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  1. It's already amazing. Stahlta is worthy of the ASMD Shock Rifle skin.
  2. Just learn to adapt. People need to stop being so sensitive to every bit of change you think you heard about in the passing gust of wind full of rumors. If you're too lazy to adapt, someone on reddit or youtube will find a means for you to be powerful again, and you can just follow whatever that is to stay in the 'meta'.
  3. This is a 1st world problem that only affects a small sample of extreme min maxers who have no self control and are willing to throw enormous amounts of money at the game to get that extra 10% DMG because their definition of fun is literally the difference between doing a red crit and a slightly harder hitting red crit. Don't blame your self inflicted pain and suffering on the dev team.
  4. OP Are you the type of person that drives up to a McDonalds and starts listing off items from Pizza Hut or Taco Bell? Because that's what you're doing here.
  5. People should go play other games and not burn out on a single game. No game is immune to these feelings of frustration if you play it too much. I've been with this game since closed Beta and I don't have any of the same complaints you have because I don't spend every second of my life playing while expecting to be blown away at every turn. I am a very casual player, and maybe it will come as a surprise to you but that's a large portion of the population of every game. Every other Youtuber likes to throw out their baseless predictions of "Half the players will quit" or "Now Warframe is de
  6. I don't care about leechers on my railjack. The only reason I go solo and never go public is because of people who STEAL my ship when I go to refill my missiles or charges. People hijacking my ship and doing whatever they want is -the only- reason I never open up these days.
  7. Why would it require anything? Your account resides on a server with all your stuff, not your console. You will just log in to the same server from a PS5 that's all. Not sure why people are actually worried about this. EDIT: Hopefully DE will make a simple announcement to clear the silly misunderstandings circulating about these technical matters.
  8. Nightwave is just fine. Especially for casual players like me. I was doing 5-6 ranks every chapter of this NW just so I did not need to catch up at the end frantically. It's nothing more than a side story feature and players should not be expecting it to be something more than that.
  9. There is a special prize at MR30. It will say MR30 in your profile and you will have the true master badge, which only MR30 people have. What else do you need? Maybe they can give you a glyph of it so you can set it as your profile glyph so everyone knows to give you a standing ovation when you join a party.
  10. As an on off player throughout the year, I would hate for them to change it now. I started playing actively at the start of March and now it is almost May. I usually only play for 2-3 weeks at a time and then leave for a month or two. But this time I really wanted the prizes at the end (Umbra forma, saturn 6 armor, arcane energize, and some other decent stuff). I've only just finally reached Rank 24...changing it now is the last thing I want them to do when I am finally so close. Not all of us have enough time to keep slamming these rewards after all.
  11. I am using any of the 4 types of spectres and I recently added an exergis to it's inventory loadout, but I notice it is shooting the exergis at a very high rate of fire not possible when used by a player and heavily modded. I wanted to know if this is a bug or if this was intended with weapons equipped to spectres.
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