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  1. If you need that slot, for sure. Wukong is a better frame, and at MR7 you'll get a better excal with a free slot anyway. Flat out wrong. Even after nerfs, there are still melees that can easily match or even outperform exalted blade while not costing any energy and not taking up an ability slot. And aside from that, excal doesn't have anything other than just being a decent starter. Wukong has better stats, better passive, 3 good abilities (excal only has 1.5), and even that bad ability can be replaced. He's a clear winner in pretty much every department that matters, and by a long mile at that. And i'm saying that as a 20%+ excal playrate guy.
  2. It's not and you know it. It's just a gear check.
  3. Most frames struggle with steel path boosted armor, and roller damage is not even remotely that bad compared to most other damaging abilities. Because of spawn rates, it ramps up pretty fast for it to not be a problem. You look only at her roller and ask why she's considered busted, when you should evaluate the whole kit. 1) 1+2 roller not only relatively high range AoE damage ability that acts on its own (meaning you don't even have to do anything for it to be a good ability, unlike most other frames where abilities require you to stop firing for a moment at best, or to completely stop doing anything at worst like nerfed to the ground bladestorm), but also draws aggro from you and your team. 2) 3 is probably the best single ability buff in the game, period. It gives you pretty much everything you need on a silver platter, with a very decent base duration, and can be shared, too. Invisibility part alone makes pretty much every other invisibility frame look like crap in comparison. 3) 4 is a damage buff that also buffs your roller's damage and range. 4) passive is an extra energy regen. Her kit is just overloaded with as good, or sometimes even better versions of other frames' abilities without real drawbacks to compensate. You can do as little as refresh your buffs every ~30 seconds without doing anything else, and she still do a better job than a lot frames in the game will even if you put an effort into actually playing the game as them; and if you start actually playing the game, it only gets better. This is a handbook definition of busted.
  4. Heavy attack damage is unchanged. Heavy throw was used 99.9% of the time to proc this mod. You can figure out the rest.
  5. Given how many weapons are currently in the game, it's borderline impossible for DE to deliver an actually good balance patch without pissing at least a part of the community off for either underdelivering or overbuffing specific weapons. Plus, it's pretty low priority. I'd rather want them to finally balance warframes - you know, the key part of their game - because as it stands now, there are far too many underpowered or straight up garbage abilities that make their respective frames look extremely bad compared to frames that have a good kit.
  6. To the extend even remotely close to what drones do - none. Nullifiers are frail and extremely easy to shut down, same with ancients. And you conviniently ignored the question on how this is any better than just beefier enemies with no special (ability, status) resistances. It's quite funny to me that someone who apparently is so good at math simultaneously lacks reading comprehension. The point that flew over your head was pretty simple, but let's simplify it even further: When you go into steel path to farm essence, you know for a fact that completing all the missions will give you 5 essence per mission + 2/4 extra if you wait for an acolyte (which you will do, since they now drop arcanes). Very consistent, little to no RNG involved, gives you a steady supply of essence per day, and as a result, it's a really straightforward farm - you see what you invest your time into, you have a clear goal to work towards, and you know +- how much time it will take you to get there. When you into arbitrations to farm essence, however, all this flies out the window. The only consistency that remains is a pitiful end of mission reward that is basically nothing. Aside from that, you can only get random drops, so you never know how much time this farm will siphon out of you. You can get lucky and get results comparable to what steel path gives you guaranteed, or you can be like this guy and get completely screwed, and knowing the math behind it won't save you from that. If you actually think that this inconsistent mess is a better farm overall, the i'm starting to think you must be delusional, and there's no point to continue. You can hear me screaming based on what i write on a text forum? Interesting. Sounds like time for you to visit a shrink - you know, talk about those voices you're hearing.
  7. Should've been way lower numbers per stack but more stacks total and gaining stacks on any hit, similar to arca scisco. Stack gain per hit scales with fire rate, with special calculations for charge weapons. A mission type full of enemies that effectively disable your warframe abilities in a game about warframes and their abilities are somehow more "unfun" compared to enemies that allow you to play warframe like you'd normally do, but just don't explode on one-two hits? lol Steel path already has far more consistent essense drops that arbitrations will have even with 6% drop chance. It would've been an objectively superior place to farm new mods, especially considering that arcanes will also drop there, which makes moving these mods to arbitrations a terrible change overall for any player who values their time and want only mods. You can be "happy" to waste far more time on farming all you want, but the fact remains.
  8. Heavy attack builds are almost untouched (small attack rate reduction between longer startup and berserker), and forced procs are untouched, too. Glaives (well, glaive prime) will remain being top tier, no need to worry, unless there will be an another followup with more melee nerfs.
  9. And rightfully so, because keeping playerbase invested by actually releasing enough content with good enough replayability/reward structure and trying on purpose to make the content as unreasonably grindy as possible to squeeze as much playtime out of as little of content possible (as well as disrespecting player time investment as a result) are not the same thing. If the content can be "beaten" in three days and there's no point/fun in doing it afterwards, then said content is shallow by design, and no amount of artificial time gates/sinks will solve this - it will only make it more tedious. ... by putting it behind the currency that is way more grindy? lol, did your logic module malfunctioned?
  10. No changes to berserker? The mod is as good as dead.
  11. On guns that are already good and combined with arcanes, they will. Steel path spawns a lot of fodder enemies, and kiling fodder to get and maintain (mostly) buffs will not be a problem. Problem is not the buffs themselves, but the fact that melee, even nerfed, will continue to the same thing as guns with these buffs, but far cheaper (mod/forma costs) and without requiring you to do a metric crapton of tedious farms. A true testament to how bad this set of changes is as a solution to "guns vs melee" problem and how bad DE are at balancing their game in general - they went a full 180* from their initial "without neccesary directly nerfing melee, but rather buff guns to be comparable" statement to directly nerfing two of the most important (arguably) melee mods and the most powerful melee enabler, yet still couldn't make the buffs look good enough.
