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  1. Lmfao DE are you kidding right ? Giving pillage to any other shielded frames and u can be perma abusing shield gate...and you can already to an extent with brief respite, some augur mods and with or without a Decaying Key equipped anyway. Actually pillage on other frames will be even better/broken because when Hyldrin goes down to 0 shields u need to wait those 3 or 4 seconds before u get shields up a bit to recast pillage since her shields are her energy so at 0 shields you can't recast jack shi_it, while on the other frames it'll be an instant recast because it'll consumes energy...You didn't think of that either did you? lol Dispensary is broken as hell, without mentioning Roar , Eclipse... For the first time i gotta say that the abilities you plan on sharing are utterly broken, i never thought i'd see the day when i'd ask for something to be reconsidered because of how utterly broken it's gonna make every frame... There's a limit to powercreep and if you implement those abilities you're gonna cross that limit like you've never done before.
  2. add Syndicates, Fissures, Kuva Siphons & Arbitrations.....that's where the real fun is. Steel Path rewards are beyond garbage honestly...at least in the aforementioned missions you can farm prime parts, kuva, vitus essence and some nice arbi mods..
  3. Fissures and Arbitrations should be affected by Hard mode, which are some of the most popular and played modes either because you're farming prime sets/ducats or vitus essence, arcanes, endo and arbi mods. I didn't see this in any of the feedback i've gathered from those who had a chance to play on the test server and it's really sad. Also kuva rewards in kuva survival and disruption should scale a bit to match the difficulty. Some unique armor sets and syandanas should be added too in the rewards pool, not just ship decorations or emoticons ( what the f..k ?!?!? )
  4. Why don't you add some armor sets in the mix too ? It's not explained if arbitrations, fissures, sorties , Cetus-Fortuna bounties etc will benefit of the lvl increase so the straight to the point question is : Will we be able to start an arbitration mission at 160-180'ish+ ? If the regular ones start at around lvl 60-80'ish?
  5. Agree, still an improvement tho... I'd increase the range of grenades from 4 to 8 ( 4 to 5 isn't really anything ) Duration increase by 6 Blaze duration increase by 2 Remove the hop during cast - Make one shield grenade auto attach to Protea The 3 seconds of invulnerability should trigger when Anchor ends, either in a natural way cus the timer is up or when Protea gets a fatal hit and triggers a premature rewind, in that case since she reverts back, those 3 seconds will be more useful at the end of the ability considering she reverts back in a knockdown state and on low health. On a side note people have been asking for a way to have scaling dmg, doubling the dmg of grenades doesn't really do jack S#&$, cus it just goes back to doing nothing after 20 mins instead of 10...Make them scale like other damaging abilities we already have. And Blaze Turrets should be moddable or have some better scaling.. It looks to me that of 13 pages of people asking for significant durations/range boosts and scaling damage, the team totally ignored that part, because a range/duration boost by +1/+3 to me looks like a trolling joke when we have abilities/weapons like dex pixia, regulators, landslide, whipclaw, bladestorm that can benefit from combo counter at least , gara's 1 etc etc that are either moddable on their own or benefit from stat stick mods And with this Hard and Ultra Hard mode coming soon, fighting level's 600+ is a likely eventuality after 1 hour for those who like to face high lvl's
  6. Fan Grenades = remove the hopping when casting, higher range is needed, i'd say 15m at base is a good start, scaling damage needed, also the grenades should work like energy/health orbs, ammo pickups etc, if someone else jumps on them first it won't prevent protea or others from picking one...as of now many times when you drop shield grenades, someone else steals them and you're left with nothing... Turret = make it either moddable or have some scaling damage like vauban flechettes, based on enemy lvl/health/armor/shields etc. - An increase in duration wouldn't hurt. Dispenser = drops should come out faster, and i mean FASTER,eventually decrease the duration to make up for it, make them work like regular pickup drops from enemies as well, again if you drop something and someone else catches it, it goes away for you. Anchor = The radius at which she deals damage upon ending the ability really needs a MAJOR and i mean MAJOR buff...In alternative instead of rewinding back, she stays where she is when the ability ends, but keep the cool silhouettes during the active ability, she enters this temporal plane and do her things and when ability ends she'll just return to her normal temporal state in the place she is at the moment of deactivation, ( not activation ) with the benefit of getting energy, ammor etc restored...This makes it a more dynamic solution for non camping/semi camping missions, and you won't go back 4 rooms behind or worse. The base duration could use some love.
