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  1. You only need HM and Primed Firestorm for the Zarr to blow up the entire room on any normal mission Steel Path content, faction mods are never needed in this game outside extreme endurance runs. Ultimately though, we use the weapons we have the most fun with. It's Warframe.
  2. Kuva Zarr does this too, plus everything else in the room with that single shot.
  3. Personally, cheesing mechanics like this takes away from the power fantasy, so I don't use it. But, it makes no difference to me if other players do it. Reaching level cap still takes a measure of skill and patience. Mostly patience. Really wish we could choose what level enemies start at on entering missions...
  4. It's a reasonable choice for frames that run negative duration alongside high strength.
  5. Make Holokeys available for purchase from Teshin with Steel Essence. Sorry but I still hate Railjack. I've given it a chance, got all the stuff, soloed all the missions, grinded Sevagoth, still hate it.
  6. TYPE: In-game 30.6.0DESCRIPTION: Galvanized status mods still do not give their full base damage bonus to non-hitscan weaponsREPRODUCTION: Equip only Galvanized Aptitude/Shot/Savvy on any non-hitscan weapon, observe damage numbers in simulacrumEXPECTED RESULT: Boltor Prime test damage should increase from 59 to 59*(1+4*0.8)=248 with 2 stacks and 4 status effects on the targetOBSERVED RESULT: Boltor Prime test damage only increased from 59 to 92 in the exact scenario described aboveREPRODUCTION RATE: 100% for any Galvanized status mod on any non-hitscan weapon
  7. So then everyone throws away their Bramma or Zarr for their Ignis, Cycron, Plasmor, Nukor, or melee weapon, then continues the same exact AoE gameplay, with single target weapons still looking pathetic by comparison. Or they run Cautious Shot with a tank frame and keep on spamming their Bramma or Zarr. Maybe if they made self damage a fixed percentage of player health, so that it never one shots, and affects Ivara the same as Inaros. I'd rather see them buff single target weapons by giving us ways to add AoE damage to them. Make Deadhead arcanes add radial damage to headshots, give Gas and Blast procs viable radial damage, etc.
  8. TYPE: In-game 30.5.5 DESCRIPTION: Galvanized status mods still do not give their full base damage bonus to non-hitscan weapons despite fix listed in patch notes REPRODUCTION: Equip only Galvanized Aptitude/Shot/Savvy on any non-hitscan weapon, observe damage numbers in simulacrum EXPECTED RESULT: Tenet Detron test damage should increase from 24 to 24*(1+3.6)=110 with full stacks and 3 status effects on the target OBSERVED RESULT: Tenet Detron test damage increased from 24 to 56 with full stacks and 3 status effects on the target, about half the expected damage. Replacing Galvanized Shot with Hornet Strike increases the damage from 24 to 24*(1+2.2)=77 as expected, but this should not be higher than a buffed Galvanized Shot. REPRODUCTION RATE: This seems to always be the case for any non-hitscan projectile weapon. Also tested Kuva Drakgoon, same type of result.
  9. When your full auto SMG is suddenly limited to a two-round burst with the same damage stats, it sure feels like it's jamming. Horrendously implemented.
  10. It would be really cool if all the various mods that have unique visual effects would inherit the energy colors of whatever they're modded onto. Nightwatch Napalm, Napalm Grenades, Venom Dose, Smite Infusion, etc... for both visibility and fashionframe purposes.
  11. But as a solo player, this is great for me, and a conundrum for DE in designing content.
  12. That did it, thanks a ton. Never knew that option existed.
  13. Can we get this popup to go away without doing the quest? I'd buy Yareli with plat if that would do it, even though I have zero interest in her.
  14. More time spent killing hordes of thralls and fighting Lich bosses. Much much much much less time trying to spawn the weapon I want. It's not about the new weapons. Someone who wants their first Ogris has to suffer just as much as someone trying to get their first Zarr.
  15. You spend more time aborting Cassini runs than you do running the actual Lich missions now. Is this what DE wants the Lich system to be?
  16. That's exactly what Galvanized mods and gun arcanes have done though. Very few weapons significantly benefit from rivens now.
  17. Deadhead arcanes should add radial damage to headshots and all non-head weak point hits.
  18. All single target guns could simply have innate punch. Deadhead arcanes could add radial damage on headshots and all non-head weak point hits. Gas and Blast procs could add significant radial damage to any hit. There's a lot they could and should do to make single target guns relevant in normal horde missions. There's no valid reason why a machine gun shouldn't be able to do effectively the same thing as an Ignis Wraith in this game.
  19. Long and short missions should give approximately the same rewards per time invested. Neither should be privileged. I minmax, farm plat, trade rivens, and so on... but I strongly prefer short missions. If anything we should get custom level scaling like the Borderlands 2 OP system, so we can jump right into Lv1000 or whatever.
  20. Yes, being able to level/forma frames would make Arbys feel a lot more rewarding. You can bring a Lv30 frame with literally no mods, formas, or potatoes, but you can't bring a fully modded Lv0 frame with a dozen formas in it? That and Arbys are a real slog once you've gotten used to Steel Path spawn rates...
  21. After 6+ years I finally have all the login mods. This would not invalidate anything for me. Waiting is not "earning." Daily logout chores are not "earning." These are powerful mods that have become very important to your progression. I would happily make them all fully available to other players right now if I could.
  22. Now we get to see how massive the ST vs AoE disparity is.
  23. Scarlet Spear offered you a choice in how to do it, the Mesa/Limbo meta was not strictly mandatory. Forcing Necramechs is super lame.
  24. Farming for a specific Axi relic is absolutely horrible. It's faster to farm plat and trade for the part you want.
  25. Redeemer is fine. Buff primary shotguns and their terrible mods.
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