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  1. Don't forget that gauss' speed ability is better at straight lines, while volt's speed ability is really good in every direction he moves.
  2. "2) QUALITY STANDARDS – Use our forums to talk to us and talk to each other in a constructive and respectful way that encourages interaction and thoughtful discussion. Stay on-topic, be constructive and use descriptive Topic titles. Don’t rage/rant post, name and shame, have misleading topic titles, post spam, advertisements, unreleased Design Council information, pornography or any other inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant content to the Forums in text, image, or video form. We will delete/edit it, and there will be consequences as per our warnings." Yeah, can confirm that... As for you, you cannot be banned on warframe, unless cheating... Saying rude stuff will get you muted for a few days to years on warframe chat, but not game banned, so I don't know why you're reposting threads about the problem, as I said above, try asking DE for help, they have an amazing support team, which is rare on games and they will help you for sure...
  3. Tbh, that sounds like a childish atitude, wishing others evil things.... I love when they get backfired tho... I think reposting is a forum offense, if I'm not wrong, don't remember the rules very well. He can use the support tho, and wait for tomorrow, since DE support is at minimum service on weekends.
  4. Jeez, chill out dude, that can get you backfired if you say things like that... There is one place where you should tell DE immediatly, it's called SUPPORT. Seriously, go to support, someone will help you with that situation. Also, it can be the password, sometimes I type my password wrong and it says that too.
  5. I cried, this discussion seems very emotional, i love when posted that code or something. It was the nicest thing I've seen in a while. GotIgnoredWhenTradingRivens/10
  6. What kinda annoys me is that people underestimate the CC frames, they are very useful in very situations... I don't want everything to be nukers, that would make Warframe monotonous and boring...
  7. Someone said that it's recommended to build the sword for the preparation of The New War quest, don't know who said that... But, yeah, you can watch some trailers and kill the ropalolyst to see what will happen after Chimera Prolouge
  8. I still remember when vauban was at the top on the raids... He is still a very strong CC frame (his 1 and 2 are almost useless).
  9. Well, the last Nightwave season lasted for two or three weeks, If I'm not wrong, probably the last season will arrive in two or three weeks.
  10. Me too! I would love to do this against the grineer and corrupt bombards.
  11. Building amps (not sure), archanes and cosmetic armors i think Btw, i may be wrong...
  12. Yea, Wukong is awesome! I love his immortality!
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