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  1. Strange... Anyhow, guess that means no more viable pocket opticor for me. Kinda sad. There's also a comment on the wiki as of Dec 2018 advising to shoot up the Eidolon's bum for multiple hits, so I'm not the only one. Means it's just Pencha that got downgraded then? Good thing the overall meta stays at least... Though I really hate Shraksun -- gives me the LAGGG.
  2. But it used to have. I fire at the bum or the neck and it popped 3-4 instances of damage, now it no longer does and that's precisely what concerns me. Why is that so? It also says on the wiki that pencha has splash AND 2.0m punch-through. I read the wiki extensively when I made the amp.
  3. So I have this Raplak/Pencha/Lohrin Amp that I built a few months ago -- it was dealing 3-4 instances of damage to the Teralyst with the secondary attack, and now it just deals one instance of damage. Is that a bug or feature, is Amp Meta going to be changed, is it just pencha? And what Amp do I even build now? [panic intensifies]
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