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  1. So, lemme help you a bit.
    Yes it is a cherry blossom tree, somewhere in the coding of the hype site it is called "cherry tree".
    I'm pretty sure the second time you see the tree in the trailer the branches aren't pointing up, like you said, but you're looking from the bottom upwards. It seems more likely it's as if you're lying at the roots, face up, looking at the tree above. 
    Also, the orokin thing that is shown with the tree is most likely a sword, as the video when you click on the moon in the site is called something with sword in the name (the rest of the name is of less importance).
    And lastly, I think the man in the wall may be involved in the sacrifice. The whole eye thing really gives me that feeling.

  2. The thing with this is that tenno are supposed to be overpowered. Warframe works on a power fantasy, so it wouldn't make sense for tenno to be easily killable. This is also the reason why all the real threats we're getting in recent times are beings even more OP (a being that is split into multiple pieces, living in every single one of them, and can adapt to your weapons, a being that is unknown what it is, but it haunts the minds of those exposed to the void, and others cannot detect it, and now the creator of the very war machines you control). 

    I mean, we're talking about how to kill an army of people with reality bending powers, which can deal damage to beings invulnerable to all damage.
    We each control multiple war machines, each capable of killing hundreds of enemies on their own.
    Our ships can cloak, and if it's too dangerous for them to fly close, we can just take our archwing. With the same archwing we can battle anywhere (underwater, in space, ect...).
    We have an AI that was made from a mercenary who controls our ships with whatever tools it has and can contact us at any moment.
    We breed and utilize not only canines and felines for battle, but also tamed infested creatures (they're literally zombies loyal to us).
    We can do pretty much any type of combat (guns, bows, melee, stealth, open-air, ect...), so no matter what we use/have to use, we can wreck everything with it.
    We have a leader somehow capable of not only communicating with all of us at once, but can move the goddamn moon between dimensions, so just imagine what the full extent of her capabilities is, not to mention that she's a sentient, so good luck killing her.
    We have an elite orokin soldier to train us in combat if needed.
    We know an AI that recreates life inside a simulation to learn about them, so we can just scan and test what works.
    We trade with not only other tenno, but also almost every faction in the universe, including our own enemies.
    And the list goes on...

    The only way to defeat tenno is to throw something at them that's way more OP. 
    Also, this thread kinda sounds like it's talking about an open war against the tenno, in which case, don't you think that it's very possible the syndicates, ostrons, other colonies we saved, and maybe even the corpus, would fight alongside us? The tenno are not just a bunch of angsty teens with weird powers, they are pretty much a huge army of vigilantes, and there are many that would be willing to help them when in need.

    So if the tenno use all the resources available to them, they are pretty goddamn invincible. 
    Moral: don't go in an open war against the tenno, please, you'll only embarrass yourself.

  3. 1 minute ago, RetroNomad said:

    I see that now. Quick google search showed it. Guess it just slipped by in all this time.
    Still. Odd that it's never been used....

    Nothing in that room has been used that much yet. Sure, you have the stabby disease removal, but I'm 100% sure it at least used to have a story purpose. Those plans may or may not be gone now, but DE will find a use for it eventually.

  4. Blowing up the orbiter to kill a tenno might not be as good as it seems. First of all: How will you blow it up? It isn't weird to think that Ordis may very well be able to detect incoming missiles, thus he might be able to warn the tenno. In that case, if the tenno has a warframe outside the ship, he can just go to the location of the warframe in an instant and be away from the orbiter. They would still lose a lot tho, so in my opinion, attacking the orbiter directly is the most efficient way. 

    Destroying the landing craft would work for a bit i guess, but lotus does say during the tutorial that she's sending an extraction ship, implying that there may be backups controlled by the lotus or other non-tenno. Also, i think if in need, a tenno could contact a few people and ask for favors, and who knows, maybe Maroo can get us a new ship too. Either way, it'll probably work to hinder them, but it's not gonna be enough on it's own. 

    The next 2 I won't really go into depth for, but both could work at least partially.

    Now, for the last idea, I don't think this is completely true. The tenno don't have generals, admirals, ect... at this point in time, but they do have the lotus, who can seemingly coordinate all the tenno at once. Furthermore, the tenno did fight in a war in the past. It wouldn't be all that surprising if they did have a command structure, and could possibly start using it again when needed. The rest of this point seems to be more correct though. (and they have clans with hierarchy, so it's not like they have no clue how to deal with working together in a structure like that)

    So all in all, the tenno would possibly be best fought using good tactics, but I think you'd mainly use those to weaken them until you can take out their orbiter, since even if they survive that, they lose Ordis, all their warframes and resources, any companions, and pretty much everything else that was in there at that point in time. Another valid thing which you didn't mention is trying to do a Ballas, and take out the Lotus. Of course, you'd have to get to her first, but if you succeed, you get the tenno a lot weaker. 

    Edit: i kinda forgot that the Lotus is a sentient and taking her out is practically impossible without tenno powers or weird magic.

  5. I feel like there isn't quite as much attention to the term "vitruvian" that you can find scattered across the code. Almost every image/video on the site has a name like "Vitruvian_Ballas", "Vitruvian_Sword", or "CherryTree_Vitruvian_Flowers". This is most likely a reference to the vitruvian man, a drawing of the perfect human proportions, and vitruvius, a man who was very interested in the perfect proportions. I would assume this might have to do with the orokin and their need for perfection, since it clearly isn't Ballas who has perfect proportions.

    Also, on a quick sidenote: the tree has now been confirmed to be a cherry tree. Cherry trees are often seen as symbols of the fleeting nature of life, and rebirth, so that's something you may wanna think about.

