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  1. thread updated with all the new Heroes and an updated list as well
  2. Heluda p.s. sorry that i took me so long to upload this. study started again and I still need to organize myself again to everything sorted in my schedule but more will come...
  3. LOD07


    But does nobody see the big scale of things here? I feel like nowadays nobody really needs these kinda mods anymore because either a friend is handing it out to you or you just farmed it yourself because you can buy something more worth with it... Inventory slots... Nowadays its more about trading Rivens. If I look in the trade chat I mostly see offers for a Riven mod than for specific mods. The prime parts are still kinda relavent... But not as much as they used to be. And bringing up the argument that we get 2 ws (maybe) within each NW season reward and 3 slots basically every year with the anniversary pack is false. True they hand out slots there... But at maximum... 7 or 9 depends on how many seasons there are in one year... And with an availability to over 300 weapons at the current state of the game these almost 10 slots a year are...irrelevant. Btw. How do you choose whether you love a weapon or not? I'd say by actually testing the weapon out for yourself and don't rely on YT Feedback or build videos.... The title of this thread might be misleading but I wanted to make clear that I don't like the current way slots are handled in combination with the huge variety of all weapons you could potentially earn...
  4. LOD07


    that´s exactly what i was aiming for... at least some kind of improvement for everybody to have at least the chance to obtain them somehow a little bit more frequently without paying for them..
  5. LOD07


    Alright alright. We'll this thread was created to discuss. So... I have to agree sure that your point seems legit.. I still believe though that there should be more ways to obtain slots. I'm not a f2p player... Spend already too much imo...
  6. LOD07


    If you say so then i won't say something against it. At least one is providing a reasonable argument. I don't know what to replace them with.... I just think that their upcoming kuva lich system is not going to work as they want it to. Because of procedual weapons... They didn't say that specifically but it I can imagine that almost every weapon is going to have a Kuva Weapon counterpart. If so... Are we supposed to just get rid of the original version and use the nwe version?? That would be stupid... At least in my eyes...
  7. LOD07


    Oof... Why being rude man... Calm your titties. I didn't offen you or called everybody a white knight. This thread has been moved to general discussion.... What do you want man. If you want call them Defending that's fine. I'm trying to defend the game as well with discussing topics like that. I never said I hate this game, it sucks or attacked anyone... So I am just calling one person a white knight because he didn't gave any real feedback or valid argument and I don't want to say that he wouldn't support or defend the game. I just believe that he wasn't open for a discussion about this topic. Sure I won't buy every slot for each weapon... I just calculated it for the case if someone would want every weapon on the game... .... Well I bet it's not... It's actually Prime Access... Prime Vault... SKINS... Because as already discussed... And I never said something else.... You can trade plat to obtain a couple of slots very easily To underline the words A Couple here just make sure nobody is turning these words against me. P. S. It's really sad how offensive people become when they see a topic they don't like in the first place.... Thinking about an idea or giving a good amount of feedback or some kind of valid argument is too much effort and time put into a comment.... or reply... Or just a thought.
  8. LOD07


    It's just amazing how people are argumenting.... I don't want any kind of fee.. Never said something like that I never underestimated the fact that plat can earned in small amounts by different things besides Rivens. And it's not a neech problem just for me... It's a game development issue. This slot system shows new players one thing and that is that this a p2p game... What isn't true...so why trying to defend that? And yes this is how math works... 2 slots cost 12 plat... We would have around 1000 weapons (not overestimated... Watch back the latest Devstreams...procedual weapons...mening this number could be even higher...) So 1000*12/2=6000 plat To replie to your "classic, typical... Blablabla" bs... You're the perfect example of a white knight. Defineding the game without letting any criticism near it... No room for discussion nothing. If I am not meant to get all weapons ot to keep them... Then that's your interpretation of it. Not mine. If DE gives me different weapons that I can build and level and max out I want to keep them... And test out every single one of them
  9. LOD07


    Really? I don't agree I have invested a lot in this game because..."i want to support the devs"... The point is though.... With over 600 woods in the game Currently and more to come with the loch system... Let's say we are then at 1000 different weapons.... If I would like to keep all of them I would need to spend 6000 plat just for the slots.... That's a little too crazy imo ... Especially as there is no other way to obtain them... You are forced to trade with players.... And to be honest the only thing that does give you plat these days are insane Rivens... (I know that there prime parts and certain mods for new players... Blablabla...) And I am willing to pay for something that doesn't belong to the actual Gameplay such as fashion items... But this is some what of a pay wall in my eyes... You either get good Rivens and have a good trade.... Or you buy plat... (not even mentioning here that for 1000 weapons, you would need 20000 plat for the catalysts... But as you can get them from Nightwave shop and from other missions...that's okay)
  10. LOD07


    I might have to clearify.... I mean weapon, warframe, sentinel slots... As they are called the same I know see the middunderstanding. It isn't meant as a rant more of an opening to ideas... Either agree to my concept.... Remove slots for weapons etc (leave mod slots as they are) or tell me what kind of smart idea you have to do something about them.... Paying and getting over it... Really? Well that sure helps to fix issues...
  11. LOD07


    Just do it... espacially with the new Kuva lich infos being leaked…..awful slot costs….for what reason are they even in there...oof
  12. Kinda... But rhino as rhino might be better
  13. of course he is. there is nothing more that does put a smile on his face
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