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  1. Atm you have the ability to select any skin you have for any landing craft, including those of other landing crafts. Image:
  2. I knew it! It was all part of Nintendo's plan to weaken the influence of the Sacred Red Texts in the hopes that their "Master hand" can take control of the world.
  3. Holding a standoff against the Red Veil to prove the superiority of the Sacred Red Texts.
  4. If that is the price we have to pay for the quest, them sacrifice it we shall.
  5. Love you too ❤️ May the Sacred Red Text bless your soul. (if operators still have that)
  6. May I just state that if the Lotus were to die, I want to have the Sacred Red Text to guide me through my missions.
  7. PAGE 100, WE DID IT. I would just like to say this is a massive achievement for this community. We worked hard on this and it all payed off in the end. The original purpose of this thread may have been lost along the way, but what matters is that the prophecy is fulfilled. May the Sacred Red Text bless you all, my fellow Tenno.
  8. Saying goodbye to Teshin in case he were to die during the quest.
  9. The cult of the Red text brings us many new experiences.
  10. It'd be #*!%ing hilarious if, after all of this, DE releases the sacrifice without red text beforehand.
  11. So, because of the long wait my hand slipped. Now the Red text cult has a flag.
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