all of the 3 would be a good choice. I cant tell you how many days i've sat leveling up things over and over on farm missions but it's definitely more than a few. Way more than a few. That sort of commitment just isn't viable to do for someone who hasn't grown with the game. There's already people complaining about not being able to get certain things events drop all the time, just imagine how many people have already been turned away by the sheer time it'd take to invest in things for months or years to "catch up"
  24. Would add to this it'd be nice to lock mods too. Things like rivens i have equipped etc would be nice to see a lock on so i don't go to sell the ones I'm actually using. Or mods that are in limited supply or rare so I dont break them down when dissolving for endo
  25. Like using the T word here xD since they ban you for that too
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