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  1. I gathered from other threads that it syncs with your in game glyph. Thing is, that hasn't happened for mine. I have the top 1k tennocon 2020 glyph, and I'd really like to see it show up because I prefer it to the old one I had equipped I can see on here. Any ideas why? E: just realised I stuck this in general, not PHP. oops.
  2. Exactly what I do. No zanuka, no fieldron, only plot, events, special rewards etc
  3. I have my mailbox preserved with all the relevant messages I've been sent since 2015. It's not *that* important, but I enjoy keeping the little pieces of history around. Ever time I delete an invasion reward message, I flinch slightly at how goddamn close the nuke button is to the one I want to click.
  4. hitting ESC is the only known fix AFAIK. never had the bug myself.
  5. the key system is the kind of thing you dont think you will miss until it gone.
  6. please dont quote so much at once without spoilering it.
  7. blueprints are still there, but they are in a sneakily hidden tab.
  8. its probably not worth it right now. its broken and buggy and the new prime grind is terrible.
  9. there is no steam controller revive button...? wtf?
  10. can confirm. timed excavation with a little searching ala sabotage. THEY LITERALLY ALL SPAWN in one spot, nullifiers and all, no warmup time, paired with the nully buff it makes frost useless at it. they all spawn instantly, but you need their drops to put in the rift or you fail.
  11. I... still have... EVERY SINGLE MISSION I HAD BEFORE? wasnt it supposed to reset?
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