    Edit: also, the weird orokin thing that you can often see together with the tree is most likely Ballas' sword.

  6. I really like the operator mechanic from TWW, my only "problem" is that they get really weak to useless in higher levels (except when farming kuva), so will there be any way to make your operator better (more damage, more health, more energy, ability customization, ect.)?

    Also, any progress on inviting to your orbiter, relay rebuilding, different relays and clan relay rooms?

  7. 41 minutes ago, DaBruuzer said:

    Just a question (NOT a complaint).  My wife and I are really new to WF and don't have any of the fancy 'Frames and/or any of the weapons and mods mentioned here that made is so "easy" for people to complete this.  We have tried over 10 times now, and have run out of air before we can finish the countdown, every time.  It's not even close.  So is this mission doable for new players at all?  Or are we just wasting time and getting more and more frustrated?

    P.S. We HAVE broken every container and unlocked locker - no help.

    you'll probably have to go together with people that do have the mods or warframes, if you don't have the things mentioned it's impossible. 

  8. 4 hours ago, LordCasimiro said:

    It seems the grineer were clones used as workers by the Orokin according to some synthesis. They were specifically made to enjoy their work, whatever was at the time. The example given was a mining grineer, who enjoyed his job to the point he liked how good it felt.

    There were a few incidents which were probably planned. The clones that responded ''well'' were then used for the next batch and on and on. The Orokin created new grineers with those clones, ones that responded to danger and somewhat liked the battle. Orokin workers were worried with what they were doing, but higher ups answered that they were that desperate.

    So far, with what we can deduce, there was a problem and the Orokin needed an army. They were desperate, so they experimented on the worker clones to develop aggressive soldiers that enjoyed the battle. To think they would reach that point, the problem was probably the Sentients. The Sentients adapted to technology and fought back even stronger, the Orokin grew more and more desperate. One of their solutions was the grineer, but not even that was enough, so the war went on and they decided to use the Tenno.

    Of course something may have happened in the before or the middle, but tahts what we can gather so far. Going with what Tyl Regor stated, either the subsequent fall of the Orokin empire, or the problems the Sentients caused, led to the Grineer being free.

    I know they were workers, but they probably looked totally different. Most likely the oroginal grineer looked more human than they do now, back them there were less generations of clones that had passed and the Orokin probably had a better cloning procedure. their armor probably looked more orokin too.

  9. It mostly depends on how you play, but there are some things you should know when using them.

    For Loki the main focus should be invisibility and/or radial disarm, Duration, range and the sybnidcate augment for disarm can be usefull.

    For Ash I don't thing stealth is the way to go. Ash is more of a melee based frame. Most people use bladestorm a lot, buit there's a lot of hate on that. Range and health mods are important for him. 

    In the end, you'll find how you like to play them once you have a lot of experience with those frames and modding.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Keyeric said:

    im not entirely 100% sure but i believe Vor didnt DIE die the first time, but does when you kill him during the tag team with Lech Kril (idk what planet, sorry). Then because of the Janus Key, (The Void Key in his chest)(i think), he gets "revived" as an energy being who trolls Tenno in T4 Void.


    and the INFESTED are ancient bio creatures created (I think) by the Orokin (if not them, then it was Grineer). The Grineer revived fossils of them to use in this time, against the Corpus & Tenno. They multiplied exponentially through that Hive thing (hence why there are Hive missions: trying to control their population and spreading).


    Most (if not all) of this is explained in the codex through scanning. Im not finished with mine so my knowledge is 2nd hand. You scan using Codex Scanners bought from the market. I know it isnt explained in game very well.

    Sorry if my info is wrong or not enough but this is all i have

    What you say is pretty much right, only the grineer didn't exist at the time of the Orokin, or at least not the way they do now.

  11. As a fellow lore nerd game i'll try to help you with a less spoilers as possible.

    As for bosses not dying, there's no real story there, I guess you don't finish them off and they survive? the only time a boss came back following lore it was vor getting corrupted by void energy. 

    The infestation never get explained in one solid part. what I got so far is that it was a biological weapon created by the Orokin that backfired, somehow the infestation got whiped out, but now the grineer accedentally recreated it. Infested themselves are other enemies (like corpus or grineer) that got infected with the virus, which slowly takes over the body, starting at the place of infection. From one thing it spreads to others, and eventually it can take over entire ships ald turn it into one gaint living thing. It also seems that the infested flesh hardens with age. 

    To get lore in warframe you'll have to do a lot, when you go to a relay you can meet cephalon Simaris, who will have little quests where you have to scan enemies with speciel scanners, unlocking pieces of lore. There's also a little statue hidden around all tilesets, and by scanning it you will unlock verses of some poetry about the grineer queens. You'll also have to do all quests, each warframe quest has it's own little piece of lore and then you have the big lore quests. You unlock quests in various ways. 

    Probably the most important quests for lore are the cinematic ones and the quests around those. Right now only one cinematic exists, but more are being created. to get that quest and it's prequel you have to go to Uranus, suddenly there will be blue robot-like things, you have to scan them before they see you, and you will get a message from the Lotus about it. this will start the prequel to the cinematic quest, where you learn about the Lotus and who she is, together with the Sentient, another enemy type. After that you'll get The Second Dream, a cinematic quest. The Second Dream explains what Tenno and Warframes are, gives some lore about the Stalker and the Sentient, and unlocks new gameplay features, including an upgraded Stalker.

  12. If you don't mind losing some duration on him, I would put on a transient fortitude.

    A streamline can always be handy, but I wouldn't use fleeting expertise, especially not when using transient fortitude, that would make all things needing duration useless.

    A quickly made possible build:


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