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  1. Running that granum void in order to have a corpus larvaling spawn is an unnecessary layer of extra grind, we don't go to rathuum arena and complete a round IF we want to have a grineer larvaling spawn AFTER. ( rathum is an example ) Just let them spawn the same way grineer ones do which is already excruciating when you gonna chase the same weapon over and over to max its bonus or need another bonus element.
  2. meh been a long time since i felt zero interest into an upcoming frame... look wise i neither like it nor dislike it , none of her abilities caught my interest or had me think " woah cool one ", i hate k-drives with a passion and i can't even say i like the visual effects of her abilities lol. might be the 1st frame i don't even give a damn about subsuming to helminth rotfl.
  3. Lmfao this is epic, we've waited 2 goddamn years for that LAZY and garbage command 10 ? Not to mention that i find the whole Command skill tree a state of the art lazy & un original one, lmfao one rank is just to respec the competency points , something that should be natively included when you hire a crew member. 2 years for that bag of jokes that's command 10, this is one of the most POG EPIC LAZY and NEGLECTED stuff you could come up with. Ah right, you were busy making all the clan and railjack UI a little fancier, i get it again. Even more sad
  4. 90% guns buff and 10% melee nerf still happening or are we going to suffer another deja vu like those ips rework you wasted months on when Khora was in the pipe and then ultimately scrapped because you couldn't chew what you tried to bite ? or worse another duviri paradox lmfao? Teased in 2019 and coming in 2022-23 ? Ah a friendly reminder, unless you touch CO, BR, and WW for melee, ( or CO alone for the matter ) you already know you ain't going to change jack_shi_t right ? you know that don't you? Unless you add innate CO to guns like you did with the CEDO.
  5. tbh i don't expect it before the 3rd week of June in the best case scenario lol
  6. so many lines of text for basically some ui changes lol... and yet you haven't really addressed 70% of sevagot feedback.. as well as many other core issues with the game. all smoke no meat in this 2 GB of this so called Mainline. i get it, fancy clan ui has higher priority over broken mechanics, trash frames abilities to be addressed, time vs reward ratio, end game, raids and what not. truly sad
  7. same thing that happened to Duviri lmfao, teased 2 yrs ago and maybe coming out in another couple of yrs lul & kek
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