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  1. they come back when you reenter the RJ or other ship, but takes some time, dunno why
  2. I just wonder if they will go and keep him androgyny or will give him a more serious visual, like what happened with wu prime
  3. .-. dunno where you are getting the absurd of it. but just lookin at your thread show it won't matter if we bring/explain/etc why that.
  4. Stalker is probably sending spam death threat on advance, he looks like the kind that writes every message, even when they say the same thing. The acolytes must have been betting on our survival odds with Ordis an unknow cephalon
  5. First and foremost, that corpus frozen lake needs to be removed from there, everyone i met hates this map. Now, continuing, going melee in there is way too awful, or not using a long range, wide area weapon. Some ''simple'' (dunno how hard would be to code and all) things that would help: Melee kills giving 50% more efficiency , parazon finishers freezes it for a few seconds (5 normal and 3 segs eso). Another thing that would be interesting would be way to far kills givng less than now, and close ones giving slight more. But one that I would love is doubling the spawn rate of mobs. Just slows the level growth a little so it doesn't became overwhelming for people starting it.
  6. MR problen? because Cetus you can get max standing in a few minutes just capturing animals
  7. I think the biggest problem is how he railjack, for an orokin era combat ship, seens to be made of wet paper. Make the ship more resistent, make the hazards less common but more impactfull.
  8. i really hope that soon we can mod power separeted to the physical stats of the frames
  9. powercreep isn't really a problem when most of the time we jus cheese things, like what everyone does in the murex now.
  10. The problem is that DE didn't show us nothing about Lotus outside of wha we see, and some info about her are lost for most people. Like a lot of info that Cordylon gives, like this ones : "I find it curious that you would ask for information related not only to military vehicles, but civilian transports as well. Statistically, there are few instances where blowing up a civilian transport would ever be deemed necessary, and the Lotus would only demand such a task be completed as a last resort." or; "The Lotus has on more than one occasion arranged for third-party negotiators to help settle disagreements on trade goods or other points of contention between rival Syndicates." and the one that explains a lot of things : "The Lotus works so that no civilian need make contact with a tool of war. Warframes are no exception."
  11. to make us kill Lotus, gloat about it, and try to break us or somethng
  12. And like I aways said, soon something would happen that would make people wanting to kill space mom see that isn't just that
  13. so, no one mentioning Mag crushing you in your own bones? oberon pure radiation punch? Mirage jewel that probably keep you conscious as you are lured to your death? Buttfra... I mean Wisp sola ray at your face?
  14. Can/will the ephemeras have their own menu, like the syandanas? With options like intensity and/or speed of the effects (like baro's one would be way cooler, for me, if it was slight faster) and maybe option to turn on/off effects in the ones that have more than one, like spore one
  15. tehy won't free the alt-fire in the mean time until they can do something about fast pressing E causing to use unintended heavys
  16. shotguns status chance needs to be looked, most of then relied in it, as most have bad critical related status
  17. Saryn + Octava just to have some music,as you cant use your Shawzin
  18. was more over the fact that last 2 letters weren't bold
  20. :X Wish list? domestik bundle, to have some life in my ship Or Nidus deluxe bundle, just because the Kubrow skin can't be brought separated :X
  21. the chance of a good gimmick can help it. Or a different damage distribuition, or a different direction for the build, like status instead of crit. Its possible to have a increased in dps (making it worth as a prime upgrade) with some small changes. opticor vandal was a good starting example of how DE should start thinking about vaiants of weapons
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