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  1. i'm kinda surprised and disappointed at this whole community's ability to keep this pg.
  2. I seriously doubt the player backlash will be much of anything to write home about. Standing with the quills to get say 15 virtuos null for 2.5k standing for 1.5k ducats is a ridiculous tradeoff and would practically eliminate the need for people to do void fissures at all. It's a bug, people (myself included) have made the mistake of spending standing on garbage arcanes, and DE is just gonna go "My bad", and maybe refund standing if that. There's absolutely no way this is going to become a feature. It was a simple error where someone input the code for it to say ducats instead of credits. I'm not even upset about spending my standing with quills for virtuos null. I have enough sentient cores to give me enough standing with the quills to last me a few lifetimes.
  3. A fix I'd be welcome to would be the return of quick melee. I don't like that this new system interrupts sprinting.
  4. I don't like that melee now interrupts sprinting. Is there a way I can just turn quick melee back on?
  5. Are you working on moas at all? I like mine, but he always gets stuck in weird places. under lifts particularly and then he's useless until I get far enough away from him for him to teleport to me.
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