  7. OK let's recap : no self dmg + bramma = havoc and mayem and we all can agree on that. The thing is...3/4 yrs ago when tonkor dealt no self dmg, we faced the same situation and you guys at DE HQ decided to give tonkor self dmg to put an end to mindless kamikaze spam in ever damn mission...you also changed simulor due to the interaction with mirage for the same reason. Years later you remove self dmg and replace it with a staggering counterpart that 1/3 of the frames can ignore due to augments and abilities and the other 2/3 can work around with primed sure footed. You brought back the same thing you wanted to get rid of, or tone down years ago with the aforementioned changes, plain and simple. No offence but it just makes me laugh. You should have kept self dmg on explosive launcher weapons only, for balance purposes and remove it from weapons like Komorex etc, and i don't really see why guns like cyanex and company had to have that stagger effect in the first place. In a way you're the cause of this "evil" bramma thing, and in 2020 you just went back to square one aka the days tonkor and simulor mirage were some of the most cancerous spammy things to have in a mission. You can nerf the bramma all you want, the core issue that led to this mindless bramma spam is the removal of self dmg end of story.
  8. Exactly, this year they can ride the horse of this covid thing but those who have been around for 5+ years know too well they never ever met their deadlines when they gave some...Now people defending them by saying that they didn't give a release date, probably forgot to read that interview released to pc gamer where they stated DP would be out on the week of the 5th, and PC gamer wouldn't really write that if they didn't get that memorandum from DE themselves. What pissed people off the most is the total lack of communication, either they were too ashamed to further let the community know of another delay in the delay after 2 months of delays already or i dunno, but the total radio silence was uncalled for, they really managed to delay and not deploy anything in the lamest way this time...At least in the past they would post on Wednesdays ( lul ) the ever present message that the update wasn't coming lmfao. What about one of the most infamous delays aka the War Within? was there covid 19 back then 3 yrs ago too? That sh_it got delayed for so long that people called it The Wait Within. And everytime after the whiteknights kept cuddling DE and telling them to take their time lmfao, they always had to drop half a dozen of fixes right after anyway in the best case scenario, so cut it with this bull_S#&$ whiteknighting posts of love and gratitude.They can't meet deadlines, they have a terrible organization and resources management.That's a fact and it's been under everyones eyes for years.End of story. Withnessing hype and delays since 2015 and im sure those who started even before can more or less state the same. But keep hiding in the shadows and behind your radiosilence dear DE, you really hit another lvl of lameness this time.
  9. I bet that around 4-5 pm their time DE will post the usual ever present message on Wednesday that the update is not coming today ( i dearly hope i'm wrong this time, i'd love to be wrong actually ) Like a clockwork, like they've been doing for the past 2 years 99% of the time Because 2 months of delay is not enough and they gotta squeeze every minute of extra delay. And stop that bullS#&$ about them giving a better polished update when they delay stuff, they always steamroll half a dozen of fixes after, if not a dozen every god damn time, after every god damn delay. And Raijack subject to backup those whiteknight arguments ain't jack sh_it, RJ was a whole new project, like a game in the game , with much more complicated core elements and issues, and they still have been working on it for 1y and half so they had time and still delivered a catastrophic product that took another 3 extra months of revisits and changes to make it bearable, taking away those months that could have used for what they had planned for 2020. Covid issue is just the tip of the iceberg, they would of not delivered anyway all the things they teased for 2020, just like they did not deliver in 2019, and Duviri Paradox has already slipped to 2021. Go figure they even couldn't manage to remove stasis for pets as part of Pets revisits teased in January...6 months in the new year and still nada.Let alone the whole AI rework and all those fancy things they had planned. One day they'll maybe learn that this is what happens with bad organization and team management and resources, and that they always wanna bite more than they can chew , leading to poor updates that get over hyped,followed by disappointment with the ever present dose of delays
  10. Smart, by saying just June you can potentially earn another 4 weeks of delays. June is long and a delay of 2 months is more than enough since it was schedule for April. This time many will accept the 1000000th Delay cus of covid but covid or not, every Mainline in your long career has been hyped up to the extreme just to start popping threads of " not coming this week ".. And inevitably delayed lol So what about June, we'd like to know more...unless you don't even. The first week of June after 2 months of delays is acceptable.
  11. Delays after delays, lol, is that even a news ?
  12. These S3 rewards for standing are utter garbage, save for the ever present umbral forma and i'll give a pass on the riven and the new liset probably. Questionable armor set, subjective to self taste ( don't like it ) operator cosmetics ( lmfao, at least the suit in s2 was better looking ) Augments for forgotten weapons that do nothing, save for the latron one perhaps Pretty disappointed...and 90% of those coming conclave pve augments are utter trash So much for having an intermission 6 months old *shakes head*
  13. A friendly reminder that Gunnery 10 still sucks big time to the point of being detrimental.
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