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  1. you use Nvidia Geforce Experience by any chance? i find if i make even one change on the settings it reverts all the settings you have mentioned to default. not sure if this may be the cause for you

    I do indeed use nvidia geforce, and i know that it turnes itself of quite often, so that might be it...


    I am geting this problem too.

    But it resets all gear, favorite colors, emotes and all options that I changed from default.

    I get it 3 times in the last 2 weeks

    in worst case scenario i get it up to 2 times each day...

  2. so, i've had this bug for a while, but now it's just getting too irritating.

    almost each time i log off my gear and emotes fully reset.

    i, being someone who forgets things quite often, then go into a mission, to realize midway that i don't have the gear that i needed...


    this has been around for so long that i can't bear it anymore.

    please fix this...

  3. So, I made this video first off for fun, cause why not?

    Second off to give you an idea of my vision of tenno.


    I see tenno as people who where infested and gained somewhat control over it, but went mute and do still have a hard time holding themself in hand. They just kill, that's the only thing they can do good and like to do.


    This could explain why we'll never be able to go to the collonies.

    Out of fear we shall kill them.


    It doesn't matter if this theory is right or not, we are evil, we kill thousands of people.

    Even after destroying a full civilization.



  4. i don't really think your theory is right, because there is no link between limbo, mirage, volt and ash  and gods, also, if this is right, why not have zephyr (god of western winds), valkyr (valkiries where godly female viking warriors), oberon (an elf king=halfgod or god) and banshee (another elf) in the arbiters as well? but the choise was not random either, because valkyr is corpus modified and is only favoured by the perrin sequence, also rhino does fit in the grineer design, and is by the steel meridian, ash is the closest to a ninja and is by the arbiters, who are samurai/shogun inspired, excalibur, the real warrior by the samurai fits aswell, and the warframes left over, not really fitting anywhere could just be put in a random place to fil it up. that's how i think they've done it.

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