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  1. Imagine introducing evil warframes as enemies after the hundredth wave onwards with the same super crowd control and one-button kill powers/abilities and pitting the people who want a harder challenge but without getting nerfed against their equals, or worse.
  2. You would need to take away everything else they sell in the fashion frame world, accessories, formas, etc to make such a malicious move such as this. It will never happen. The entire population that plays this game does not spend ungodly amounts of plat on rivens as others pursuing the highest form of the active meta. If you want to blame anyone for the high plat purchases, blame the sellers who are inflating the market, not DE. DE is not the one selling you a riven, you are the one buying plat to obtain it sooner and roll it faster.
  3. I had two or three active weapons in that list get a little tough love, but it's still going to be multiples stronger than anything I could have had without a riven entirely. I'm not one of the mega meta users on a bramma for instance, but these changes will not prevent me from still enjoying and laying waste to monsters as I already do today. Maybe I kill one or two less for every 50. No big deal, but my prime variants will continue to be choice over the original from base stat differences alone. Isn't that the reason why you chose the prime one in the first place?
  4. The base stats didn't get nerfed, just the multiplier of your supercharged riven. The primed version is still better than the original.
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