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  1. Zephyr is my frame in my loadout for exploiter orb, not really using her anywhere else. As she's getting some tweaks soon I will save my opinion on her current state.
  2. Personally some frames I will play alot more when their prime version comes out and most of them haven't been played as much according to the stats. Gara, Baruuk, Garuda, Harrow and Lavos to name a few. Other frames I don't have much interest in even with their prime versions available is: Nyx, Oberon and Excalibur, but that's mainly because these frames haven't changed much and I've played them earlier years alot.
  3. "The fear of loss is a path to the dark side." - Yoda - Sorry to hear you have to deal with such ignorance.
  4. Give adaptation for for all companions, aswell as mods to improve their shield gating.
  5. I would suggest the passives from different schools could be used with less power, let's say the zenurik melee combo efficiency would be only half on different schools. Your knowledge from other schools would essentially bleed over but you wouldn't be able to utilize them fully unless you commit to the style.
  6. The change to the first ability sounds cool, could end up with some unintended interactions though: sleep and speed from second ability, they sleep for a very short time? I do agree the 4th ability should give something huge if you stack up alot in night form, I would say just straight up multiplier for health/shield/armour/damage reduction and shield recharge would go along way too(doesn't have to be all of them maybe just 1) popping a 1mil mend could give 500 shield per second for a duration. I'd say the effect when channeling the ability is stronger in night though. Shield restore to e
  7. The too easy access rewards like Umbral forma, could be reserved for more hardcore content.
  8. As someone who've collected and experienced a vast amount of the content in the game, there's a few things I run short on every now and then: built formas, argon crystals and gear slots. Built formas can be farmed but they are only available on a few places and consumption rate of my account for built formas could easily be 5/day. Argon crystals as evergreen reward, wouldn't that be hilarious x'D. I run out of gear slots only when new items are added and it's very low effort for me to get more so gear slots as evergreen for me doesn't have much value. Now for endgame evergreen rewards cau
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