  12. What do YOU mean how? By using melee, you silly goose. Steel essense is a far easier thing to get consistently compared to vitus essense. Overall, it's a bad change, as it the end, all it will do is only make already unreasonable grind even more unreasonable.. They can't make you sink hours into farming by buffing existing stuff.
  13. Translation: "We tried it on a test build at a lvl20 mission and it was too stronk." Seriously though. It's not even out, but they already are nerfing it. Was this some kind a ruse to nerf melee all along?
  14. Except it will make already underwhelming frames like excal and atlas weaker in steel path due to melee mod nerfs, so it's not fair to buff already top tier mesa in the same patch weaker frames get nerfed. Don't want already overpowered frame to be buffed = wrong? Yeah, whatever, what a waste of time.
  15. When she trashes everything below 120 where the vast amount of content worth playing and farming resides, who cares? And it’s not like she sucks there, either. Her 3 is one of the best defensive buffs in the game, her 2 is minor CC/dmg buff, her 1 is a flex slot, and her 4 still can kill non-heavy grineer units with a right setup. In order for her to start actually choking, you need to go endless in steel path for some time, but guess what, there’s very little point in doing so as the shallow reward structure of endless doesn’t even try to make it worth your time. Not to mention how many other frames will start choking there as well. So no, I do not agree that Mesa underperforming in steel path justifies her to make most other frames look like a bunch of chumps at most played level range.
  16. Regulators shouldn't get these mods, just as exalted blade and desert wind don't get blood rush and weeping, and arcane slot on secondary certainly shouldn't work on them too. Mesa is already busted and makes most frames in the game look weak af, she doesn't need any buffs.
  17. No, you’re not. You’re still overreacting. From what I know, heavy throw damage is a separate value that is not affected by quick throw damage, so unless DE decided to stealth nerf it without mentioning in the workshop, heavy attacks will keep their damage, but given how they specifically mentioned this nerf affecting only quick throw and how the reason behind it is to increase difference between the two, such nerf would make no sense. CO and BR are not staple in a heavy attack build. You’d pretty much always want sac steel for crits and PP + A.Fury for upfront damage, which, paired with guaranteed bleed, will be more than enough for pretty much any content out there, unless you’re going too deep into steel path endless, but doing so has no actual purpose anyway. The only real nerf is small heavy attack startup increase and so-so animation speed decrease you get for switching from berserker to fury, but let’s face it, some kind of nerf was only a matter of time, as glaives were a bit too much powerful considering their immense range, and even put most launchers to shame (everything aside from bramma, probably) by doing the same thing but with infinite ammo, built-in manual detonation and far better mods. And I’d gladly take a reasonable nerf to overall attack speed over something that would’ve been actually harmful, like removing forced slash from glaive and more aggressive falloff.
  18. Think, Zilotz, think! They haven’t nerfed heavy throw damage. They haven’t nerfed splash radius. They haven’t removed forced procs, not even slash on glaive/p. They haven’t even touched a single heavy attack mod. Yet glaives are somehow killed? Are you really going to pretend that charge startup changing from 0.3 to 0.6 will "kill" glaives? It won’t.
  19. Wasn't it 60% per stack? And i think for clarity it should be pointed out that it wasn't just a multiplier for all other damage (which can be technically interpreted as being a multiplier but stacking additively with itself, like 1.6x > 2.2x > 2.8x > …), but actually a multiplier for itself too, resulting in exponential growth. Just like berserk, it was busted and deserved a nerf, but definitely not the one they gave it.
  20. It’s quite simple actually. … you farm them with melee. Big brain time.
  21. Playing from 2015 (with long breaks, but still), but my excal is still a below average frame that haven't became meta. What am I doing wrong lol? Because I really want excal to become meta.
  22. It's worse, it takes up an arcane slot and can't be stacked with another strike. It's like slaping a bandage over an open fracture and saying "This is fine". Now compare it to old, multiplicative and exponentially growing CO before melee 2.9 nerfs. I know, water under the bridge, but i think it shows pretty well how much damage melees lost yet still remained busted.
  23. No, the problem is that you don't seem to understand what "balanced properly". It's not the same as just slap high stats on everything and get what is basically a bunch of cloned weapons in different skins - you have to consider all the factors, come up with a buff that is not just "+5% damage -5% fire rate" compared to another similar gun, and then evaluate how it compares to other weapons of a similar tier. Every. Single. One. If you think this takes "2.7 hours with slacking", you're either clueless, or worse. That's my point. Impossible task of balancing out current bloated roster is pretty down on a priority list of improvements this game actually needs. I already mentioned that, but i guess it flew over your head, too.
  24. Oversimplified, it's borderline unrealistic to properly balance all this crap with every factor like MR, method of acquisition, resource cost, etc., and doing so simply is a waste of developement time that could've otherwise be used on stuff of higher importance (like new content, actually balancing warframes, you name it. As long as you can clear the entire starchart with a weapon as crappy as mk1 braton, weapon balance is pretty low on the list of priorities. As for variety, it's already there, you just chose to disregard it. As i already said, you can grab 90% of weapons in this game and clear anything below steel path - isn't that variety? Or you want all those mr2-mr8 weapons to clear high level stuff, too?
  25. Yep, discussion and criticism are not allowed, just shut up and say "Thank you".
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