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  1. Better change and adapt Ember augments since nobody mentioned them during devstream
  2. Negative recoil - Reload - Fire rate mods should be included in the list, i didn't see any of those during the showcase
  3. Keep nerfing rubico rivens , tell ya what ? It'll still be the most used sniper anyway simply because how of amazing it is, with good FR, 95% crit chance with just Point Strike, basically no recoil, decent reload, the +50% crit dmg while zoomed in at max, fast combo counter ramp up... the lowest dispo rubico riven still makes that sniper superior. Maybe if you boosted the other snipers so as not to have monster recoils, long reloads or goddamn charge times / slow fr i'm sure your precious statistics will show more usage of vectis prime, snipetron vandal, vulkar wraith rotfl
  4. Thermal sunder base range is still abysmal, get it in line with a base 18m like breach surge The rest of the changes/tweaks on paper looks good, will have to test on the field to see how much those 33% boosts everywhere impact the performances. The fix about slash procs is very welcome
  5. Glad to see the Gauss Feedback is totally ignored again , 30 days of feedback and counting We're not talking about some childish changes that want to give him more power creep , but tweaks regarding the battery upkeep & consumption and the ties to Kinetic plating & redline and an abysmal low range on his 3rd which could be adjusted to base 18 meters just like it was done for Wisp's Breach Surge Thumbs up Feedback threads on here are a total waste on 90% of cases..Guess we all need to go on twitter to get some attentions
  6. Still waiting for an official response from DE about Gauss Feedback megathread and what their intentions are based on the given feedback If you ever bothered to have a look at it, that is. Ps: half of the year has been " light of content " just saying lol
  7. Good 'ol atlas here you are. Mastery Fodder package this round
  8. By DE standards " Fall " doesn't start any sooner than the 2nd or 3rd week of October lmfao Sometimes early November
  9. @[DE]Danielle Still no Gauss changes nor tweaks despite multiple threads and alot of feedback - Is there something planned or this is another feedback that's going to be ignored, much like those 50 pages of feedback on Hyldrin ?
  10. 2 weeks and still no words from DE about this feedback...that looks promising...ah nvm, hyldrin hit 50+ pages with tweak suggestions, problematics, ways to fix them and that went totally ignored...i guess 17 pages of feedback isn't enough either 不不不
  11. Good finally some fresh air, and rewards every 5 mins survival 5 waves defence etc will make me want to play those missions more. Now it's all good and fancy but alot of players myself included would love to hear what's DE position about Gauss Feedback threads, there's clearly some fine tuning needed about battery management ( i guess 1% drop rather than 10% per hit, and a significant boost to battery increase while using his 1st and his 3rd are a good start ) Some forms of ties to either strenght or efficiency for raising up the 100% meter once in his 4th so as not to spend 3/4 of the time trying to reach 100% or the higher duration the faster... stuffs like that Waiting.
  12. Any sources ? tweets, reddit posts ? If that's the case i guess we'll just have to wait
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