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  1. The thousand year fish equivalents have been added in this update. They look like debt bonds and are spread across the whole map. As far as I know not all of them have been found so far. They seem to be divided into groups of 5, each telling a story about one of the important solaris npc's. 

    This thread has all of the locations I know of so far: 


  2. Just now, theMongoose said:


    I have it on good authority that this is going to get delayed.


    Source: my dad works for Nintendo.

    I knew it! It was all part of Nintendo's plan to weaken the influence of the Sacred Red Texts in the hopes that their "Master hand" can take control of the world.

  3. PAGE 100, WE DID IT. 

    I would just like to say this is a massive achievement for this community. We worked hard on this and it all payed off in the end. The original purpose of this thread may have been lost along the way, but what matters is that the prophecy is fulfilled.

    May the Sacred Red Text bless you all, my fellow Tenno.

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  4. Just now, -Ndom- said:

    The Sacrifice is not today.
    The Sacrifice IS coming this week. We will make this happen. We are confident.

    is what Megan said, didn't she?

    So it's tommorow, and the usual weekend-burn for hotfixes.

    That's what she said yesterday, yes. 
    Today she said: 


  5. Just now, NeroAugustine said:

    These Update hype threads have been amazing for my Community Rep

    and terrible for my overall mental health.

    It has been quite the journey indeed, let's just hope that the update arrives before we completely lose it.

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