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  1. I disagree with this a lot. Even his 2 and 4 have their uses. Atlas is a great pick for disruption since he can block the demolysts path. He can also trap defense operators and protect consoles. His 2 isn't the best thing in the game but its far from useless. His 4 is incredibly underrated too. Being able to recast to stunt his armor loss is useful or even being able to fuel it if you have the extra energy (which you likely will). It's also good to cast when surrounded since his 3 is a cone. 1 and 3 are both really good. Dont know why someone is talking badly about his passive either. With steel fiber and a maxed rubble he can get close to 90% damage reduction just from armor alone. The only changes I would ever really want for him would be to give landslide it's own spot in the load out that also affects rumblers and to make it so the damage of his 2 as a ball scales with the HP of the wall. Which would give him a consistent scaling attack outside of landslide.
  2. I actually had a thought today that I think might actually be the best way to help what I feel are his biggest problems. Change his passive to give him an ice cloak that reflects projectiles after killing a unit that has a cold proc or is frozen His 1 and 2 now serve as light CC and give him an easy way to access his survivability
  3. To clarify here for everyone. I never stated that frost is a completely useless frame, simply outdated to irrelevance. The 1 I admit while not good the immediate freeze is sometimes useful if I find myself in a really bad situation with a heavy unit but for the most part not really. The slowdown when you blast the ground really doesn't cover much area. Ice wave however, without the augment feels absolutely worthless and with the augment acts as soft CC on a frame who has access to very hard CC. this and frosts own survivability are the main things that I think (most of us) should be able to agree are the things really holding frost back. Since the ability was made to give frost a way to damage units in opposing globes why not add a damage scaling option for the ability when it's passing through a globe. And as stated with frosts survivability the guy just can't take a hit at any kind of challenging level. Someone said to run steel fiber? When was the last time 700 armor was actually enough to keep a frame alive. I just think a frame who was 1 of the original tank frames should not be one of the easiest frames to kill and im not really sure how people can disagree with this. It would be the biggest thing for frost to allow him to stop being the boy in the bubble and give him some playability outside of stationary defense targets. 4 is decent because it's hard CC and armor strip at the same time, but it's still an ability with not much range, a ridiculously slow cast time and a huge strength requirement if you want a meaningful armor stripping ability. Like I said the guy is outdated and the most clunky frame to use out there. And that's why he should be 1 of the frames to get changes soon. I agree that other hydroid and banshee could do with a few tweaks themselves but neither of them are stuck having to relegate the entirety of their gameplay into a tiny bubble
  4. For a long time frost had been considered a staple in defense missions because of how consistently reliable snow globe Is. But due to the growing strength of other frames that do similar things. Gara, limbo now vauban. Even to an extent volt. Frost has found himself with no real place in warframe, from being far too slow for open world content to having no real damage potential to make him good in endurance runs or even just high level quick missions like extermination and sabotage. Frost is now in a position where he's just never the right choice and that makes me pretty sad. It would be good if perhaps he's the next frame to get an update, since if I recall the last time he was changed was him recieving the ability to shatter his globes and them being changed to HP rather than duration based. Personally I'd like to see him have some kind of ice armor to help him have some more survivability. Maybe something like absorbing the snow globes to turn them into a projectile reflection buff similar to chromas frost elemental ward. Would also be nice if he got a bigger focus on being able to freeze and slow the enemies as right now it feels like he's intended to do that but just doesn't do it very well.
  5. I expect that if they're going to choose to ignore 2 of atlas abilities needing major upgrades when he gets a prime variant that they don't also go and demolish his best ability several months later. Landslide was capable of dealing with grineer easily before due to the combo counter. That doesn't exist anymore for landslide. I expect that they fix their mistakes, the new system is great. The way it impacted atlas is not
  6. With melee 3.0 changes coming through both the damage for Atlas and his already struggling synergy with melee modding have both gotten much worse. Due to the changes Melee weapons now have even more mod slots that have absolutely no synergy with Landslide. As is right now the following stats that we're encouraged to use have no benefit for Atlas at all: Combo duration, crit chance and damage(only 5%) status chance (only 5%) melee combo efficiency, attack speed, all heavy attack mods For a "melee frame" having such an insane amount of mods that are just useless on him as well as completely tanking your melee weapon is just unacceptable now more than ever. Atlas should have his landslide changed to be separately moddable, I don't care about rivens or the jaw sword augment I want to be able to fully utilize all the tools my favorite warframe is given but instead im forced to tank his best ability or the new system DE has just put so much time into releasing. Critical chance should also be adjusted to compensate for the loss of melee counter scaling as it was a huge hit to his damage out put.
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