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  1. A human brain can do 4th dimensional calculations (not really trying to make a point, just a small bother). Definitely meant Warframe, since they were talking about gameplay and lore. I highly doubt they meant you had to max out your focus tree, it seems more likely to me that they'll introduce something else in the Sacrifice or other upcoming quests. Saryn would be better in-battle, but Nidus has the cyst that transfers via contact and can create infested (also, it's stated warframes are unable to be assimilated by infested, but bri
  2. I will give you that I may have underestimated the Xmen, but I personally think you're underestimating the warframes and operators. then again, we have presumably never seen a warframe/operator at their true strength, let alone see the limit of their powers. So who knows, maybe they are like you say, or maybe they are truly gods. I personally hope we actually get to see some of that stuff in the Sacrifice. Either way, I'd still say the Tenno would win in the majority of other sci-fi universes (but I would no longer bet on a Mag in a 1v1 against Magneto).
  3. While I also don't think they're on the level of gods, from what we see in the lore it seems like the actual abilities (that we don't see cuz it'd be way too OP for a game) are more or less what they can do in game, but amplified insanely, beyond Xmen level. Personally I think the majority of them would be between the two. And do not underestimate the void power of the operators. For starters, (it has already been mentioned in this thread) during TWW, Ordis told us to look out with the void beam, because it would blast a hole through the ship, so we know that one Tenno could very possibly
  4. I've got pictures of the very first time and the last time i met him. For me he sadly doesn't show up often, and when he does, it's the moment i completely forgot, and he scares the crap outta me. With limbo is the first time, with frost the last time. https://imgur.com/a/Xkq2B1t
  5. I feel like there isn't quite as much attention to the term "vitruvian" that you can find scattered across the code. Almost every image/video on the site has a name like "Vitruvian_Ballas", "Vitruvian_Sword", or "CherryTree_Vitruvian_Flowers". This is most likely a reference to the vitruvian man, a drawing of the perfect human proportions, and vitruvius, a man who was very interested in the perfect proportions. I would assume this might have to do with the orokin and their need for perfection, since it clearly isn't Ballas who has perfect proportions. Also, on a quick sidenote: the tree has
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