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  1. On 2018-10-10 at 3:43 PM, Frisky said:

    You have free 7 day Twitch Prime trial, so yeah basically its free. Unless you are a leaching POS that doesn't support free 2 play game and only QQ. 

    Did it before, can't do it again. I do support, but don't call something free when it isn't. Not everyone can afford Amazon Prime and other subscription things, think about that.

  2. à l’instant, PROponken360 a dit :

    I was doing the quest like you should do. I bought the mask, equiped it and was going to garas lake at night. When i touched the first of the revanant hole thing the other one didnt show up so i walked around the lake and all the other lakes and looked at a video how to complete the quest. The other hole should have been on the other side of the lake but it wasnt there. So i restarted my game and after that my computer but its still not there. So its seems like that i now cant get revanant. This is so annoying. I hope that DE can give me the bp or fix the quest for me. That would be great.

    Yup got the same problem going on, except that I crashed instead of manually closing the game 😞

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