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  1. I gathered from other threads that it syncs with your in game glyph. Thing is, that hasn't happened for mine. I have the top 1k tennocon 2020 glyph, and I'd really like to see it show up because I prefer it to the old one I had equipped I can see on here. Any ideas why? E: just realised I stuck this in general, not PHP. oops.
  2. Exactly what I do. No zanuka, no fieldron, only plot, events, special rewards etc
  3. I have my mailbox preserved with all the relevant messages I've been sent since 2015. It's not *that* important, but I enjoy keeping the little pieces of history around. Ever time I delete an invasion reward message, I flinch slightly at how goddamn close the nuke button is to the one I want to click.
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