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  1. It´s been almost a year. I´m glad that this topic has been alive since then. I never expected that. Once i got the other Mashup done i probably will redraw some of the earlier drawing thor and volt for example. Let me know what you would like to be redrawn again. AND with what kind of changes: Different Mashup Different pose Better Rendering YOU Decide
  2. the collaboration didn´t happen. But hopefully i´ll be able to work on this once more
  3. actually his four is meant to work in formations. similar to Mirage Clones in terms of visualisation and for his 2...i know. but it would be weird to have a drum sitting in the middle insstead of a flag
  4. 5k views man oh man. thanks to everybody
  5. so...collaboration with another Tenno incomming
  6. alright. glad to see that the community is kinda not sure. But in a way where we have people with valid arguments on both sides. and both sides are close to each other.
  7. Well when how are they supposed to change or address any of the issues if we as a community discuss about it?
  8. It is. But this here is more of a discussion than feedback. I was just curious to what he was complaining about
  9. I'm taking a break now for almost a year in terms of actively playing the game I don't want to bash I here I really wanted to hear about people different opinions on this topic. I am coming back on each update to see whether it's catching me again or not. Like I said I haven't tested it out by myself yet. And so far... I will give it a try and probably go on depth about it because I love the idea behind it.
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