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  1. arm4geddon-117

    devstream 122 was pretty lit

    If we're lucky we may get 60% of what is planned to be released... IF
  2. arm4geddon-117

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    Too bad nobody ever mentioned a fundamental thing that needs improved and by improved i mean totally redone : AI's for enemies, specters & companions.... ....
  3. arm4geddon-117

    Spectorage: Making It Shine

    Yes this ^^, i was gonna post something about Gara's 3rd again but basically what you suggested would be nice...or have the mirror be invulnerable for 4 secs, the dmg stored goes to their health and explosion dmg, in other words give them a MOLT/SnowGlobe/Ironskin mechanic to make them viable past SEDNA... Speficially saryn's MOLT would get obliterated more or less the moment you casted it, making the healing augment useless or useful for...1 tick of healing, after they gave molt a way to survive for 4 secs while being invulnerable and add to its health made a huge nice difference. I won't comment on the augment per se, but when the mirrors just go poof after 2 seconds before you can even kill the enemies, that makes the whole augment thing redundant hands down, no matter if the augment itself is a gimmick, or a good one
  4. arm4geddon-117

    Could Hema and Phage get some buffs

    Make HEMA automatic, with a SIGNIFICANT projectile flight speed BOOST...
  5. arm4geddon-117

    Anyone else not interested in railjack..?

    I'm not interested nor hyped , i think DE should have invested the time spent into railjack to pump out content for POE, improve the bounty system, better rewards, and have 3 or 4 extra looks at the 4 frames released in 2018 as well as improving Arbitrations and ESO, a total overhaul and rework of AI's in general , ect ect etc....
  6. arm4geddon-117

    Exergis's reload

    Either cut down the reload to Phantasma levels or raise the magazine size to 2...both are fine altho i'm enjoying that weapon alot and i found a couple ways to work around the 1 round @ 1.6 reload anyway, but wishing for a little QoL doesn't cost anything, does it ? lol
  7. arm4geddon-117

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    Login Failed xD
  8. arm4geddon-117

    Devstream 120 Overview!

    As shown in the devstream Akjagara prime had 18% CC and 2.2 Crit Mult. the bottom stats were covered by the screen but the first half is visible, too bad i couldn't see the status..Oh and 0.2 punchthrough ( lol ? )
  9. arm4geddon-117

    Wukong deluxe

    Beautiful skin, too bad the frame is cr_ap and boring as hell... The level of rework he needs is around 75% ( 3 out of 4 abilities ) We shall see
  10. arm4geddon-117

    Titania Feedback after Devstream "Preview"

    I was expecting more of a showcase for titania myself, the better tether is welcome but i agree that as of lately expecially it looks like DE is walking the path of the natural talent band aid a bit too much, REV abilities are slow without it especially his 2nd which is crucial, no comment on Garuda which ALMOST, and i say ALMOST if not making NT mandatory strongly encourages it, as in REAL STRONGLY... and like you pointed out Titania abilities really take a toll without that mod , her 4th most of all when u wanna switch back and forth to also refresh all the flies so as to have better distraction... The tribute buffs still looks a bit underwhelming, the 1st and 3rd abilities are quite too similar in terms of utility but i wanna see them in action after the rework to see if beside the less floating around, the AGGRO factor of lanter is more reliable too because it's not that great as of now. As for Thorn buff your'e completely correct, so far there's only one ability which is octavia's that can return a true scaling form of dmg as to kill the attackers, any other forms of damage reflection are just useless so far...( we'll have to see how well the new Nyx absorm discharge gonna work but i'm not hyped about that either, altho i like that it returns back the type of dmg received making it more viable ) I think the razorflies while in archwing mode should auto regenerate over time, not that you have to exit and go into AW mode to have the full party of flies, and on top of that they're too weak at mid lvl content, let alone higher lvl
  11. arm4geddon-117

    Baruuk Feedback/Ideas

    I don't like his 4th ability, the rest seems cool...Never been a fan of melee fist weapons, let alone exalted fist's in the first place so to me it's already an ultimate that's a no no....beside it's just a copy cat of Atlas's 1st for the most part...( and yeah i don't like Atlas 1st either no matter how powerful it can be ) On a side note, to me the skin is utterly ugly i really don't like the look of Baruuk I'm more excited for Nyx rework to be honest , 'nuff said
  12. The helmet is too much similar to Limbo's but that'd be me nitpicking, this is one of the best if no the best looking prime, Mesa will be the very first PA i'm gonna gift myself for Xmas... An excellent work
  13. arm4geddon-117

    stat locking on rivens considered harmful

    If they don't want to add the stats lock option, they could at least start getting rid of NEGATIVE dmg, multishot, crit chance and crit dmg stats when rolling a riven.... or drop the changes to get one of those damn dreaded negative stats to something around 1 % maluses like +recoil, -projectile flight speed, higher reload, negative Faction dmg -fire rate etc i can live with , the above mentioned stats in a good roll are the ultimate troll,that's even WORSE when it happens on those so called high dispo outdated trash weapons that could and should be " redeemed " with a riven rotfl
  14. arm4geddon-117

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    pffftttttt. Anyway nothing consistent, these tweaks are barely relevant, it's good to see that after dozens of pages of feedback and suggestions, DE took their time to listen to all of that feeedback (not). Garuda needs more than this, still a beautiful yet clunky and overall redundant frame Change the passive, either make her 1st a dmg reduction aura, we've got already Volt shields that does everything better, Originality anyone ? Still no comment on her 3, sacrificing health for energy and call it a day.. Harrows offers the same thing with shields and he gets faster fire rate, reload and health regen based on the dmg done while Garuda's 3 is a sterile unoriginal copycat ability from another frame with less benefits Thumbs Down. Waiting for a proper next batch of changes, still pure mastery fodder with a very small niche in premade groups for real long endurance runs, where in that case, Saryn is still the queen for debuffing & dmg anyway.