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  1. I really like the design, you kept the essence of him, but still made him look like the other primes.

    As far as the rework goes, I liked it, but I really miss newer mechanics and better synergy. All of Frost's abilities stayed more or less the same, staying quite old school and pretty boring. In both the new reworks as the new warframes there's a lot of synergy, you can combine abilities to create stronger effects. That is what Frost really needs, and what made me kinda put him away. I'm starting to use the newer frames more and more, because they're way more interesting to play with than Frost, where you place a globe, or use avalanche. 

  2. I like the concept of the warframe, and don't worry about not fitting in, nezha and wukong are also based on gods, and there can always be lore about how it was based on the gods of ancient civilizations.

    However, I think the warframe is a bit too all over the place, it doesn't really seem to have a clear role, but is rather a combination of a lot of warframes. I'm not saying he's bad, but it might need some more work. 

    I'd like to see other possible variations of it, but definetly keep on making concepts when you have good idea's, if they're all this original you might even get it in-game.

  3. Try the following:

    1) Open your Start Menu.

    2) If you are using Windows XP, select ‘Run,’ and type in %TEMP% then hit Enter.  If you are using Windows Vista/7, click in the Search bar above the Start button and type %TEMP% then hit Enter. If you use windows 10, go to search and do the same as for 7.

    3) Select all files in the Temp folder and delete them.  If any files will not delete, just choose ‘Skip’ or ‘Okay.’

    4) Restart your computer.

    5) After your computer has restarted, repeat steps 1 – 3.

    6) You should now be able to install warframe without error.


    This might work, I'll make sure to check this thread frequently, so just say if it works or not.

  4. I don't think they will reintroduce it with the new star chart, but there are times that the vault opens and you can get it again or buy it like it was back when it was still in prime access. The vault opened last christmass for Frost prime, so you won't see it opening anytime soon. For now i think the only way is via trading, and hoping you get a fair price.

  5. I guess you already know how to trade, but here are some general prices for certain items from my experience (note: prices do change a lot, and fast):

    -Rare mod (normal): 10-15 plat

    -Syndicate mods: 5-10 plat

    -Event-only mods: depends on how rare in the event, how long ago the event was, if you can get it by any other means and how usefull it is, can go very high (500 plat?)

    -Prime items: depends on how rare and what tier


    always handy is to look in the chat what is asked a lot, or what goes for a lot and trying to get and sell that

  6. Best way I know is just making very cheap weapons in big quantities (as much as you can) and levelling them as fast as possible.

    Sometimes you might even get a weapon you like out of it.

    Important things are (most already mentioned):

    -If something is level 30, you can't get any mastery from it, not even if forma'd

    -Stealth can be good because it gives a stealth xp bonus, leveling everyithing faster

    -Draco is a good place to go


    Very important to know is how xp gets given:

    -On ability kill: all xp goes to warframe

    -On weapon kill: 50% to weapon, 50% to warframe

    -Teammate kills something: 25% to your warframe and all your weapons

    Thiw means that getting kills with the weapon you level will increase the amount of xp it gets with quite a bit, so once it's good enough you should start using it.

  7. the things i'd wish for 2016:


    1. Lore-heavy Quests: More quests like the second dream (it was amazing, i don't even have words for it), with mostly heavy lore about as much as possible (syndicates, warframes, orokin, grineer, corpus, sentient, infested,...)


    2. Better focus system: I know you guys are working on it, so take your time and come with the upgraded system when it's ready.


    3. Fix the issue I have with my gear and animations getting reset every day: It's really anoying to keep forgetting your gear or trying to roleplay a bit but not having the right animations...


    but most important of all: don't stop making this game awesome and being the nicest and best developers I know (that take their time and always seem to [DE]lay updates XD)


    and to all the Tenno: please go and spread some chistmas cheer in warframe. make people happy in any possible way.

  8. 100%headshot extermination- all headshot kills. 


    No kill spy mission Using non stealth frame (no loki or ash)- make no kills and achieve the objective flawlessly.


    Spy on Ceres, with Valkyr, the only power you can use is Ripe Line.

    No sentinel

    No primary.

    No secondary.

    Only daggers(single/dual)

    All vaults need to be undetected, and you can't use Flow.

    Good luck fellow Tenno.

    these are both actually really easy, before Ivara came out I went spy 2.0 with frost, especially grineer is easy once you know the vaults better...


    and I usually do it without killing anyithing because I rush them and don't want to waste time killing.

  9. for the people who want to know how the focus system works:


    -2.5% of the affinity you gain on the weapon/warframe with the lens becomes focus points (more with a greater lens)


    -affinity will only get converted if the gear is lvl 30


    -ONLY affinity from your kills count, no bonus affinity, no affinity from team kills (naramon melee perk and stealth bonus do count)


    -if you get a kill with an ability 100% goes to the warframe, if you get a kill with a weapon 50% goes to that weapon and 50% to your warframe


    now, looking at this you can see it's actually beneficial to equip a lens on your warframe, because 50% of the affinity of EACH WEAPON kill goes to your warframe, even if the weapon has no lens on it 50% of the kill affinity will get converted. putting it on your weapon will only give 50% of the affinity you get from kills with that weapon.


    My advice: put the lenses on your warframes, after that on your weapons.

  10. I know that the focus system is not very good, but can you please think about the fact that every time you open your focus tree there comes a little blue thing that gives you some info and clearly says it's in BETA.


    I know for sure DE will change it, but for now you have to deal with this system.

    also, it's not that much out of balance, do a bit of high end missions and you got it, like 8k isn't really bad if you need 75k

  11. yea they did say that after they finished the tweaks they were going to sleep, then they would release it WHEN THEY WOKE UP (emphasis for the slow ones) so they could deal with any last minute issues that people report

    Also, it might be nicer for them to be rested when it comes out, they're still humans that need sleep



    I guess some of you never played games by other developers.

    Glorified companies like Rockstar, Blizzard, Ubisoft,... sometimes, if not most of the times,

    postpone updates / expansions for weeks / months on end, while leaving their costumers in the dark.

    If large® companies get to 'screw' up on (estimated) releasedates, why can't DE?

    The Queen / Spacemom keeps us informed, and she doesn't make empty promises

    ("we're still hoping to release the Update today" isn't the same as saying "it WILL be OUT TODAY").

    For the last two years (didn't play WarFrame before that) they've been honest and kind to us,

    wich is a rare trade these days, so give them a break.

    The thing I find best is that everybody thinks DE is late with the update, because the date 2 december was said, but as I see it they're only "late" when the last code runs out. 

    From the moment the first code came out I expected it to come out today...

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