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  1. Finally got to yhis after a bit of a break... So, my Wukong was built for Iron Vault + glavie nuke combo. Is the build still viable with new 1?
  2. STILL unable to start up the game=(((
  3. Still can't even start the game.
  4. Game still crashes when I try to launch it, at about 60-70% loading whem game window active, or loads to login screen when window inactive and crashes when I switch to game window.
  5. Still can't start the game, crash on ~60-70% of game loading after startup,. Reinstalling the client didn't help.
  6. And now game crashes without error report window after about 60-70% of initial loading. Can't even get to login form=( UPD If I alt-tab to to different window and let the game load, it gets to login screen, I can hear the basic orbiter sounds, but when I switch back to the game it immediately crashes without error report window.
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