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  1. Honest opinion here, I think accessories should be cheaper. The common price is far too high for what it's worth imo. (Same for Tennogen but that's a whole other case not to be discussed right now)
  2. yeah sadly i doubt they'll do that. you get more by ranking up so why would they give us infinite
  3. That made me laugh way more than it should've.
  4. My entry! The only Photoshop that was done is putting the two pictures next to each other.
  5. Will you be removing people from your list?
  6. He actually CAN be scanned if you're playing with a newer player that hasn't gone through the quests yet, get a friend for that if you have to 👀
  7. gotta love seeing people complain about stuff when we all know more is coming in the ACTUAL #*!%ING SERIES 2. THIS ISN'T IT. Series 2 is coming *after Tennocon* as far as I'm aware, and next week definitely ain't after. Just be content with what you get, whining won't change anything
  8. That sounds like the name of an internet troll
  9. just wish that would last forever and not just the weekend
  10. Any way that he could be made a bit easier to kill? Spending 15+ minutes fighting a super powerful enemy isn't that fun after a few times.
  11. I'm okay with most of this, but I think increasing the Wolf's dmg output might not be that good of a thing especially if he attacks a new player. Just my grain of salt.
  12. Ivara Age: 1,156 days Favorites: Activities: Archery, hiding in plain sight Movies: Brave, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Troy Name: Artemis Quote: "Now you see me, now you don't." Looking for: Someone to play Hide & Seek with Someone with a pet, preferably a Kavat If you're looking for me, you'll probably find me in a Grineer ship stealing data.
  13. Now, I know I'm gonna sound like an ass saying this, but I think that complaining about controller issues on a PC build is kinda dumb. This isn't me bashing controller users, I used to be one as well, I just think you should just give them some time to figure it out instead of whining it isn't done on every update. They have more important things to work on, like actual content for the game.
  14. Yeah so free to those who pay for a 10$ service, since it's only for Nitro Games subbers
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