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  1. Just doesn't seem to have ever been a thing. The team overseeing tennogen is small, and I can imagine that posting updates with an ETA would take time away from actually getting the content delivered
  2. Wouldn't be accepted, going from the description. It has to fit within the Warframe universe
  3. When a new Warframe is added to the content files and examples, can you please include a text file with the information from the forum post related to that frame on release? Having it on-hand on my C drive would allow for easy access so I wouldn't have to track down the forum thread. Please DE please do dis
  4. There is an awesome skin already. He is a difficult character to make stuff for
  5. It will be out when it's ready, and announced on the main website. We just have to be patient, as always
  6. Damn. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Thank you. I agree on every point. Everyone here has good points IMO. None of it makes sense. Please DE, y u do dis? 😧
  8. Thank you for posting this. It sucks. Relic menu is annoying, market menu seems pretty good, syndicate menu is atrocious. It was fine before. It works already, so let's fix it right? At least they haven't ruined the arsenal yet, so far many positive improvements there But the Warframe ability menu is now useless to experienced players and a bit more helpful to newbies, with a market diorama to replace what was just fine, looked cool, allowed the player to organise their build well by checking which stats affect different abilities. Not anymore. That's lame. Void fissures replaced the awesomeness of the old void and keys. The first time Warframe had a part of it's soul stripped away IMO. Still, I like to jam fissures. Why can't we have an excavation mission available at all times, in any of the relic tiers? The new UI for fissures is not a positive change. I can no longer see how many of a reward item I already have, separating the displayed ducat value from the item's name is not good either IMO, it was fine before. If you're going to change fissure UI again, you may as well just display how many ducats each item is worth in the mission reward screen, along with other information I need
  9. What makes it difficult? For what reason should we not be able to have a riven for every weapon?
  10. What if DE were to bring back old events, back to back with all rewards available again. When one event ends the next one begins, in order of release until new content is ready then it ends, and begins again when we have nothing to do. It would give us something to constantly engage with, no more complaints of a content drought. DE have said they would do this and never do. But having something to play between updates would be good for players and easy for DE as it's content they already created. C'mon, expanded riven cap when? 90 is too few
  11. Yeah, Emissive is a term in the games industry to describe glowing effects in texturing.
  12. Get a booster and it is fine. You'll easily have enough for the weapons if you're aiming for a gold clan trophy. But the fact we get abysmal amounts as a rotation reward is annoying, it should be something else
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