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  1. It is annoying, but it's not going to change. And is common in this line of work, even many of the pros have had to rework everything they've done, sometimes it takes more than a year. There's a lot to be unhappy with about the rules but they won't change so we just have to work with what it is
  2. Tennogen has a separate rulebook from internal designs; DE and the people designing deluxe skins don't have to follow the same rules that apply to Tennogen.
  3. This forum section is for TennoGEN not TennoCON. Damn it this happens every year.
  4. Just doesn't seem to have ever been a thing. The team overseeing tennogen is small, and I can imagine that posting updates with an ETA would take time away from actually getting the content delivered
  5. It will be out when it's ready, and announced on the main website. We just have to be patient, as always
  6. Damn. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. We are a Shadow clan with 17 members. I'm recruiting in hopes of reaching the gold trophy for Hostile Mergers. At 17 members each clan member would need to get almost 4000 points. At 30 members each person would need 2000 points. We have a massive multi-tier dojo, all research complete (including Hema and Ignis Wraith). We have a discord server. The downsides are that we are not very active, possibly dead. I'm hoping to change that! Message me here or in-game if interested. If you're a former member of our clan and logged in to find you're not in the clan, it's likely I removed you for inactivity. You're welcome back anytime! Chur, Spiral
  8. Wow that's awesome!! i've been watching your streams on youtube so it's really cool to see your setup, i was curious. Thanks Hitsu! Have fun with Valkyr 🙂
  9. Can't wait to get your Equinox skin! Can we see a photo of your setup? Just curious, i hope you don't mind me asking 🙂
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