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  1. The real sacrifice ? Players's patience everytime there's a nice fat announcement of content coming sometime, and then getting delayed like in 99.9% of cases lmfao
  2. You could break the "tradition" for once and surprise your beloved 60 millions registered l0sers yanno? For the sake of years of ever present Announcements of content coming and then getting DELAYED like a clockwork rotfl
  3. " coming next week ", what is it a Deja VU ? lmfao speaking of adding insult to injury, showing all the new stuff coming but oh wait , it's next week because last week you wrote the same but this week you delayed lmfao
  4. 2 weapons that i don't like so i'll level them for MR points and forget after 1 hour lmfao
  5. lmfao at all those fanboying comments of love " take your time DE, we love you , release it next week , we prefer to have a smoother game " are just as nauseating & silly as they come. No matter how long they delay something, there's always a handful of hotfixes following if not a plethora of them in the worst cases so just knock it off with those white knighting love messages lmfao. The team never really learns, flash news it's a MAINLINE ? they've worked and faced the same situation over and over in the past months/years, they always dare to post a big fat announcement " next week " and then when that week comes they start editing with a bunch of " we still hope, we aim to..., etc " Since it's everytime the same story and since i refuse to believe that they haven't learned what a hell of a week they have each time a Mainline or big update is closing in, they need to just stop posting announcements of something even as vague as "NEXT WEEK" and people won't get so upset... Post 1 hour before the deployement and call it a day. Nvm just don't post anything, SURPRISE us for once
  6. Typical ever present announcement on Wednesday that something isn't shipping on Wednesdays We knew that anyway rotfl
  7. The Hell with K-Drive races, The Hell with conservation tasks and The Hell with gilding kitguns. The even more Hell with the season ending even later ( May 19th and having a GAP aka the new one won't start right after ) GG DE you never fail to surprise me 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Increase the vitus essence rewards across all Arbitration gamemodes and add something else we can spend it on, not just rivens..
  9. this is exactly what i thought lol
  10. LMFAO @ " starting at high level " *checks level* : 35 *dies in laughter* I really DO HOPE that those super high level 35 amalgams were imbued and filled with dmg resistances like the WOLF because by seeing how that WISP struggled to kill them this is not gonna look promising at all rotfl, and i think even someone on the couch during the devstream was kinda perplexed because the 1 million dollar question slipped in " did you mod her " ? and the answer was an awkward : yes. That's it, either those enemies had 90% dmg resistances being half sentient and what not or WIPS is already a piece of trash before even release lmfao.
  11. More insane grind, crafting costs and absurd low drop chances
  12. I'd like for Mesa's passive to keep the one she has with a twist : primaries & secondaries get 50% less recoil...for a gunslinger themed frame that could be cool
  13. damn right, and Khora too...omg pure devastation even without some top stat sticks rivens...
  14. Considering the stats of those archguns in atmosphere mode compared to most primaries , let alone the mods except those 120% elementals lmfao, they should have all the love they can get so yeah, they better do all their tricky maths and let 4/5 - 5/5 dispositions LIVE. Afterall they were labeled as something extremely powerful for short amounts of combat time....( or something like that ) Nonetheless i love most of those guns, stats/mods aside
  15. 2019 confirmed as Devstream Delays Parade year..
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