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    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Agony Excuse potato drawing because I am not an artist. Faction: Infested. Agony is an infested maul that uses the hammer grip type. Description: “A twisted amalgam of bone and sinew grown from fragments of ancient infested, Agony is a vile hammer that feeds on pain - be it that of its victims or its wielder.” Agony vaguely resembles an ancient Earth kanabo. Underneath the bony outer carapace, infested tissue can be seen pulsing, hungering. Agony grows spikes and glow with the weapon’s energy color when channeling and retract when channeling is disabled. Agony features a unique combat loop: the Tenno sacrifices warframe health to deal extra damage to enemies while channeling. When injured, they use charge attacks and ground slams to inflict bleeding upon their foes. Striking bleeding enemies restores their health, allowing them to channel again to deal extra damage. The cycle of pain continues. Mechanics High IPS damage, heavily weighted toward puncture. Slow striking speed, but long reach with both normal swings and ground slams. Extremely high channeling multiplier. Does not consume energy while channeling, instead consuming the warframe’s health with each enemy struck by a channeled strike. Warframe health cannot be reduced below 2HP by Agony’s leech effect. Agony loses its channeling bonuses if it cannot leech HP from the warframe. Striking enemies that are bleeding restores a small amount of health to the warframe for each enemy struck. This effect only works while Agony is being wielded (ie: not quick melee). If the warframe is bleeding, Agony’s channeling damage multiplier is increased. Ground slams and charge attacks have 100% chance to inflict bleeding on all enemies struck by the blast. Ground slam impact area is denoted by a temporary infested “meat carpet”
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    New Contest: The Flawless Spies!

    I'd like to know as well. Running the vaults without detection isn't terribly difficult, as there's only one tile and one set of path permutations that you have to worry about. Trying to remain undetected throughout the entire course of the mission is near impossible without invisibility because of the chokepoints between tiles, the inability to use scanners to look through walls between tiles, and the lack of alternate paths that are viable for evading enemy patrols. Add to that the erratic AI pathing which leads to enemies scattered all over the place rather than organized patrols, and it's just a recipe for frustration. I would really like to submit a run, but this needs some clarification. Do we have to run the vaults without detection or go the entire mission without detection?