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  1. Considering the Orbs in fortuna were originally planned as a 3 phases package with 3 giant Arachnoids and still waiting for the 3rd, zero hype for Railjack and its 3 parts schedule. I'm very curious to know what's up with Grendel & Ember after an abundant feedback regarding that insane exponential energy ramp up despite running max efficiency , if DE gonna adress such feedback or pulling a deaf ear on the subject. They have amazed me with their actions for Gauss, but on the other hand baruuk & Hyldrin feedback was lost into oblivion Regarding the New War i'm afraid it's gonna be another Wait Within scenario...
  2. Nourish Armor should give extra Armor too, from what i've seen it's not the case. Exponentially increasing energy drain on Grendel 1st and Ember 2nd needs to go, once at 90% and 175 eff, Ember should drain 2.5 per second all the time not ramp up to the point it's going to drain at a rate of 30-50 en per second, Grendel with max efficiency should drain 0.68 or whatever so 10 enemies should drain 6.8 en per second no more no less. What the hell is up with this trend, many other frames channeled abilities have a constant energy drain throughout the whole process and at max eff if one goes that route they're an X amount per second. Equinox night form 3rd is affected by numbers of enemies and drain per enemy but it doesn't ramp up to insane amounts like it is for ember 2nd and grendel 1st. Hysteria suffers a similar condition but we're talking about Invulnerability in that case, not 90% dmg reduction which is very very different, hysteria energy ramp up is more than justified, while a 90% mitigation could use a little tuning, at a certain lvl that 10% can be fatal anyway ( long arbi runs and what not ) The hell ? Grendel whole kit has its foundations on his first, swallowing many enemies now it's just punishing and handicapping everything else cus of that exponential energy ramp up. Ember 2nd dictates how much dmg reduction she can have and the dmg of her other abilities...just cus one has to equip zenurik, or exothermic or 1/2 energizes that doesn't mean that exponential energy drain is ok. Gara, Mesa , Gauss, can cast defensive abilities which are only based on duration and energy modded with efficiency and they all can achieve 90% without any crappy exponential drain.
  3. The problem associated with duplicates and connected to the potential solution of trading/getting rid of liches, it's not the duplicate per se but the time needed to get rid of the lich. Now while i understand that you don't want people to re roll one larvaling after another, trading liches AFTER CONVERTING them doesn't do jack shi_t because it's not solving the issues of having to farm relics/traces,farming murmurs, waste requiem charges and overall wasting 1h and half / 2 hours before getting to the point we can kill/convert a lich and then hope for a better rng with weapons Let us dismiss a lich for 1M/2M credits and call it a day, without forcing people to waste the aforementioned time and resources to get there, also doesn't solve the fact that you get stuck with your xxxth duplicate gun if nobody if willing to take your lich and you gotta do it old school aka burning another couple hours before trying for a new larvaling/lich
  4. We need a way to dismiss a lich ASAP when it comes with a goddamn duplicate, the problem is not the duplicate per se, it's the time players have to waste farming murmurs, wasting requiem mod charges before trying to go for another spawn and see if they got a new weapon or another heffin duplicate. Merging the weapons isn't the solution, the core problem is the hours wasted before reaching to that point. Then once one has all the guns, they can keep grinding their elements & hope for the big buffs Eventually charge credits for the dismiss part or whatever but not sure that the contract donation to someone is the way ( could be an option tho ) because what if nobody wants that contract ? You get stuck with another goddamn lich with the xxxxth copy of a gun u dont want when missing perhaps half of them still Ps; and knowing u have to go waste a couple hours eventually between murmur farming, waiting for spawns, relic/void trace farming isn't really motivating when u know you have to go through that hell just to get rid of a duplicate
  5. Grendel needs the abysmal exponential energy drain on 1 first ability toned down like hardcore toned down, cus even at 175 eff when u have 4+ it starts draining like crazy and exponentially not a flat 2.5 or whatever per second which is still alot considering his one is the pillar around which all of his kit is built. And ember's immolation could use some love as well in that department, because what's the point of max eff when after a few secs it becomes and exponential drain to sustain a 90% DR ability that other frames cast and forget without any extra maluses Also do something with that bullS#&$ RNG with kuva weapons, even more so that you killed that affinity thing with murmurs which was a way to alleviate the already insane grinding per se. Leave the beastly RNG as it is AFTER we have a chance to get all guns, so if someone wants better elemental bonuses, good luck grinding more, but once we acquire a weapon, it should be out of the table so we don't get like 3 hammers 2 tonkors 2 quartakks while i haven't seen a damn karak or kohm yet Or give us an option to get rid of the lich holding the duplicate cus so far a lich with a duplicate weapon we dont want equal to 2+ hours of useless chores to get rid of a nuisance before praying RNG that the next lich will have a weapon we don't own yet...let alone the % of desired elemental bonus. ( at least we can influence the element by using specific frames )
  6. i'm running max efficiency on Ember it says the drain when fully immolate is 2.5 the thing is, sometimes it's like that but i noticed when casting inferno ( maybe fireball too but haven't used that much ) alot then it ramps up and it drains at a crazy rate, more like 20-30 energy per second. I'm already sacrificing other attribute cus i wanted the lowest drain possible but it doesn't seem the case.
  7. GG DE you took the whole week and one should hope today you were able to deliver but nooooo Another ever present Wednesday edit : Not Today seriously , shame on you GG WP
  8. speaking of which, i haven't even tried the new ephemera lmfao, wooohps ty for reminding me 😀
  9. That's correct ^^ They just fixed a similar fps thing on Klamora & Lega Prism a month ago or so, where higher FPS resulted in almost an insta drain of your ammo pool , i would have expected the event to be more tested through since such FPS relations to some mechanics aren't uncommon in WF
  10. I watched GHS vid but still...while i like the first 2 abilities and on some degree his passive, i totally loathe his 3rd and 4th abilities. And i don't like when a frame comes out with half of his kit looking redundant if not totally a waste of an ability slot. But i'll wait till i get my hands on him before i drop my final verdict. We shall see
  11. +1, that'd be nice to have that C'mon DE 😛
  12. Typical. I was expecting a " not today " edit but this time you've gone big with a Not This Week note I see we're getting better and better at this lul on a side note this fanboy'ish Litany of " take your time " is getting old, because since dec 2015 that i joined, every freaking update was inevitably Delayed whether it was a 2 days or a week or in worst case scenario MONTHS ( War(Wait Whithin anyone ? ), they always had time to take their time and guess what, every update still required a handful of intensive hotfixes so let's just cut it with this " oh de pls take your time i rather have a polished content next week than half baked " lmfao because it's utterly questionable since next week, after taking their time once again, Old Blood will be haunted by every sort of bugs, just like its predecessor Mainlines. The point is, that they don't get the point, aka they shouldn't post anything and everybody is happy and keeps doing what they're doing ,they clearly weren't even sure to deploy this week, but HOPING to ( as per Devstream ), yet they post all those fancy stuffs coming and hype people for nothing only to announce a week delay, and i bet it won't even be next Wednesday because of a core shaking change to one of the most basic things in the game which is melee with all the stance issues, balance , and what not. Ps: deleting this post doesn't change the fact that many other people feel the same based on the upvotes it was getting. Learn to take criticism which is based on given facts aka your history record about ever present overhypes and clockwork delays, something that is under everyone's eyes Grow up
  13. Not a fan of having to spam an abilty to make another great again just because a core mechanic tied to Bladestorm is gonna be butchered and nobody at DE probably thought of it. Bladestorm should remain un-affected by the changes or benefit from combo points and counting as a heavy attack BUT without losing combo spoints that in normal melee would be spent after performing said heavy attacks. or they can boost the base dmg to 20K before modifiers ( auras, pwr strenght, arcanes , etc )
  14. having the same issue, Europe - North Italy here
  15. LoL don't you know by now that Wednesday is the " Not Today " day ? We'll get the usual edit : " Not Today, but still aiming this week " sh*it in a few hours or so lmfao Like always
  16. Better change and adapt Ember augments since nobody mentioned them during devstream
  17. Negative recoil - Reload - Fire rate mods should be included in the list, i didn't see any of those during the showcase
  18. Keep nerfing rubico rivens , tell ya what ? It'll still be the most used sniper anyway simply because how of amazing it is, with good FR, 95% crit chance with just Point Strike, basically no recoil, decent reload, the +50% crit dmg while zoomed in at max, fast combo counter ramp up... the lowest dispo rubico riven still makes that sniper superior. Maybe if you boosted the other snipers so as not to have monster recoils, long reloads or goddamn charge times / slow fr i'm sure your precious statistics will show more usage of vectis prime, snipetron vandal, vulkar wraith rotfl
  19. Thermal sunder base range is still abysmal, get it in line with a base 18m like breach surge The rest of the changes/tweaks on paper looks good, will have to test on the field to see how much those 33% boosts everywhere impact the performances. The fix about slash procs is very welcome
  20. Glad to see the Gauss Feedback is totally ignored again , 30 days of feedback and counting We're not talking about some childish changes that want to give him more power creep , but tweaks regarding the battery upkeep & consumption and the ties to Kinetic plating & redline and an abysmal low range on his 3rd which could be adjusted to base 18 meters just like it was done for Wisp's Breach Surge Thumbs up Feedback threads on here are a total waste on 90% of cases..Guess we all need to go on twitter to get some attentions
  21. Still waiting for an official response from DE about Gauss Feedback megathread and what their intentions are based on the given feedback If you ever bothered to have a look at it, that is. Ps: half of the year has been " light of content " just saying lol
  22. Good 'ol atlas here you are. Mastery Fodder package this round
  23. By DE standards " Fall " doesn't start any sooner than the 2nd or 3rd week of October lmfao Sometimes early November
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